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It had been five years since she had seen them. She had graduated high school and was attending her second year of university when she received the phone call that called her back into her old life. The life that was filled with uncalculated risks and problems that were solved without being thought through first. She had missed all her friends and the risks that came with them and their lifestyle and truth be told – she was ecstatic to be going back to that. Her only worry was what her boyfriend and their friends would think of her afterwards.

It hadn't been a particularly happy phone call but it was the first contact she had had with her friends in four and a half years and she couldn't wait to see them again. The same night that she had received the phone call, Rory had gone out to the pub with her boyfriend, Logan and their three friends, Colin, Finn, and Stephanie. It had been weird to have to leave the next morning for New York with them but to reach their destination and be thrown into complete chaos right alongside her. Oh yes, this would be fun.