His Lover
by Orraya

Tap, tap, tap.

It is autumn in York Shin City. He stands at the gate to a park, looking down the long path. Crimson and vermillion leaves burst off each tree, scattering down like confetti. He can walk down that long sidewalk, feel them soft and slightly brittle under his feet. He can admire the bright colors, but everything must pale in comparison to the color of his lover's eyes.

They were all supposed to meet here. He happens to be the first to arrive, which comes as a small surprise. He can wait all day, he can grow impatient, but he can forgive everything when everyone is together, and everyone is happy. That's the only thing he wants anyways. He wants the children to be happy, to be healthy, he wants his friends to be like that, after all they are still children. But he worries most about his lover.

"Leorio!" he hears off in the distance. Before he can fully register, he sees a boy with a head of spiky black hair dodging the morning rush hour. "Leorio!" he hears again, and "Gon!" from the silver-haired kid following Gon. Leorio is tackled to the ground in a bear hug, and the passersby on cars and bikes and sneakers smile wistfully as they witness this joyful reunion.

Gon eventually apologizes for knocking over his friend, and helps Leorio up. He begins to chatter away about the adventures he and Killua have been on. Leorio does listen, but he still scans the street, the sidewalks, and every passing car. Killua notices, of course, slyly, "Looking for your lover?" which elicits a slight blush.

Tap, tap, tap is the sound of Killua's fingernails drumming on the wall he leans against. Tap, tap, tap is the sound of Gon's boots pattering in a little dance on the concrete. Leorio's heart is pounding a staccato in anticipation--he shouldn't be nervous right? But he feels uncertainty for some reason. It hasn't even been a year, things wouldn't change so fast between them, he hopes. His doubts are completely unfounded, and they will not be calmed until the one he is waiting for arrives.

Tap, tap, tap is the rhythm of the people walking by, some giving glances towards these three waiting by the gate. He gazes down, down to the right, and between this person and that one, he catches a glimpse of blue and orange. He can't be mistaken, no one else dresses like that. The figure draws closer and closer--is he limping?

Closer still, he ought to be the one to walk forwards, but finds his feet are completely immovable. Something catches in his throat, as from between the tourist groups, Kurapika emerges with a smile. He looks a little tired and a little worn, and the closer he comes, the harder Leorio's heart is thudding in his chest. It stops. He stops. They stand in front of each other.

Kurapika falls forward a little, and Leorio finds his feet can move just far enough to catch him.

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