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Author's Note: This will be a series of Taiora drabbles and one shots, all revolving around summer and just moments Tai and Sora have while spending time together enjoying their free time :). It started off with me just writing one, but I kept getting ideas for more, all including the summer in one way or another. So this is what exists now due to an overactive imagination.

Summer Lovin'
by dreamcruiser

1: Beating the Heat

There's a record breaking heat wave going on in the streets of Tokyo. It's so hot you can see the heat itself rising from the asphalt. Every bit of breeze is cherished by the masses who go about their day like zombies, minds infected by the offending sun. Every unfortunate soul that happens to be out on those streets is sweating bullets, their glands supplying the power of an AK-47.

Despite this, Taichi Kamiya wishes summer would never end.

It could be because he and Sora Takenouchi are holed up inside the Kamiya apartment, watching TV. It's just them two; his parents are out at work and his sister is out with some friends (that's the most amount of detail she would give them leaving them to believe that she's out with friend, singular; who exactly, they can only guess it's one out of two boys). The air conditioner is on at full power, along with a fan set beside them blasting air at 100 mph, only helping to contribute to the already frigid atmosphere of the room.

He leans back against the couch while she's sprawled across it, her head in his lap, an almost finished orange flavored popsicle in her hand. His has been long gone, a stick dangling from his mouth. He's trying to figure out how to take a bite out of hers without her noticing. Or at least take a chunk fast enough before she can pull it out of his range. He swore he could hear the bright orange calling to him...

"Tai," she says in a warning tone, eyes fixed on the TV, "don't even think about it." And with that, she finishes it off. Discouraged, all thoughts of the popsicle go flying out of his head as his attention goes back to the television. She takes both of their sticks, pulling his out of his mouth, and is able to toss them straight into the trash can in succession, all without having to avert her gaze or shift from her position on the couch; she had settled in and she was going to stay that way. Such is the way of the lazy on a hot summer day.

With nothing but soaps on at this time of day, they are stuck watching them. After watching for half an hour, they still have no idea why Mika is in jail (for reasons unknown, she is clad in the latest designer fashions, hair done and all while doing time), why Otori is plotting to kill his twin brother (with a highly elaborate and confrontational plan), and whether or not Aoi will come out of the coma she is in (as the doctor slowly falls in love with her widowed mother).

"Suckers," he comments, referring to the TV. Ah, the doomed couple stuck on the deserted island after their luxury cruise ship sank. "Or not," he says upon seeing the two frolicking in the sand together, losing pieces of clothing here and there, forming a trail along the beach.

She gives a hum of agreement before nuzzling into the fabric of his shirt. She always thought that shade of blue looked good on him. (That shirt was given to him by her, after all. Of course it looked good on him.) She can hear the TV, the loving whispers and promises of forever. For a moment, she imagines it were them stuck on that deserted island. Caressing her face against his shirt, she revels in the feeling of the cotton picking up the scent of his detergent. Spring breeze, or something like that.

He chuckles, her nose tickling his stomach. She lets out a giggle of her own, his laughter contagious. He's always been ticklish. All of a sudden she feels drowsy and lets out a contented sigh, eyelids only slightly open. He stretches to get the remote and turns off the TV so the only sounds left in the room are the movement of the fan and their steady breathing.

She feels him reach out to play with her hair, his fingers running through her fiery strands. She relishes in the feeling of him touching her. She smiles knowing he can feel the movement of her lips and she hears his laugh again.

"I'll never get tired of hearing you laugh," she murmurs. It's times like these she could die, and die happy; being with him, it might as well be heaven. Before she dozes off into a deep slumber, one thought runs through her head...

She wishes that summer would never end.



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