Authors Notes:
About my favorite mariachi! No dont kill me because I have no Sands. This isnt about Sands. Its about El. Because I lovith El. Hes very Elish. Of course Im also a rabid Antonio Banderas fangirl! I thought of this story while sweeping up cat litter so EXCUSE EH MWUAH FOR THE SHORTNESS! Its just a cute little fic on how I didnt think El was much a dog person. Its set around 2 years after Day of the Dead.

I dont own Once Upon A Time In Mexico or guitars or doggies. Well I do own a golden retreiver so scratch that. Shes just fat.
It was a rather cool day as the tall mariachi strummed his guitar in front of his small home. He played and played and played and then-

He heard something.

It wasnt something he would normally care for if it hadnt had jerked him out of his guitar solo. Or if it wasnt standing right in front of him.

"Shoo..." No responce came from the golden retreiver pup as El made a shooing motion with his left wrapped hand. "Scat!" He said louder.

A loud whine came from the dog as it wagged its blonde tail. El growled and set the guitar on the ground beside him, he leaned foreward to were he was very close to the dogs snout. He looked it straight in the eyes and began to talk, "Look here... Dog." He said, "I want you gone. Away from my house, you understand? AWAY." He pointed to the market place and then back at the dog who was panting now. "Dont give me that. Shoo." He repeated and the dog gave El a long lick on the lips.

El pulled away quickly and whipped his face with his sleeve making a jingling noise. "Qué la cogida!" El cursed in spanish, giving the dog a glare while hiding his mouth behind his sleeve.

"I dont like you." He mummbled and leaned back against the building untill he sank to the ground, the dog walked over with an innocent grin and plopped into his lap. El growled, "Get off." He hissed trying to push the dog off but only to have the dog sink its paws into El's jacket, refusing to get off.

Hours later as people passed they looked down at the legend, El Mariachi. Asleep, guitar under on hand and a sleeping dog on his lap, tail wagging affectionatly.

You would have never known he had once been the ruthless killer people knew him to be.
Qué la cogida: What the fuck!