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Blood & Soul 2

Lucius woke the next morning to an empty bed, the side Harry had spent the night sitting on was cold already, indicating Harry had properly left the bed as early as possible. Lucius racked his brain trying to remember what he could have said last night to make his Mate so uncomfortable around him. A knock sounded at the door, and thinking it was Harry, Lucius strode across the room as naked as the day he was born and flung the door wide open.

Draco Malfoy gaped at his Father, and then he blinked, and when he tried to speak, he squeaked instead. Draco coughed, "Father that was more than I ever wanted to see of you. Please put some clothes on."

Lucius had the grace to blush lightly before turning and grabbing a dressing robe off the back of a winged-back chair. After putting it on he turned to face his son…

'Son? Oh shit!' Lucius shrieked in his head at the Veela, 'he knows, he knows! I must have called him son, what am I going to do? This is your fault!' The Veela just gave an annoyed sigh, and urged him to find and 'console' his Mate.

"Father, Father?" Draco called waving his hand in his thankfully dressed, Father's face.

"Sorry I was thinking-"

"-About your Mate no doubt?" Draco cut Lucius off with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. "His in the Library if you're looking for him." With that Draco nodded and began to walk down the hallway.

"Was that all?" Lucius asked slightly overwhelmed by this morning.

"No, I wanted to know why Harry Potter was in our Library, but he is your Mate…" Draco stopped and rubbed his chin softly, "…but then shouldn't he be in your bed?" He took off laughing down the hallway narrowly missing the hex Lucius sent at him.

"Now, I have to find Harry and explain," "You have to get dressed first," "Yes of course, wouldn't want to frighten him," "We could go naked?" "Shut up you bloody Veela," "You know… you're talking to yourself?" "I'm talking to you!" "Well since I'm you, you're talking to yourself." Lucius argued with his Veela as he dressed and left his rooms with a growl, heading towards the Main Library.


Meanwhile, Harry James Potter, son of James Harold Potter and… Lucius Abraxas Malfoy apparently, had been sitting in the Main Library since daybreak pouring through Family History books and Veela Mating Ritual books, and Veela Bond books. He rubbed his eyes grumpily as he traced his immediate family line.

Harold Potter married Maria Longbottom. Their son James Potter bonded (Veela Mate) to Lucius Malfoy (Veela). Whose parents are Abraxas Malfoy (Veela), married to, Claressa Lestrange. James Potter (deceased) and Lucius Malfoy had one son… Harry Potter (Veela) bonded to Lucius Malfoy (Veela).

"Why me? Why does these things happen to me…?" He browsed the shelves for more Family themed books, looking for a way to find out how Lily Evans ended up his 'mother'. What he found instead was an empty shelf, and the moment he placed his hand against the wood a small journal appeared. With a smile Harry picked it up, and flipped it open.

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1971 February 20th.

It's the Eve of my 17th and I couldn't be more excited. Surprisingly Father has been most supportive. I can't wait to wake up the coming morn and know that I have another out there, who is my other-half in all ways. I can't wait to find him; well I'm sure it's a 'him'. There has been one person I'm most attracted to, and fascinated by even though we're meant to hate each other. But Father says that's not the way it works, it could be someone I adore or someone I loathe. Although I hope not, I would like my Mate to like me in return most of all though. Well, I best get some sleep,


Harry frowned and skipped a few pages and walked over to the desk and chairs he'd seen on his way in. Taking a seat at the table Harry continued to read his 'Father's' journal.

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1971 June 4th.

Still no sign of my Mate. I don't think I can wait much longer. Father has agreed I can search until my 18th Birthday then I must get bethroved. I sincerely hope my Mate appears by then. I won't last till then I know I won't. Father has even talked of taking me out of school early because I cannot concentrate on my lessons surrounded by so many potential Mates. I don't understand why it's so hard to find my Mate. Unless he hasn't been born yet, has died (which I will not even contemplate) or isn't yet 17. It must be the last one… He'll be 17 by the time I'm 1 9 I'm certain.


Harry knew it was ridiculous otherwise Draco wouldn't be older than him, but he couldn't help but cross his fingers and flip through the journal looking for Lucius' 18th Birthday entry. He wanted his Fathers to be together, to have a happy ending, and he thought… if he wanted it bad enough it might happen. James might be alive, everyone would know Harry was really Lucius' son and he'd never have had to live with those Muggles.

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1972 February 21st.

Happy 18th birthday to me, Happy 18th birthday to me, I wish I could have written that like I meant it. Where is my Mate!

Harry winced in sympathy… he could remember how it felt to know he needed his Mate but not being able to go to them. Maybe it didn't hurt when their Mate wasn't of age?

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1972 March 27th.

Well, congratulations are in order towards myself wouldn't you agree Journal? I'm going to be married, Narcissa Black. She's quite a catch; my Father is most pleased, as is Mother too. Although I believe she is still trying to convince Father to give me more time. I wish I knew why my Mate isn't around. I'm sure he must be of age now… he can't be that much younger than me. Surly two years are enough? Narcissa is two years below me! Her sister is five, but I'm not marrying her. Bellatrix is in Sirius' year I believe, her cousin Sirius Black… a… Gryffindor. Disgraceful.

Well, ciao.

Harry bit his lip; this was why it took so long for Lucius to find James. James Potter was only a 1st year when Lucius came into his Inheritance. Well it wasn't as large an age difference as the one between Harry and Lucius, nor where the two related. Harry sighed and continued to read.

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1975 October 5th.

I tried to hold off the wedding by having a very long engagement but alas while Narcissa understands and would be more than willing to dissolve the contract should I find my mate during the waiting period, my Father is not as understanding. He, neither, can figure out what happened to my Mate. And it makes him irritable, knowing in the Veela community his son is an outcast… although there are others who are Mateless because their Mates are not of age yet. But they are willing to wait until that time, my Father however demands an heir of me. I haven't hated him more than I did when he wrote the papers and announced the date of my marriage, without informing the 'happy couple'. I have no time to stall. I will have a December wedding; magic is the only way to get everything prepared in time. Damn you Father.


He didn't fancy reading about his Father marrying someone other than his… Dad? So Harry skipped a few years.

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1976 April 16th.

It hurts… it hurts so much I can barely hold my quill to write this… oh Salazar it hurts! What can it mean?

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1976 April 17th.

Father said my Mate is of age! He is of age! I can have… no I cannot. Not publicly, not really. I'm married, and well… I can't.

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1977 May 30th.

Father and Mother are dead. I will stay married to Narcissa even if my Mate agrees to bond to me. It was Father's dying wish. Voldemort… I can't write about this,


Harry noted with stunned horror that the last three entries had been doted with stained patches across the paper: tear stains. Lucius Malfoy had cried while writing them.

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1978 May 5th.

My Mate is James Potter! I have finally met him! He let me kiss him! Yes! I feel like my skin is the only thing keeping me from flying off in all directions, I'm so happy, so excited. James, MY MATE, is letting me take him on a date! I can't wait! It WILL be perfect! I don't care who I have to kill our date will be perfect.

Just you see.

Harry couldn't help but smile, the person writing this, the 22-year-old Veela writing this sounded so-not-Lucius that Harry had to bite his tongue so he wouldn't coo or run to Lucius and hug the man. He sounded so sweet and in love, although he'd only met his Mate once.

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1979 September 3rd.

Narcissa and I are expecting my Heir. We took precautions to ensure it was a boy; Narcissa has taken a bedroom of her own now. We are much more suited as friends than as lovers.

But still, a son…

Harry could just see Lucius smirking in his mind as he wrote about Draco. He smiled and turned the page.

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1979 October 2nd.

My Mate and I finally consummated our bond. That ache in my heart is finally gone, I didn't even know it was there until it had left, but I know I will never want it back. To have my mate in its place is euphoria. I can go on for hours and pages spouting love sonnets and declarations of happiness but this covers it better…


Hmm… rather undignified I suppose, but it will do.

Harry actually laughed out loud as he read that, and then wondered if it was when he was conceived. October was nine months before July… he would have to have been born a few weeks late though… he carried on reading.

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1979 October 28th.

I made love to my Mate again last night, and I know for a fact that he is carrying my child. The light that surrounded his stomach as we came together, moaning each other's name, pulsed with purity and love. That's our child. My Mate is having a child! I'm so happy I think I may do something undignified. I suppose I should go to sleep before my heart runs away with my head. I'll inform Narcissa tomorrow.

Good night.

Harry blushed as he thought of his Father and Mate – Father? – loving each other in the way he and Lucius had last night. He coughed and cleared the image from his mind, before reading on.

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1979 December 13th.

A Friday, how… unlucky. My Mate has just married his best friend. Very unfortunate. But if it keeps him and both of my children far from Voldemort then I suppose I can live with it. After all it wouldn't do to have them killed for being associating with each other. A Potter and a Malfoy, why that's a ludicrous as a Malfoy and a Weasley! I will keep them safe. Severus is a spy and I'll be one too, I actually am meant to be seeing Dumbledore in a week.

We shall see how it goes. /I /B

'A spy? His Father?' "Damn, didn't see that coming." Harry moaned.

'A Weasley and a Malfoy? Ludicrous?' Harry giggled as he thought that knowing he would have to throw the comment in Lucius' face. After all, weren't Draco and Ginny together now?

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1980 June 6th.

Narcissa gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday afternoon. Told you it would be a boy! I think I dealt with it spectacularly, didn't panic for a moment. Narcissa doesn't believe that though… she wants to make me look bad I'm sure because she couldn't stop fussy and forgetting things. Pathetic really.

Oh his name is Draco, Severus is his Godfather.

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1980 July 31st.

James is in Labour! James is in labour! LABOUR! LaBouR! FUCK… What do I do? Clothes, JAMES NEEDS CLOTHES! NO… baby clothes! No…! I need Narcissa she did this last month! She'll know… NARCISSA! Oooh… I need to shout not write it… right!

Harry snorted trying not to laugh: Lucius was such a liar! Narcissa was probably the only one who was calm during Draco's birth and Harry's too probably. He smiled; he was born now. He couldn't wait.

July 31st still… haven't got time to be formal!

A BOY! JAMES AND I HAVE A SON! MY MATE GAVE ME A SON! And named him Harry and his Godfather is Sirius Black. Does my Mate hate me? Harry is such a common name and BLACK as GODFATHER! I'd sooner pick Voldemort. But I suppose Severus has already been taken! And well, Harry's my son and if anyone has a problem with his name I'll kill them. Now that that's settled,

Good night.

Harry giggled. Although he thought he should be a little offended, Harry was a fine name; there was nothing wrong with being called Harry. It wasn't common; he was the only Harry he knew so it couldn't be common! The next journal entry was tear stained as well.

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1981 October 31st.

Dead! Voldemort killed them, Lily and James. He killed them. And that, that OAF Hagrid took my Harry from me! He… took Harry! Oh Salazar…!

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1981 November 2nd.

That bloody, fucking, ignoramus of a man! That doddering old FOOL! He has taken my son! I'm an unfit parent for the Boy-Who-Lived, I'll hand him over to You-Know-Who… VOLDEMORT IS GONE! Well for now, but anyway! He's my Harry, my son! How dare that man! I have another court session in a month. Better luck next time.

Harry frowned; well that explains why he had to live with the Dursley's. Although, come to think of it he'd prefer to live with his Mate, or Father.

Diary of Lucius Malfoy. 1981 December 3rd.

THAT BASTARD! How dare he threaten to take Draco from me! They are MY sons! How dare he! I swear I will get revenge! Even if I have to watch Voldemort kill them all instead of casting the spell myself, I will relish their deaths! THE BASTARDS!

Harry winced; he could practically see the anger engraved into the paper, the absolute hatred Lucius felt for Dumbledore and the Ministry Aurors and Minister caused the page to practically glow with a dark purple-red light. Harry shivered and closed the journal. He stood and walked back to the bookshelf he found the journal and left it on the empty shelf where it disappeared. He sighed and looked through the other shelves before pulling out 'Mutations to a Creature Bond' by A. B. East. That name had to be a joke!

Mutations to the Veela Bond

Every Veela has one true soul Mate. When they turn 17, the Veela will begin to search for their soul Mate. They will experience pain beyond anything they have ever felt if and only if their Mate is 17 as well. If their Mate is not of age, they will feel nothing. A Veela without his or her soul Mate will feel as if they are missing a small part of themselves, but it is such a small part its hardly noticeable unless the Mate rejects the Veela. The empty feeling will then turn into complete apathy, much like the effects of the Dementors Kiss; the Veela will end up in a state of permanent catatonia.

When their Mate turns 17, if younger than the Veela; the Mate will not feel pain unless they too have Veela blood. A Veela will know when their Mate has become of age, as the pain will start the night of their Mates birthday and end the following morning. With a double-Veela pairing, both Veela feel pain far more excruciating that the feeling in a single-Veela bond. The pain will only stop once the Veela have touched intimately: a kiss, complete skin on skin contact, fellatio or sexual intercourse.

If a Veela Mate die, before the bond has taken place their will be no lasting effects to the Veela in general. Some have been known to suffer from depression for a number of years following the death. If a Veela Mate dies after the bonding, but before having a Child with the Veela, it results in an instant death for the Veela as well. The Veela Law protects Veela Mates, which means sever punishment is awarded should anyone harm a Mate to seek revenge on a Veela. If the couple have had a Child, and the Mate dies, the Veela will be grieved, but they will not follow their other half into death. This is because the Child is a part of not only the Veela but also the Mate. If the Mate dies, the Child will absorb the magic and 'soul of a Veela' (which is given to the Mate when the bond is first consummated) of the dead Mate, which results in the Child looking scarily similar to its 'mother'.

Veela must stay near their Child after the death of a Mate, because to separate them, allows to 'soul of a Veela' to take hold of the Child and will the empty space inside the Veela Child that should have been intended for their own Mate once they turn 17. If the space is filled, not only do they lose their future-Mate, but also the Child Veela will start to believe their Mate is the Father Veela. It is illegal to separate a Veela-Widower from his Child until the fifth year at least. Although, by then the Child is too old to settle with a new family, so this measure is only taken if the Veela is sent to Azkaban after the death of the Mate for whatever reason.

As it is illegal, it does not happen often, but on occasion a Child has been known to bond with their Veela Father. In these relationships it is perfectly safe for the couple to have further children together as the 'soul of a Veela' rearranges the Child's genetic make-up or DNA to prevent inbreeding. This does not affect the Child's blood or heritage.

"Oh Merlin," Harry breathed as he closed the book and let it fall back onto the shelf he took it from. "Oh bloody fucking Merlin!"

"I see you found the journal?" Harry spun around and came face to face with his – Father? – Mate. "I'm sorry I did not tell you. All Veela keep journals just before they turn 17. I read my Father's as well like Draco has read mine. I suppose I should have given it to you myself but… well… I wasn't sure if you'd believe it not to be a forgery or a joke of some sort, and then after last night! I'm sorry… Harry, I swear I never meant to make things difficult for you."

"Why didn't you tell me!" Harry shouted and flung the book at him, "DID YOU KNOW?"

"Know what?" He opened the book, not angered by Harry's attack, and read the pages about Veela Mutations. "Well that explains a lot. I must confess I never read this book before. If I had known Harry, I would have used this to get the Ministry to grant me custody. I am sorry I lost you your true Mate." Lucius looked close to tears, his Veela not wanting to believe Harry wasn't suppose to be with him.

"Who do you suppose it was?"

"I don't know," Lucius muttered stiffly.

Harry grimaced, "sorry. Next subject, so this is normal right? The incest thing?"

"Some Wizards might find it unsavoury, but most are very open minded Harry. In Veela communities we will be considered completely acceptable, normal even. Although Dumbledore would be in an obscene quantity of trouble should he have survived." Lucius smirked as he remembered the old Wizards death.

"I know its all his fault and everything, but I just can't be mad at a dead person." Harry pouted and Lucius leaned in to kiss him softly. Harry's eyes widened as he pulled away and Lucius looked stricken for a moment before he schooled his features into a blank mask. "Promise not to call me 'son' again in bed?"

"Ok, I promise," Lucius said, clearly not seeing the point. The point of course was that Harry leaned forward and captured Lucius' lips again, willingly submitting himself when the blond kissed back hungrily and moaned contentedly as Lucius undressed him and pushed him to the Library floor.

The End

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