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Lancelot paced the palace walls for the thousandth time, watching the horizon to the north. It was tedious work, but someone had to do it. Bors was busy with his eleven children and recently found out Venora was expecting a twelfth child soon. Arthur had just recently been married to Guinevere, so he was not available. Galahad and Gawain had gone off to visit their families in Sarmatia. So, no other knight was going to keep watch.

It was cold outside and fresh snow covered the ground. Lancelot always loved snow, even as a child. When he was a boy, his father would take him out horseback riding in the snow. In Sarmatia, the mountains were the perfect place to ride in the snow and spend time with a family member. Ever since he left Sarmatia, he missed those days with his father. He also missed the warm blankets his mother would make for him and his sister. But, most of all, he missed his family.

As his thoughts drifted to home, he found himself being knocked back into reality by a piercing scream coming from the bottom of the wall.

"HELP ME, PLEASE!" a young woman cried in front of the door.

Lancelot jumped down the stairs to the door and opened it to find the young woman collapsed in front of the door. She was in poor condition as Lancelot could easily see bruises and cuts along her arms, face, and legs. In addition to that, she was poorly clothed and freezing to death. As soon as he walked outside of the door, she collapsed into his arms and slipped into unconsciousness. Quickly, he held tight to her and began to run back into the castle to find help.

He found the palace physician and woke him in the middle of the night. Once the doctor was awake, he took the young woman into his care and told Lancelot to wait outside the infirmary. After what seemed like hours, the physician stepped out of the room to speak with Lancelot.

"She will live, but only God knows what has happened to her. From what I can tell, she has been severely beaten by someone. Until she wakes and can tell us what happened to her, we will not know for sure. For now, she is in God's hands," the doctor explained.

"You, Arthur, and your God," Lancelot muttered so low that the doctor could not hear him. "Can I go in and see her?"

"I think that would be alright. After all, you are her rescuer," the doctor said.

Lancelot nodded and walked into the room. The young woman was lying on a bed, covered by a white sheet pulled all the way up to her neck. Though she was hurt, she was still beautiful with her red curls draped around her head like an angel's halo. Her cuts and bruises had all been cleaned and dressed.

"What the hell happened to this woman?" Lancelot asked himself silently.

Quietly, he sat in a chair in the corner of the room to watch over her should she wake. After a few hours, Lancelot finally nodded off into sleep. He dreamed of his family in Sarmatia. In his dream, he saw his sister fully grown with a family of her own. A family that he would never know. He knew in his heart that whatever nieces and nephews he had would never know of their Uncle Lancelot who left years ago to be a knight for a cause not his own. The dream also drifted to his parents. His mother and father, older in age, sitting in front of the hut he grew up in, watching the sun set behind the mountains.

Lancelot was awakened by a soft voice coming from the other side of the room.

"Where am I?" the young woman asked.

When he opened his eyes, he saw the woman sitting up in the bed, looking very confused and frightened.

"You are safe now," he replied. "What is your name?"

"Paige," she answered softly. "Who are you? I remember you from last night. You rescued me"

"My name is Lancelot," he simply said.

"Well Lancelot, thank you for rescuing me when I needed it most," she said politely. "What is this place?"

"This is Hadrian's Wall," Lancelot said.

"I have heard stories of this place and the knights who fought here," she exclaimed.

"I was such a knight," he replied.

"You were?" she asked.

"Indeed, I fought alongside Arthur and the other knights against the Saxons," he answered.

"Those stories of brave knights always gave me hope in my darkest hours," she stated quietly.

"Who harmed you?" he bluntly asked.

Paige suddenly avoided eye contact with Lancelot, as if she were ashamed. He knew that she would not talk about it right away either, so he reassured her right away.

"If you do not wish to tell me right away, I respect that decision. Just know that you can always tell me when you are ready. Believe me, the person who did this will be brought to justice. I promise you that," he said.

Paige nodded and replied, "Thank you for understanding."

Lancelot left the room to give Paige some privacy so that she could clean herself up. He walked all the way back to his own room. The whole way there, he pondered to himself who would hurt someone so beautiful as Paige. As he promised to her, he promised to himself to bring that person to justice.

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