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Stalker or Lover?

"Bye, Neji. Bye, Lee." Tenten waved goodbye, heading the other direction.

Training had just ended and the threesome were about to part their separate ways before Lee had a very strange idea to follow Tenten home.

"No." Was all Neji said at Lee's idea.

"But why?" Lee asked, like a little kid.

"Because we don't need butt our heads into other people's business." Neji growled and packed up his stuff.

"Well, isn't it strange how we don't know anything about Tenten?" Lee asked, making a quizzical statement.

Neji didn't pay attention. "The less I get caught with other people's past, the better."

Lee huffed. "But we don't even know Tenten's last name. That's not getting caught into people's pasts…it's plain lame."

Neji scowled. "Since when you were the smart one on this team?"

"Since the author decided that, so let's go!" Lee said, and grabbed Neji, pulling him towards the direction Tenten was heading. Neji tried to fight back, but it's was useless against Lee…

(5 minutes)

"Lee…this is a really bad idea." Neji growled as they stalked Tenten, behind some bushes as she walked on ahead.

"No! Trust me!" Lee argued.

"Seriously, Tenten is probably just some regular person who doesn't like to tell people that she is regular…" Neji said slowly, realizing that it was a pathetic sentence.

But Lee wasn't even listening. He grabbed Neji and they walked forward, following Tenten.

Tenten walked across the sidewalk, waving at some people when she passed them. Namely an old man, a tall dorky girl and a squirrel.

"This is dumb." Neji argued, but he followed Lee anyway.

(10 minutes later)

So far, Tenten has crossed a bunch of fields and finally, they arrived at a large manor house with a bunch of trees and bushes hiding part of the manor from public view. There was a large gate, that opened and let Tenten walk in.

Lee gasped. "Tenten lives in a manor?"

Neji rolled his eyes. "I bet you she's just doing her job, cleaning up after the manor people."

But Lee shook his head and raced towards the gate way, but it closed.

"Now what?" Neji asked.

Lee looked around and noticed some large vines and a big wall…

He then, changed his gaze to Neji.

"Oh no…" Neji shook his head. "Don't tell me…"

"Yep." Lee said, grinning.

(2 minutes)

Lee was on Neji's shoulder and they were both trying to get across the wall to the other side. Unfortunately for Neji, Lee was extremely heavy and he took a long time.

"Hurry up!" Neji gritted.

"Ok, I almost got the vine." Lee said, reaching forward to grab a swinging vine that was their key to entering the manor.

Lee's hand grabbed the vine and quickly, he hoisted himself and Neji so that they could swing down to the ground, softly and safely…


Scratch that…Lee landed down safely and softly. Neji landed on his face because Lee was on top of him…

"OW OW OW! GET OFF, NOW!" Neji howled.

Lee hopped off without a scratch while Neji howled in pain as he rubbed his black eye and his bruised face.

"Ok, Neji, let's go!" Lee hollered as he dragged Neji across the large front yard with a fountain and many cherry blossoms. Birds chirped and the rabbits hopped around.

Lee and Neji crept into the backyard, to find Tenten.

But instead, they bumped into an old caretaker woman, who totally freaked out that intruders were here, so she whipped the hell out of Neji…

Neji now had a swollen hand to match his bruised face and black eye!

How great is that?

"OH MY GOD! I SEE TENTEN!" Lee squealed/whispered really loudly, pointing to the back porch at Tenten.

Neji scoffed and muttered some curse words under his breath.

But Neji turned his head to look at Tenten anyway…

He gasped.

Tenten looked very different. She wore a long, light pink and white kimono, loosely and some wooden flip-flops. Her hair was down, the front a bit wavy and the back done into a loose ponytail with a pink ribbon.

"Tenten?" Neji asked, quietly to himself, suddenly growing interested in this little spy session. Maybe this was about to get more interesting.

Tenten was talking to an elderly woman, who was obviously a caretaker at this manor. She bowed and Tenten walked into another room.

Lee signaled Neji to follow him and they both crept behind Tenten.

They could hear a fiddle/violin playing softly in the room and they both stared at each other. Tenten plays violin? They thought to themselves.

They poked their heads to see Tenten sitting on the floor, a glossy wooden violin in hand and her dress spread apart, like a goddess.

Venus looks like a pile of white crumbling rock compared to Tenten.

Tenten's elegant and delicate fingers strummed the strings and her bow flew across them and the most beautiful music escaped the violin.

Lee and Neji sighed in harmony.

"Ok, now can we go?" Neji asked suddenly, snapping back to attention.

Lee shook his head.

Suddenly, Tenten turned around and saw Lee and Neji and gasped.

They all gasped.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Tenten pounced to her feet and hollered at Lee and Neji, who were a bit freaked out themselves. Tenten then covered her mouth really fast and paused before running up to Lee and Neji and grabbing them by their collars and pushing them across the room into a closet.

"What are you doing?" Neji hollered at Tenten inside the tiny closet while Lee struggled for some air.

"Shut up and do as I tell you." Tenten lectured.

Suddenly, some pounding footsteps approached the room and a bunch of men with swords came into the room asking, "Tenten-sama! Are you alright? We heard some awful screaming!"

Neji and Lee kept quiet as Tenten calmly explained it was really nothing and it was probably the bold screeching of her violin. The men stayed suspicious, but left quietly.

Tenten opened the closet door after everyone left and let Neji and Lee come out.

"Tenten! What's going on?" Lee demanded.

Tenten sighed and turned around.

Lame story. I rushed this story really bad and I'm not going anywhere at all with this story. So depending in review numbers, I'll continue it. It will probably only last 3 chapters. I was planning on doing a Oneshot story, but it turned out to be too long.