This is my tenth fanfiction, so I do expect some reviews. Read on, fellow phans!

After seeing the 2004 movie, the Phantom of the Opera, many of us are plagued by the question: How does Erik make his cape do the dramatic swoosh? Is it something that disturbed geniuses can naturally do, or did some fellow disturbed genius teach it to him? Why, when we, the average laypeople, attempt the swooshing, do we only get mediocre results? What, exactly, are the dynamics of the cape swoosh?

This story will explore these questions to their fullest, here at the birthplace of Erik's School of Advanced Cape Swooshing. All reviewers will instantly be enrolled in this prestigious academy. Graduates of the Erik's School of Advanced Cape Swooshing will be given a Swooshing Cape of Honor. The capedictorian will win a free Erik plushie!

Who will teach this brilliant class? Why, the authoress, and our very own ERIK. (cue Phantom theme music). Remember, fangirls, we will have Madame Girys and Christines, all armed with Punjabs, on hand for this class, so it would be wise to restrain yourself( Or just to keep your hand at the level of our eyes. Your choice.) Tune in next time for Cape Swooshing 101!

You must provide your own cape, by the way. Review!