if you're reading this and you have yet to read the prequel (i hope i used that right) called "League of Pirates", i highly recommend that you stop what you're doing and read that one first. this story may be a bit confusing if you don't. if that's what situation you're in... i warned you.

Pirates of the Caribbean Family Jewels


Jack had landed Trinity, like he had promised himself he would. He different reasons for it though. Before he had wanted to land Trinity to keep her safe. It turned out that he landed her to keep their child safe.

It had been three months since Jack had seen his own son. Jaden was everything to Jack. That little seven year old boy could really turn out to be a good pirate one day. But Jack wasn't sure that's what he wanted for his child, and he knew it wasn't what Trinity had wanted.

Back to Port Royal, and back to his son. This is what Jack thought of as The Black Pearl crashed against waves, fighting the makings of a storm.

He would bring Trinity and Jaden with him this time. Jaden was old enough for an adventure, although Trinity would most likely make him stay onboard at all times, and he knew that his wife was ready to get off land all-to-well.

It had been even longer since Jack had seen his friends Will and Elizabeth. When Jack had dropped off Trinity, Elizabeth wished to stay in Port Royal, too. This prompted Will to stay. Jack made it a point to visit them.

Of course this would have to happen in a hasty fashion, as always, but he hoped he could drag it out as long as possible.

Chapter One: Three Month Reunion

The crew members of the Black Pearl let down anchor behind a wall of rock. This was to conceal the ship from view of Port Royal while still being close enough the row a boat to the shore. That is exactly what Jack did. Once onshore, he climbed up the hill towards his wife's house. He could see her, up on the widow's walk, staring back down at him. She left her position at a breakneck speed and rushed to greet him.

Jaden had been playing on the beach in the back of the house. He was up to his waist in the water, wooden boat figurines circling around him. "Captain!" the little boy yelled, rushing towards his father.

That's what Jack loved best about his son. Jaden had always refused to call him 'dad' or 'daddy' and had insisted on calling him 'captain'. Trinity thought it was a tad bit informal and untraditional, but Jack loved that someone would always call him 'captain'.

Jack picked Jaden up, placing him on his hip. "What'd you bring me this time, Captain?" he smiled.

"Yes, what did you bring him this time, Jack?" Trinity had a sly smirk set upon her face. Jack placed his son down and moved on to Trinity. He cradled her in his arms, kissing her.

"I've missed you, Green Eyes."

Trinity hated when he called her that, but she knew that someone always would. It was such a tragedy when her brother-like figure, Kydd, had passed away. The boy never was good with a cutlass, but he thought he had something to prove when he started that bar fight. Trinity hadn't been there, but the news was still that crushing when Jack had told her.

"Come inside before you get caught." She wiggled away from him, walking through the threshold to the house. Jack followed, only stopping a moment to tell Jaden to pick up his toys and come inside as well.

The darkness of night had fallen quickly after that. Jaden was tucked away in his bed, and Trinity had just made some tea. Of course, being the pirate she was, added some sort of alcohol to strengthen it. "Tell me of your adventures." Jack was sitting across from her at the table. He delightfully sipped his tea, savoring the enormous amount of liquor added.

"Nothing much to tell. But I have a surprise for you."

Trinity looked amused. She stared at him over her cup, watching the smug look on his face add a smile. "Jack Sparrow, you better tell me right now. You know I don't like surprises."

"I'm taking you with me this time."

Trinity spat out her drink.

"We leave tomorrow after nightfall. I have sent word for William to come by."

"You're really taking me then? Us, I mean us. Jaden as well?"

"Yes. But I have to ask. Honestly, do you think William would consider coming?" Trinity once again spat out her drink, this time in Jack's direction. "Remind me to never talk to you when you're drinking, eh?" Jack winced, whipping himself off.

"Jack," her eyes were apologetic, "you aren't really thinking of asking Will, are you?"


"Well if Will goes, Elizabeth's going to want to go. If Elizabeth goes, then she'll bring Avery."

"Who's Avery?" Jack noticed the fire dying down. He proceeded to put another log on.

"Their daughter, Jack!" Trinity scoffed, pulling out her chair and standing, "You really do miss to much when you're away. Like I was saying, Elizabeth will want to come and she'll have to bring Avery."

"Your point?" Jack was beginning to feel the affects of the liquor.

"My point is that it would be like a day-care on the ship. Jaden is fine by himself, Jack, but Avery is a bit on the hyper-active side. You know, spoiled by all the wealth. Her and Jaden don't get along to well."

"Well I need another crew member. I've lost to many as it were. Will was under my command once before, he knows the ropes."

"Why can't you just recruit out of Tortuga like everyone else?" Trinity was tired of arguing.

i admit that it jack is a tad,...hell, who am i kidding,...way out of character here. even my OC's out of character here. but it gets better once he's onboard the Black Pearl again... please r&r