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Summary: Sasuke and Hinata had been dating for 3 months but They break up because HInata doesn't want to take their relationship to 'the next level'. Hinata suffers for a while but finally gets over it. Hinata is then informed that she will be wed to the Kazekage and will not be heir anymore. No one knows this but the Hyuuga leader, the main house, the Kazekage, Hokage, Hinata and the Anbu that will escort her to Suna. Well guess who is in the Anbu, escorting Hinata? Yes, Sasuke! He doesn't take the news very well though.

AN: This Story story will start and fallow through with SasuHina, then at the end it will be GaaHina. That will be the end of the first part of the fic. Then I will start the sequel, which will Start GaaHina and end SasuHina? (Depends...If you guys don't end up hating him), where there will be more drama, and maybe...a death. Hinata and Sasuke are 16, while Gaara is 17.


Chapter 3

Anbu Squad


-A day before leaving to Suna- IN THE MORNING-

Hinata walked around Konoha one last time. She didn't know how long it would be since she would return to her home town, so she was going to enjoy every minute of her last walk.

She started walking aimlessly, when her mind started wondering off. 'Gaara...I remember him.' Just thinking about the memories she had of Gaara made her have goosebumps. 'Naruto talk greatly of him though, so perhaps he might not be that bad. Hopefully.' Soon enough Hinata was not aware of her sorroundings as she continue walking slowly through the streets. 'I mean...If Gaara was a threat to my life, my family wouldn't send me to my death. --- ' Hinata remember her father's words to her, how he showed her perfectly well that he didn't care about her. She cringed at the thought that her father would marry her off to Gaara on purpose. 'But, they wouldn't...because...well...because once I marry Gaara and leave to Suna, I will not be the heir anymore. That way, Hanabi or Neji could be heir and they would have gotten rid of me.' Hinata nodded her head, confirming her hope, assuring herself that her family was not endangering her life on purpose.

All of the sudden she was pulled out of her thoughts as she felt herself being spinned around by her arm with so much force. She gasped when she saw that Sasuke had been the one that had forced her to turned around while walking. When she was over her shock she looked at his face for a momment, before drifting her sight to her arm; the arm that Sasuke's hand was gripping tight.

Sasuke's face showed an annoyed look, perhaps anger. Hinata didn't know why, but she would much rather look at her arm than his face.


"What the hell is your deal, eh Hinata?" Sasuke aked as his grip on her arm tighten.

Hinata's eyes widened with his comment. "Excuse me?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Oh, please, stop pretending like you don't know what I am talking about." He gaved a small pull to her arm, bringing her closer to him, not caring if he was hurting her. "You think you are all that, don't you? Ignoring me and-"

"Sasuke let go, you are hurting me." Hinata whined as she tried to free her arm from his hurtful hold.

A small smirk replaced his frown in an instant as he heard Hinata. "It hurts? --- Good, I am happy it hurts you. Maybe now you can feel how much you hurted me that day. I thought I meant something to you Hinata, but I guess I was wrong." His face was now stern. "If I had meant something to you, even just a bit, you would have accepted my offer."

Hinata at first felt guilty but then she was enraged by his final words. "So you are saying that I needed to sleep with you in order to show my love? As if it was a must? No, Sasuke. I don't need to sleep with anyone to show my love."

"It was a way for me to know that you trully loved me, that you were mine. Don't my feelings count, Hinata?" Sasuke asked, his voice filled with anger.

"Don't my feelings count, Sasuke?" Hinata responded back with a shallow laugh. "You only think of yourself Sasuke but never of me. You are selfish. --- I am joyous that I didn't commit the mistake of sleeping with you."

Sasuke huffed and quickly released her arm. 'Bitch.' He knew what she had said was true, but he was damn if he would allow someone like her to say all of this to him. "No, sweatheart, it was actually me who didn't commit the mistake of sleeping with a useless and worthless trash like you." He noticed how his words actually impacted Hinata. He knew well that most of her clan treated her as trash, and that she in a way always got affected by that. So, if she would not break one way, he would break her through another way. "Hmph, you are not even worth my time." With a smirk on his pale face, he turned around and walked away from Hinata; cursing her, as well as himself.


Sasuke started walking toward the Hokage's tower, since he had been called. At that momment he was not in the best mood, but what could he do. The confrontment he had with Hinata earlier was all her fault, if only she had not ignored him.

flashback (in Sasuke's perspective):

Sasuke was walking down an empty street of Konoha, the Hokage had sent for him, so he was on his way to meet her. On his way, he noticed Hinata walking towards him. He felt anger rise as he looked how calmed she looked. She was not suffering, she wan't sad, she wasn't even showing any signs that she was depressed and that, irritated him greatly. They were broken up, she should be suffering, crying, begging him and groveling before him. Yet, there she was, walking calmly through the street, not even glancing at him. She was ignoring him, he was sure of it, and this was proven when she passed him without giving him a glance or talking to him.

He stopped dead on his tracks and looked back at Hinata's retreating form with narrowed eyes. 'She slip out of my hands...and now she even ignores me, as if nothing happened. I thought she would have been after me, begging me to take her back, to forgive her and willing to do anything to be with me. I thought I would have her in my bed in little while after we broke up...but damn is she a stubborn little...she was suppose to say yes, she was supposed to be mine.' He then went up to her and grabbed her by the arm and spinned her around, so that she would face him. It was at that instant that he took his chances and tried to see if he could convinced Hinata to change her decision about sleeping with him.

End of flashback.

Too bad he wasn't able to change her mind, but only made things worst.

"Damn her." Sasuke mumbled out of anger. He still wanted her but she was just too hard to get and that was getting him fustrated. 'Why this girl? Why her? Why doesn't she just give in? I want her to give in, I want her badly. Sigh. --- Hmph, I am obsess over someone worthless, I guess I am giving her some kind of value.'

In no time Sasuke arrived at the Tower, walk through the double-door entrance and headed up the stairs towards Tsunade's office.


-Knock Knock Knock-

"Come in." Tsunade's voice comanded from the inside of her office.

Sasuke immediately put on his Anbu mask before opening the door and coming inside the office. In reality, he never knew why he had to wear the anbu mask in town; with his hairstyle, everyone knew it was him.

"Hokage." Sasuke gaved a very low and forceful bow. In Sasuke's mind, he was was an Uchiha and because of that, he shouldn't bow to anyone; but as an Anbu, he was forced to bow and show respect to the Hokage.

"Ah, Sasuke, always coming on the last minute." Tsunade said as she sighed.

Behind the mask, Sasuke frowned, he knew it was useless to wear an Anbu mask...but regulations are regulations. "I am here, am I not?"

Tsunade gaved him a distasteful smile before throwing a scroll at him. Sasuke caught it without a sweat and opened it in that instant; he read the contents of the scroll. After a few seconds of reading, his body went tense, this Tsunade didn't even notice since she was pouring some sake into her tea cup.

Sasuke read the scroll once more to make sure he had not misread it, yet the scroll said the same thing. He looked up from the scroll and looked at Tsunade. "Hinata is getting married?" He asked.

Tsunade was already taking some sips from her 'tea' cup when Sasuke asked the question. She put the cup down and looked at Sasuke. "Yes, she is. The marriage was necesarry to show that we are willing to trust Suna and that we expect the same from them. To sum it up...its a part of a peace treaty." Tsunade noticed Sasuke head tilting down a bit, as if thinking or sulking. This got her a bit curious. "Why did you ask?"

Sasuke's head immediatly went up and he looked straight towards the Hokage. "Don't I have the right to know? I am after all an Anbu and I want to do my best in my mission. For that, I need to know as much as I can about the mission." His firm answer convinced the Hokage, even though the answer Sasuke gaved was not true at all.

"Smart ass." Tsunade whispered under her breath. "Very well, so I guess I'll tell you. Lets see...well, Hinata will be escorted to Suna."

"That information is already in the scroll." Sasuke said with anger. That was not what he wanted to know, he wanted to know who Hinata was marrying. 'Maybe she will marry an old man...if she does..then he will not be able to please Hinata, then I could-...NO! NONONONO! I have to be her first! She has to be mine before anyone else.'

"Sigh...You, along with four more Anbu will escort her in a carriage." The Hokage paused for a momment before continuing, "Of, course, thanks to me, there is a carriage, since Hiashi wanted to send Hinata walking all the way to Suna. He didn't even want to spend money on the carriage for the trip. That damn bastard, treating his daughter as nothing. I tried to convince him that it wouldn't look good if Hinata arrived all muddy and messed up; that it would affect the treaty. So he finally agreed to pay for the carriage. Oh, I swear I hate that man, you cann-"

"I am not here to listen to gossip...Hokage. " Sasuke said, interupting the ranting.

The Hokage coughed a bit and tried to focus. "Don't interupt me when I am talking, ever again." She narrowed her eyes, letting Sasuke know that she was serious. "You guys will pick her up at the gate of the Hyuuga complex and head off to Suna. Her eyes are very valuable and someone might want to try something. That is why we are sending 5 Anbus, 4 on horse and one inside the carriage with her, so that no one dares to go near Hinata. Once you all arrive at Suna, you all will stay there until she gets married. You must protect her in Suna as well, never leave her out of your sight. Once she is married, the Kazekage can take care of her; only then can you guys come back."

"Who is she marrying?" Sasuke asked, causing the Hokage's brow to rise. "I need to know, so that we don't hand her over to the wrong person."

"UhmHmn. She is getting married to the Kazekage, Gaara. You know him , so there should be no problems."

Sasuke nodded his head and left the office with all of his questions answered.


-The next morning at the entrance gate of the Hyuuga complex.-

Five Anbu members stood outside the gate, four sitting on their horses as one leaned on the carriage.

"Hey Sasuke, you look different today. Why don't you have your usual hairstyle?" One Anbu asked the guy that was leaning against the carriage.

A huff could be heard under the mask, which meant Sasuke was mad. "When we are in our Anbu uniform, you are not allowed to call me by my name."

"Geez, man, chill...sorry." The guy that asked backed away the horse little by little.

In deed, Sasuke had not fixed his hair as usual. He had let it loose, letting it cascade over his mask. He was sure that Hinata would refuse of make a fuss if she knew he was one of her Anbu; specially with what happened yesterday.

He started thinking about Hinata and Gaara; mostly their marriage. Gaara was a young and powerful man...really handsome...not that he thought that! He had heard woman praise Gaara's looks; this bother him because then, that might mean that Hinata might take an interest in Gaara and that was definately not good for him. Yet, Gaara was famous for being 'a monster'. Perhaps Gaara might reject Hinata or treat her badly, then, he would come to the rescue and comfort her in the best way he knew...bedding her.

O.K...scratch the last part out. There was no way Gaara could reject the girl Sasuke was currently looking at.

Hinata had come out of the gate, some male servants had brought her baggage outside and then gone inside the gate, closing it shut. She stood there, looking so innocent and weak, almost begging to be protected. The way her hair had been styled, the way she had a bit of black eyeshadow, making her eyes more noticable; the way her lips were crimson red, which did wonders, since it did a great combination with her white snow skin...hmn...those lips looked soo kissable; her clothing was hugging her frame perfectly.

"Phew! Now which lucky guy is marrying her again?" One Anbu asked another.

"The Kazekage. He sure is a lucky bastard isn't he?" Another answered in a whisper.

"If you ask me, the Kazekage is lucky to be marrying her AND to be able to bed her...I mean...look at her...just imagine she has no clothes on." All the Anbu guys, including the carriage driver and Sasuke, who couldn't help but listen to their conversation, looked at Hinata and then pictured her with no clothes on. The Anbu guys were in some kind of trance as they let their imagination go wild, that is, until one of them cough, got off his horse and then walked, along with his horse up toward the gate. Two more Anbu fallowed his example and headed toward the gate, towards Hinata. Sasuke didn't make a move, he just stayed there, leaning on the carriage.

"Lady...we are your Anbu squad and we will escort you to Suna." Hinata was startled a bit by the horse but yet smiled and bowed a bit. "Allow me to help you with your luggage." The Anbu member then handed his horse to another Anbu, before picking four suitcases. Another Anbu bowed to her before picking up the last five suitcases. "Thank you." Hinata said to both males, as well at the one who was holding the horses. Hinata then started walking towards the carriage which was in front of her, about 15 feet away.

As she neared the carriage, she noticed an Anbu leaning on the carriage, who suddenly straighten up and open the door for her; helping her get inside with such gentleness. "Thank you." She was answered with a simple nod and then Anbu climbed inside the carriage as well. Hinata got a bit nervous when he got inside the carriage, since he closed the door and the windows were close; leaving only the light of a small lightbulb, sticking from the top. She was afraid, since no one from outside could see what was going on inside. "Ah...excuse me but...are you suppose to be inside here?" Once more she was answered with a nod. "Oh...O.K." Hinata then looked away from him and stared into nothing, feeling quite uncomforatble.

After a minute or so, the carriage started moving. She immidiately turned towards the Anbu who she noticed started doing some hand signs as as soon as the movement started. Her eyes widen a bit and her hands lifted up to her tremblings lips. 'What is he doing? Is he an enemy? Is he trying to kidnap me for my eyes or because I will become the Kazekage's wife?'

She saw the Anbu make the last hand sign and put his right hand on the carriage wall, making the inside of the carriage glow for a second before returning back to normal. She looked at him with fearful eyes, "W-What...what did y-you do?"

He turned to look at her for a while before answering, "Privacy...we need some privacy, don't you think so?"

Her eyes widen as she realized who it was. "S-Sasuke!"

Sasuke removed his mask, revealing a smirk plaster on his face.


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