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Summary: Sasuke and Hinata had been dating for 3 months but They break up because HInata doesn't want to take their relationship to 'the next level'. Hinata suffers for a while but finally gets over it. Hinata is then informed that she will be wed to the Kazekage and will not be heir anymore. No one knows this but the Hyuuga leader, the main house, the Kazekage, Hokage, Hinata and the Anbu that will escort her to Suna. Well guess who is in the Anbu, escorting Hinata? Yes, Sasuke! He doesn't take the news very well though.

AN: This Story story will start and fallow through with SasuHina, then at the end it will be GaaHina. That will be the end of the first part of the fic. Then I will start the sequel, which will Start GaaHina and end SasuHina? (Depends...If you guys don't end up hating him), where there will be more drama, and maybe...a death. Hinata and Sasuke are 16, while Gaara is 17.


Chapter 1

The end

Hinata and Sasuke had been dating over 3 months now. Things thought didn't seem to be going well.

After 2 months of dating, Sasuke had wanted to take their relationship to 'the next level'. Hinata of course refused, this causing the avenger's fury. He continued pestering her about the matter, not giving up hope that she would fall; he was mistaken. If he was persistent, she was even more.

Today was the end of their relationship.


"Well?" Sasuke, from the inside of his 'home', held the door open.

"...What?" Hinata seemed to have been snapped out of her thoughts. Sasuke rolled his eyes and sighed with annoyance. He waved his left hand in circular motion, showing his impatience, letting Hinata know that she needed to hurry up and make up her mind.

"I..." She knew he was growing impatient by the way his index finger was tapping the door he was holding.

"Sigh, Hinata...sigh" Once again Sasuke rolled his eyes but decided to give Hinata more time.

Hinata stood outside the Uchiha compound, an ongoing war going inside her head. Sasuke had brought her to the front of his so called home: an abandon complex filled with hunting memories. Once in front of the complex had Sasuke brought up the troublesome, conflicting issue. She was given a choice: Step up their relationship to the next level or end their relationship.

"I..." Hinata's eyes started wondering, shifting from one place to another, avoiding his look. "...s-sorry Sasuke...I...I can't do-"

"Whatever," Sasuke was more than pissed. "I guess our relationship ends here." He then slammed the door to Hinata's face.

Hinata stood there speechless, still not able to completely grasp the whole situation.

'He trully ended our relationship.' Hinata was in quite some shock. Sasuke slammed the door at her face, as if she was...as if she never meant anything to him. 'Maybe I never trully never meant anything to him. Maybe he was just using me, wanting only my body and not my heart, my love or my soul. How...how could I be such a fool?'

She slowly started retreating, leaving the haunting compound behind, along with Sasuke.


-Inside the Uchiha complex-

Sasuke stormed off to his room, destroying anything that stood in his way. Huffing. Finally, reaching his room, he forcefully slided the door open. He stomped into his room, looked around and saw the bottle of wine, the two glass cups and a red rose set on top of the drawer, next to his bed. His whole plan had gone down the drain.

He walked up to the drawer and looked at the things laying neatly on top, then he looked at his bed. Empty. His Sharingan unconsciously activated as anger started rising once again.

'Damn it!' He kicked the drawer, making it wobble a bit. The glass cups tilted over but the bottle of wine remained standing; this angered the Uchiha more, and her threw everything that was on the drawer to the floor. Crash

'It was not suppose to be like this...she was supposed to say yes. I was sure of this.' Sasuke pressed his face into his left hand in desperation. 'She said no even though our relationship was on the line. I mean...I was going to dump her a few days after we slept together but I didn't even get the chance to see upclose or explore her body.'

Sasuke let go of his face, slowly he climbed his bed and burried his head in his pillow.

She was the one that he had always wanted to bed since his teenage hormones started acting up. He like the fact that she was never after him, unlike the rest, never showing interest (because she had none); always modest, and quiet; she was different from the rest of the girls in town...she was a big turn on.

Her well cover body made him want to be the first to discover the curves hidden underneath.

No, at first he didn't like her or loved her...he still doesn't. At first it was just curiosity, amusement, then it turn into lust as he started noticing and observing her more. He became infatuated with her, wanting her, desiring her; her body and only that.

He could have any girl, any body he wanted in his bed, yet he wanted none but hers; the unobtainable, the unreachable. She was to be blamed for the inexhaustible nights, wanting her, her body, wanting it next, beneath him.


One day Naruto had told him that he was going to ask Hinata out. Sasuke was full of jealousy. He knew Hinata liked Naruto and would accept his invitation, then accept to be his girlfriend, and finally freely sleep with him. Naruto would have the chance to be Hinata's first, that he couldn't take.

He wanted to have Hinata before anybody else did. He wanted to be the first to discover the secrets of her body. After that he could care less. First he needed her body or else he would never be in peace.

"She is going out with somebody already."

"What?" Naruto gave him a suspicious look, "I don't believe you!" he screamed as he pointed an accusive finger at him. "You just don't want me to be happy at all. You are an egoistic bastard, that is what you are! I won't let you ruin my life, I am asking Hinata out!" Naruto then stormed off.

Sasuke sneered and left in search of Hinata as well.

Sasuke had reached Hinata first and had asked her out on a 'friendly' date. She hesitated at first but she finally said yes. He smirked when he saw Naruto's face as he witness their date. Naruto had believed that Hinata was going out with him and had no chance. Getting rid of Naruto was simple, the hard part was getting Hinata to be his girlfriend.


In a way he also wanted her to fall for him, to be part of his fan-club. That is after he had gotten what he wanted and dumped her. He wanted her to continue loving him and suffer at his rejection. A boost to his ego. He needed to add her name to the long list of fan-girls. She was hard to obtain, and still loved Naruto while dating him, so in a way he wanted her to suffer; for him, she had to suffer when she finally fell in love with him and then realized he had been using her.

The problem was that she didn't love him, yes he was aware that she still had feeling for the dobe.

'Damn it I ruined all my hard work! Aagghh!' He got out of bed and headed out his room and out the Uchiha complex. He needed time to think.

She didn't love him and rejected him. He couldn't let that slip, she was nobody to reject him, he was going to have his way, he was going to humiliate her. Now he wanted to make her suffer for the trouble she put him through, for making him feel weak and lustful, towards her.

'Hmph, if she things that I will be affected by this, she is wrong. I will show her that I give a damn, that she never meant anything to me.' Sasuke walked through the streets of Konoha, thinking.


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