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Special Agent Seeley Booth had a problem. A problem so bad he didn't even know what it was. It happened often, very often and he wanted to know what caused all of it. Every time she would walk in the room, it happened. Every time she called his name or talked to him, it happened.

Booth sat in his office wondering what had caused him to feel this way and why it had happened to him. Dr. Temperance Brennan, his Bones, made him feel different. Different in a way he never knew he could feel.

Every time she would walk into a room and her eyes fell on him his heart would race. And every time he said something she wouldn't understand, her simple 'I don't know what that means' made him feel like embracing her and telling her the secrets of the world.

She would call his name and he could feel butterflies in his stomach and he could feel his brain working too fast to think. She did this to him often and she never even knew it. Her simple explanation of things, how people died, how things were logical made him want to kiss her.

She was smart and he knew that, he wanted to make sure she knew that too. She had once called him by his first name and he could feel his blood rushing and coming to a boil inside of him.

When she had been kidnapped and almost killed he could feel anger rising up to protect her. When she had become a suspect in a murder in New Orleans, he felt it in his blood to risk his life and job to make sure she would be alright and get out clean.

When she was in the barn crying, telling anyone who would listen that she wasn't Joy Keenan and was indeed Temperance Brennan, he felt in every part of his body to hold her and assure her he knew who she was.

Whenever her name would come up all he could think about was the heat his body felt as his blood began to warm, just thinking of her was enough to want to hold her and protect her from all harm.

Booth would sometimes even start to sweat as he was with her; she gave him fever and made him feel hot all over his body, inside and out.

When they had been dancing back at her place the night he got blown up he knew that there was a far better story behind the forensic anthropologist then she wanted anyone to know, but that night Booth made a promise to figure out what that story was, no matter how long it took him.

Special Agent Seeley Booth had a problem. A problem so bad he didn't even know what it was. But as he drove his SUV to the Jeffersonian and his music blasted out of the speakers, he knew that Dr. Temperance Brennan made him hot blooded.


ok how was that? i know it wasn't the best, but it was just something that came to mind and thoguht i'd write it.