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Stalker or Lover Chapter 2

"Listen…" Tenten faced the other direction. "You weren't suppose to find out. None of this was suppose to happen."

Neji and Lee waited for Tenten to give a complete and thorough explanation of what the hell was going on.

"Look! You have to hide!" Tenten suddenly said. "This is not the right time for an explanation!"

"But I demand you tell us!" Lee said.

Tenten shook her head, her hair whipping across her face and her kimono dragging across the floor. She was absolutely radiant.

"Ok, hurry up and follow me. We have to get you out of here before my father catches you. I'll explain on the way." Tenten ordered. She shoved Lee and Neji out the door.


All three of them were crouching down, tip toeing while they bent down, uncomfortably. (Tenten is in a kimono, need I remind you) they walked behind a bush to avoid being seen by any caretakers around.

"…My father is the owner of a troop of ninja called The Black Corps." Tenten whispered as she directed them down the path.

"The Black Corps? I've heard of them…they're some kind of secret ninja!" Lee said.

"Shush." Tenten put a finger to her lips.

"Wait…if it's secret, how'd you know?" Neji questioned Lee.

Lee ignored Neji.

"That's why it's been decided that I cannot tell anyone of my wealth or else people will figure out that I'm the heiress of the Black Corps." Tenten went on.

They continued tip toeing across the path until it led them to a dead end with a big marble wall.

"Now what?" Lee asked.

"Why'd you lead us here?" Neji asked.

Tenten put a finger to her lips again. She guided them and walked up to the wall and took out a kunai. She cut off a string that was camouflaged to look like a spider web. A little door opened and she pushed Neji and Lee through it to the other side.

"Is that a secret passage way?" Neji asked.

"Yea. I designed a bunch of them myself, so that I could sneak out without using the front door, as risk of being caught by father." Tenten explained.

"Why do you avoid your father so much?" Lee questioned.

"Because he expects me to be a Black Corp…" Tenten went on. "But I want to be a normal ninja. He gets mad when we discuss this."

She led them underground and out of a hole on the other side, cleverly simulated to look like a well.

"So I sneak out to go to the academy and be a real ninja." Tenten continued.

So that's why her last name wasn't suppose to be mentioned and her family was never introduced…Neji and Lee both thought.

Finally, Tenten led them through one last contraption and they ended up at the front door. She was sure no one saw them there, but…

"FATHER!" Tenten gasped and startled both Lee and Neji.

Tenten's father was indeed handsome. Though he was pretty old, his hair was still long, pulled back into a low ponytail and he carried a cane, wearing the authentic Black Corps clothing, consisted of a black robe and silk chain.

"Tenten…" Her father growled. "Who are these people?"

Tenten gulped.

"Um…this is Lee…and this is…Neji." Tenten said bluntly.

Lee and Neji gave a little nervous wave.

Tenten's father scowled. "Why are they here?"

We snuck in…Lee thought. "Um we were here to visit Tenten…that's all."

"Why are you associating in the first place?" Tenten's father asked.

"Because they're on my team squad." Tenten summoned her courage. "I am a ninja, father."

Tenten's father closed his eyes, but didn't say anything. "You are a Black Corp, by blood, Tenten. That will not change."

Tenten narrowed her eyes slightly, not enough for anyone to see that she was scowling.

"Before they leave…" Tenten's father said. "We must have tea."

Lee and Neji looked at each other. Tea…That didn't sound too bad. But Tenten frowned.

They followed Tenten's father obediently. Tenten whispered to Neji and Lee, "Stay on guard…"

They nodded.

Tenten's father led them down a hallway and into the guest lobby and ordered a couple of maids to prepare tea. They took a seat on the floor, like an authentic Japanese seat and waited.

"Before we go any further…" Tenten's father said, "My name is Sojiro."

They nodded.

The tea was finally served and they raised their cups and sipped.

Tenten kept looking at her father.

"Sojiro-sama…" Lee started. "So you are the leader of the Black Corps…"

"I guess it cannot be denied any longer." Sojiro said and sipped his tea. "But I'd appreciate if this information does not get out for the public to hear."

"Yes, sir." Lee responded.

"So you are the young men on Tenten's squad…" Sojiro continued. "I expect you treat her well."

Tenten snorted.

Lee and Neji nodded their heads. "Yes, sir."

Tenten's father gave Tenten a look.

Tenten sipped her tea.

He chuckled and stood up. "Looks like you two are well civilized young men…"

Tenten snorted.

Lee and Neji nodded.

"But, I guess it cannot be helped…" Sojiro's face turned dark and serious. "It looks like we're going to have to erase your memories."

Bun bun bun… (Suspense music)

What does erase memories mean? Hmm…

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