Written for the 1 Sentence community on Livejournal.

Title: Vignettes
Pairing: LynxFlorina
Set: Alpha
Rating: PG-13 (violence and suggestive themes)
Notes: Some of these have an AU slant, specifically 9 and 37.

01. Comfort

"Thank you, Florina...you're right, it wouldn't do us any good to lose heart now," Lyn said, comforted by the words of encouragement.

02. Kiss

It was almost amusing how a simple kiss on the cheek could still make Florina blush even after they'd been together over two years.

03. Soft

"These pillows are even softer than Huey's feathers!" Florina giggled as she made herself comfortable in Lyn's bed.

04. Pain

Florina tried to keep going despite the pain in her wounded leg, but Lyn wasn't fooled so easily; when she insisted they stop for the night, Florina didn't argue.

05. Potatoes

"That's the last of 'em," Lyn said as Florina helped her carry in one more sack of potatoes.

06. Rain

If there was one thing they believed in it was that one was never too old to splash in the puddles and dance in the rain.

07. Chocolate

One of Florina's favorite parts about sleeping over at Lyn's was the stash of chocolate Lyn kept under her bed for such occasions.

08. Happiness

"I'm happiest when I'm with you. Does it really matter how I address you?" Florina asked, and Lyn couldn't argue with that.

09. Telephone

Florina didn't even have to check her caller ID, as soon as the phone rang she knew it was Lyn.

10. Ears

When Florina decided to get her ears pierced, Lyn opted for a second hole in her left ear so Florina wouldn't have to go through the six-week "recovery" period alone.

11. Name

"My name's Lyn," the plainswoman said, extending a hand to the frightened girl in the tree.

12. Sensual

The warm water felt good on their sweaty skin, but the water wasn't the only thing heating up in that shower.

13. Death

Florina's comforting presence eased the pain of her grandfather's death a little more each day.

14. Sex

The first time had been awkward and a bit disappointing for each of them, but neither Lyn or Florina had any regrets...after all, it only gave them the incentive to try again, as many times as they needed.

15. Touch

"See, Lyn? He's grown to love you as much as I have, he never lets anyone touch his wings except me!"

16. Weakness

Florina knew Lyn's weaknesses to the point where it was useless to hide them, but Lyn wasn't one to let go of her pride so easily.

17. Tears

The sight of Florina's tears made Lyn even more determined to destroy Migal and his cronies.

18. Speed

"Hurry, the enemy gaining on us!" Florina cried; Lyn held on tightly as Huey picked up speed fled through the skies.

19. Wind

What Lyn missed most of all about her homeland was riding on the plains with Florina, the wind in their hair.

20. Freedom

Lyn would rather stay in Caelin with Florina forever than live free on the plains of Sacae without her.

21. Life

On some nights, even Florina's comfort wasn't enough to rid Lyn's mind of the image of her grandfather clinging to life.

22. Jealousy

"What, you're jealous and think I'm trying to take her away from you?" he teased; Lyn bristled at the force with which Hector hit the nail on the head.

23. Hands

The swordswoman's hands felt heavenly as they massaged Florina's aching shoulders.

24. Taste

Lyn didn't have the heart to tell Florina her chocolate cake tasted more like charcoal cake, not after she'd spent hours in the kitchen.

25. Devotion

Florina's devotion was admirable, but sometimes Lyn couldn't help worrying if she was holding her back.

26. Forever

She could have sat and watched the stars with Lyn forever, but they had to go inside sooner or later.

27. Blood

The sight of blood tricking from the cut on Lyn's arm drove Florina into a rage; she raised her lance and drove it into the enemy mercenary's gut, killing him instantly.

28. Sickness

Florina was amazed at how fast Marquess Caelin's sickness healed in Lyn's presence, but she wasn't at all surprised; Lyn was the kind of person who could cure anyone's woes and ills.

29. Melody

As Nils played a slow and romantic melody on his flute, Lyn couldn't resist asking Florina to dance with her.

30. Star

When Florina lamented that the fog had stolen even the brightest star in the sky, Lyn had to disagree; the light in Florina's eyes was brighter than any star.

31. Home

Feeling the lush green grass beneath her feet as she lay in the field with Florina, Lyn knew she was home at last.

32. Confusion

Florina yelped in confusion as Lyn pulled to the side; seconds later the archer hidden in the bushes fired a shot that missed them by a mile.

33. Fear

As Florina's fear of men and confrontation lessened, Lyn began to fear that someday Florina might not need her around anymore.

34. Lightning/Thunder

Lyn teased Florina for being scared of a little thunderstorm, but when an especially loud crash sounded, she was glad Florina was clinging to her.

35. Bonds

Sometimes Lyn envied the bond between Florina and her sisters, she wondered what it was like to have siblings.

36. Market

Seeing the mothers with their children in the market made them envious; they knew they'd never be able to have children of their own.

37. Technology

"Sometimes I really hate technology," Lyn groaned as her computer began to overheat yet again.

38. Gift

A tired but satisfied Lyn returned from shopping, having finally found the perfect Christmas present for Florina.

39. Smile

Seeing Florina smile could brighten even the darkest of Lyn's days.

40. Innocence

"If there's one thing I hate, it's the harm of innocents!" Lyn growled, and Florina could only nod in agreement.

41. Completion

Florina's signature marked the completion of the scrapbook; she couldn't wait to give it to Lyn on her birthday.

42. Clouds

Dark clouds signaled a storm; Lyn and Florina fled to their tent, not wanting to get caught in the rain.

43. Sky

Lyn knew it was impossible, but every time she went flying on Huey's back with Florina she wished the sky could be their home.

44. Heaven

The battle hadn't gone well, and Florina had been one of the casualties; as Lyn wept silently over her grave, Eliwood reassured her that in Heaven, she was protected from stray arrows.

45. Hell

Lyn was clearly in hell, having to travel with pirates, and all Florina could do was rub her shoulders as she stared angrily into the distance.

46. Sun

As the rising sun marked the end of the war and the beginning of a new day, Lyn and Florina embraced in celebration.

47. Moon

Florina stayed up long after Lyn had gone to sleep, gazing out at the near-invisible crescent moon in the night sky.

48. Waves

A strong wave washed over the side of the boat, soaking Florina and making her look like a wet rat. (continued...)

49. Hair

Florina grumbled angrily and began to wring her hair out, as Lyn struggled not to laugh.

50. Supernova

Lyn didn't want to say so out of fear of sounding cliche, but her first kiss with Florina had been as intense as a supernova.