Author's Note:

ahoy there, sailors! some of you i haven't heard from in a while, others i speak to often. for the latter, i will state that i am posting almost the same message on all my POTC stories, so just skip this one...

I have finally finished my Trin/Jack trilogy (League of Pirates, Family Jewels, and Remeber) and have started work on my newest POTC project. yes, Trin is back...i just couldn't bear to see her go...

i call it "On the Wings of A Sparrow", and currently have it posted. if you liked Trinity in any of my fics, check this one out. It's the story of how Jack met Trinity, and the events leading up to the mutiny (pre-COTBP).

Hope you decide to read! and review!

for those about to rock... (insert your response here)