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Chapter 1: The Meeting

Hinata ran out of the Hyuugas Main House and took off for the forest.

She needed toget away from everything, everything that lurked in the dreadfull house she lived in.

She ran hard for a while, ocasionally jumping into a nearby tree to see if anyone was following, but soon wore tierd and slowed to a quick walk.

As she walked the lonely dirt road she could sence something was wrong and out of place. Hinata had been up and down this street so many times that she knew every curv, crack, hole and rock that layed on its surface.

As she rounded one of the corners she noticed she noticed something... or someone... was crouched low beside the road.

'I knew it! I knew something was wrong!' Hinata though as she quickly hid herself behind a nearby sakura tree.

After a minute of catching her brath and calming herself down Hinata peered around the side of the tree to see if that "thing" was gone.

Thankfully to her it was. So she decided to keep going... Though she hadn't the slightest clue that that "thing" she saw earlier was right above her, following her and watching her every gracfull step she took.

Hinata looked around quickly to make sure nobody had followed her.

'Good.' Hinata thought as she walked into a clearing. In the clearing was a stream that flowed through the middle and a waterfall.

This place had been her favoite spot to come to since she was little, when her mom brought her there... But that was all before she died giving birth to Hanabi.. Hinatas younger sister. (Is that really how she died? Oh well... It is in here!)

Hinata sat down and removed her sandles setting them to the side, for the grass was free of stickers. She slipped her feet into the water which felt good against her tierd feet.

As Hinata sat therre with her eyes closed and her feet dangling in the water below the creature came down from hiding among the trees.

He slowly made his way closer to her making sure not to let her sence him.

'Wait... Why do I care if she sees me? Don't I like it when I see people flinch and run away from me? No... Atleast not from her...'

Hinata sneezed and began to shiver, and he couldn't take it any longer. He took a deep breath.

"You're going to catch a cold if you stay out here you know" He said as he took off his cloak and tried to put it around Hinatas shoulders.

She screamed and jumped as she saw the boy.

'Isn't- isn't this the same figure I saw a little earlier?' She though as she let her eyes trace he boys body, stopping to look at his chest that was covered only by a tight black tank to that outlined his mucles.

"Wh-who are y-you?" She said just above a whisper.

"Sabaku no Gaara." He replied as he wrapped his cloack around her frail shoulders.

"S-Sabaku no Gaara? Y-you mean- OH! I-I'm so sorry!" She took off his cloak and placed it in his arms. "Please! Forgive me for not noticing so-"

But before she could finish what she was saying she began swaying back-and-forth. 'I-I must have stood up faster than I should've.' She though as she passed out.