Title: Fairy Tale

Pairing: KishIchigo, some PuddingTart and others (slightly)

Setting: Medieval AU

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"Ichigo? Hey, Ichigo, get over here!" a loud voice echoed through the central marketplace of the small town of Zelbia in the kingdom of Clorith (1). A plain looking girl carrying a basket of fresh vegetables looked around wildly and dashed towards the source of the voice. Her frazzled red hair, which was tied messily into two pigtails, bounced around her shoulders. Expertly dodging around people buying their groceries and skidded in front of a well-dressed girl with long purple hair.

"I'm sorry I'm late, Zakuro-san. I was held up when a girl knocked over her stand again. I had to help her," Ichigo, the red-haired girl, gasped as she held out her basket.

"It's okay, just don't let it happen again." Zakuro said sternly, taking the food and handing Ichigo a few gold coins.

16-year-old Ichigo Momomiya was one of the three daughters of Sakura Momomiya. Her mother was a washerwoman, and her father had mysteriously disappeared when she was young, taking most of her family's money with him. Her two sisters were named Mint and Lettuce. Lettuce was a year younger then Ichigo. She was sweet, but rather clumsy, which had made her lose many jobs. Mint was two years older than Ichigo, and she never let Ichigo forget it. She was pretty and sophisticated, but her sarcastic and slightly sarcastic personality did not make her any friends. Because of her family's poor status, Ichigo took it upon herself to get some money from odd jobs.

Ichigo herself was a generally cheerful person. She had found that being optimistic was the best thing to do in her situation. She was somewhat ditzy and did not always think things through, but she made up for it with friendliness and cheerfulness. Unlike her elder sister, she had not considered their life as peasants dreadful, but rather something she had to put up with. In time, it had simply become routine.

Prince Kish of Clorith was just about Ichigo's polar opposite. He was the only heir to the throne of Clorith, and it seemed like he didn't care. His green hair was often worn in short pigtails, and he would often don a tattered midriff bearing shirt and skirt rather than wear royal clothes. He would also sneak out into the big city at night and remain there for several days while the entire castle sent hundreds of people after him. His father, King of Clorith, had told his adviser, Pie, and Kish's servant, Tart, to keep an eye on him. Kish got out anyways.

"Kishu, I have told you many times that it is time for you to find a wife, but what have you done about it? Nothing!" the King roared at his son, who was slumped in his throne.

"I have told you many times not to use my full name, but what have you done? Nothing!" Kish countered in a bored tone.

"That is not the point! If you do not find a wife in four weeks, you will be married to Lady Zakuro Fujiwara." The King said in a tone that clearly meant business.

Meanwhile, Ichigo was preparing to meet with her crush, Masaya Aoyama. He was a year older than her, but she had loved him ever since they had met. He had been courting her for a couple years, and he had said that he had an "important question" to ask her. Ichigo blushed furiously as she brushed the tangles from her hair.

"Ichigo, is that really what you're going to wear?" somebody asked from behind her.

"Yes, Mint. Why, do I look okay? Is my dress on straight?" Ichigo asked, her eyes wide.

"If Aoyama-kun is going to propose to you-" Mint started. She was interrupted by an embarrassed squeak courtesy of Ichigo.

"I don't know if he's going to propose or not. Plus, I'm only sixteen." Ichigo stammered, her face bright red.

"Oh please, Ichigo. He said he had an important question to ask you. And he asked you to meet him at night! Duh, he's going to propose!" Mint stated. She walked over to Ichigo and straightened her dress.

"Mint, are you upset that Prince Kishu-sama is planning to marry Zakuro-san?" Mint raised her eyebrows.

"You shouldn't listen to everything you hear. I heard somebody else say that Zakuro onee-sama isn't going to marry Kishu-sama if Kishu finds a wife in a month." She responded as she rolled her eyes. Ichigo knew that Mint cared very deeply for Zakuro, but she would never let anybody know it.

"Ichigo? Mint?" Lettuce appeared from another room and walked over to her sisters.

"Hi Lettuce! Did you get a job today?" Ichigo asked hopefully. Lettuce shook her head sadly. Ichigo frowned and sighed slightly.

"Sadly not. However, Shriogane-san stopped me again and gave me a few coins." Lettuce said, her pale face now slightly tinged with pink. She dug into her pockets and retrieved a few coins. Mint and Ichigo exchanged glances before filling Lettuce in on their days.

Kish had slipped into his room and was grumbling under his breath about not wanting to marry Zakuro. He glanced over at Pie and Tart, who were discussing castle affairs, and then at his window, which was open and beckoning for him to climb out and explore the world outside of the castle. He began to edge towards the window.

"Kishu, don't you dare leave the castle again!" Tart cried. Kish scowled, and then summoned up his two knives. He flew over and held one Pie's neck and one to Tart's.

"I think I will leave the castle. I also think that if you tell anyone that I have, you won't live to see the next day. Savvy?" Kish asked threateningly. Tart nodded nervously, but Pie remained silent. Kish grinned and leaped onto the windowsill.

"You didn't see anything." He grinned and leaped out the window.

Kish had bypassed most of the larger cities, because he had explored everything possible. He had cut through some of the larger towns, but he really wanted to see the smaller towns. So, he stopped in a very small town called Zelbia. He was greeted with stares of awe and confusion.

"What, have you never seen your prince before?" Kish had snapped in response to the stares. He examined some of the buildings, but most of the town was plain and rather boring.

"So, Masaya-kun, why did you have me over at such a late time?" Ichigo asked nervously. It was several hours after she and her sisters had met, and Ichigo couldn't stand the anxiety that came with waiting for Masaya to finish talking about his animal research.

"I realized that we'd been dating for quite some time now, Ichigo." Masaya started. Ichigo turned bright red.

"That's true." She managed to stammer. Masaya grinned and fidgeted with something in his pocket. I bet that it's the ring Ichigo thought. The very idea made her blush even deeper.

"Ichigo, I love you very deeply. I wanted to know," Masaya got down on knee, "Ichigo Momomiya, will you marry me?" (2)

Ichigo turned a deep red. Masaya pulled out a box from his pocket and opened it. Inside was a golden ring.

"Of course I will." Ichigo gasped. She kissed him fiercely, and then hugged him tightly around the neck. Masaya took her hand and slid the ring onto her ring finger. Ichigo promptly fainted into his arms. Masaya chuckled and hoisted the unconscious redhead into the air. He carried her to a grassy hill and laid her down gently. Soon enough, Ichigo roused from her "slumber".

"I'm so sorry, Aoyama-kun- I mean, Masaya." Ichigo cried as she bowed as best she could from a sitting position.

"That's okay. I'm very excited, too. Here, I'll walk you home." Masaya said with a grin. He helped her up, and they began to walk towards the Momomiya's house.

Kish had spent a pretty rough night tucked away in a barn, under some hay. A cow had fallen asleep on him. Lucky for him, breathing for his race was voluntary, but the extra weight was still uncomfortable. The next morning, he vowed to find himself a wife somewhere on the streets randomly, just to avoid marriage to Zakuro Fujiwara. As soon as his father was off of his case, privately divorce and continue with his life. That way the girl forced into marriage could have a happy ending with whomever she chose, and Kish could become king without having to be tied down to one girl.

"Simple, no?" he laughed to himself as he opened the barn doors and stepped into the sunshine.

That very day, Ichigo happened to be doing a grocery run for the Fong's eldest daughter, Pudding. Sure enough, the young girl had demanded pudding (3) among other things. However demanding the girl was, she was from a wealthy family, and Ichigo was sure that she would receive a plentiful tip. However, she did not know that she was the target of Prince Kish's big plan. Well, Kish didn't know either, until they ran into each other.

"Ah! Oh my, Prince Kishu-sama, please forgive me!" a flustered Ichigo gasped, groping around for her spilled food. Kish bent down and scooped down to help her.

"No big deal, miss-" Kish started as he and Ichigo stood up and brushed themselves off.

"Ichigo Momomiya." Ichigo muttered and bowed deeply. Kish nodded in automatic response.

"Yes, Ichigo Momomiya. As you probably know, I'm having a bit of trouble at the palace lately." Kish said. Ichigo raised her eyebrows.

"I know. You have to find a wife in thirty days." Ichigo said as wisely as she could muster.

"Yep." Kish said nodding. I wonder what he wants. If he's looking for a wife, I should tell him about Mint Ichigo thought to herself and grinned.

"If you're looking for a wife, my sister, Mint Momomiya (4) is open and needs a husband. She's very sophisticated, so the royal situation would suit her." Ichigo explained. Actually, I just wanted to know where I could buy a new skirt, but I have a good idea Kish thought and grinned evilly.

"Actually, Momomiya-san, I was wondering if you could help me with my problem." Kish said, taking Ichigo's hand in his.

Ichigo tried to pull away. Kish held on tightly and began to move in closer to the freaked-out teen girl.

"I'm sorry, Prince Kishu-sama, but I'm betrothed to Masaya Aoyama!" Ichigo cried and leaned away from the prince.

"How many times have I told everyone to call me Kish? Ichigo, you will be mine." Kish whispered softly. He leaned forward some more and kissed her gently. Ichigo shoved him back.

"I'm so sorry, Kish. I'm betrothed, but my sister is open!" Ichigo gasped. Kish just shook his head and rested his arms on Ichigo's shoulders.

"I want you, Ichigo. Tell Masaya Mayokama that you're, let's say, temporarily unavailable." He said, looking into Ichigo's eyes imploringly.

"Aoyama." Ichigo corrected with disdain. She removed Kish's arms and backed away slowly.

"Kishu!" a very loud voice stormed. The king, Pie, and Tart were all storming towards Kish with angry expressions.

"Ah father, just in time." Kish winked at Ichigo and gripped her wrist tightly. Ichigo yelped in pain and tried to claw his had away.

"What do you think you're doing? Sneaking out and threatening Pie and Tart is not tolerable." The king yelled, getting closer than Kish would have liked.

"Ah, but father, I have gotten something out of my trip. I have found a wife, Ichigo Momomiya, and we are to be married in three days." Kish proclaimed proudly.

"No!" Ichigo yelled, pulling away from the prince and clawing at his hand. Kish simply chuckled and got close to her face.

"Oh no you don't, kitten." He whispered as he took her chin. He dipped her down extravagantly and kissed her passionately.

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(2) Sorry for all of the IchigoMasaya-ness. I had to build up the plot. I would just have had Kish propose, but I had to make a more interesting story line.

(3) This is Tokyo Mew Mew medieval times, so pudding was indeed invented then.

(4) Their real last names are now their last names, because they all need the same last name.

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