Chapter 6: Is This Really My Room!

They arrived at the Kazekages palace in Suna a few day later.

"Welcome to your new home Hinata!"

Gaara opened the palace doors and turned around when he heard a loud gasp come from Hinata.

"Oh my..." She looked deep into Gaaras eyes and hugged him. He was happy to see that the happy little sparkles coming back to the eyes that he loved so much.

"Ariagato Gaara-kun! Domo Ariagato!

"It's nothing really."

Gaara led her up the stairs to the top floor and to the end of the hall way.

He opened athe door on the right and moved out of the way so she could see. In the middle of the room, against the wall was the most beautiful bed Hinata had ever seen. It was made of pure cherry wood... her favorite... and a light blue sheet spread across the giant mattress.

"This is your bedroom." he smiled and covered her eyes. His body pressed against hers as he tried to walk.

"It's okay. You'll get to see the rest later. But first I want to show you something before it gets too late." He said as he felt her struggle trying to see the rest of the room.

SHe relaxed and let him lead her.

His sand opened the door and they stepped out.

He placed one of his hands around her stomach and placed her on his lap as he sat down. He then squeezed her tight against him, closing any gaps.

"Are you ready?" He whispered in her ear.

She nodded lightly and Gaara removed his hand from her eyes and placed it, along with the rest of his arm, just below her breasts.

"Th-this is amazing!" She gasped.

There infront of the two was the most beautiful scene, the sand dunes in the distance looked like the tall mountains back in Konoha, and the stars were just coming out. HInata relized why he wanted to bring her out there quickly, for all the lights in Suna were off and the moon light was shining directly on the two on the balcony.

"It's beautiful..." She whispered and layed her head back on his shoulder.

He hesitated a momentbut then closed his eyes and kissed her.

Hinata was suprised at first but then relaxed and kissed him back.

He nibbled on her lower lip as the ask for enterence, which she allower, and he deepened the kiss slipping his toung in her mouth.

She was reaching her hand to his hair when they bolth broke the kiss and looked at the door knob. It was rattling fiercly and a voice came from the other side.

"Gaara! We're back! Hey... What are you doing in there?"

Then she came in. She just stood there staring at the blushing girl sitting on her brothers lap. Then she lost it, she fell to the ground laughing.

"Temari?" Gaara growled "Get o- wait... How did you know I was in here?"

"I-I heard v-voices and so-sounds." Temari said between laughs. "And who is the girl?"

"Her name is Hyuuga Hinata and she's going to be living with us."

"Y-you mean... I have a sister now! Hell yeah!" She ran up to Hinata and pulled her off of Gaara. "Wait... What were you two doing in here?"

Gaara and Hinata looked at each other and back to Temari.

"N-nothing!" Hinata said.

"I was just showing Hinata her room." Gaara said.

"Whatever. Well my name is Temari and my bedroom is on the second floor... room 3. I'm going back downstairs to tell Kankuro that you two were making out." And with that she left.

"Well... I'm going to down too so I can straighten some things out... Even though it was true..." He mumbled under his breath. "Oh, and I think you should stay up here and change... and do... whatever you do to go to bed." He said and took off after Temari.

"B-b-" But he was already gone and out of hearing range.

'I don't have any clothes to change into... Oh well...'

She took off her clothes and crawled under the silk sheet snuggling deep inside it. She though a while about what just happened between her and Gaara before going to sleep.