Disclaimer: I don't own any Digimon characters. I'm not even sure why I'm writing for it, really.


"Rika, you do have a heart!"

She didn't know what the hell she was supposed to say to that. So she settled for crossing her arms and making odd grunting noises that she hoped sounded somewhat threatening.

The grin on Henry's face told her otherwise.

"I just don't need any weird little digimon dying on me, okay?"

"Fine," the blue haired boy sighed and shook his head, walking away with that irritating smirk still lingering. "C'mon, Stone Heart, we have a potentially dead digimon to find."

"Stone Heart?" Rika's eyes flashed with annoyance, reaching forward and grabbing Henry by the arm. "I'll show you a stone heart!"

And then she pulled him back to her and kissed him.

The female tamer broke away as soon and suddenly as she's made contact, but that didn't surprise him.

"What was that about a stone heart?"

"Now why would I ever say something like that about you?" Henry resisted the urge to laugh.

"Shut up. This is stupid, and we have a potentially dead digimon to find," declared the red head defiantly, marching forward.

"Of course we do," her friend moved with her, a mere two steps behind.

"And Henry?" Rika had turned her head ever so slightly, eyes narrowed dangerously.


"If Takato ever finds out about this…"

"You'll rip my insides out and shove them down my throat, then sic Renamon on me. Got it."

"I'm glad we understand one another."

Henry watched as she shifted her gaze forward again, and he could've sworn that he'd seen a hint of a smile on her lips.


This is what happens when Sushi has nothing to do, so she spends an entire day watching Digimon S3 episodes on youtube. Then, her CSD (Compulsive Shipping Disorder) starts to kick in, and even though she's not much of a Digimon fan, she begins writing a Henrika/Jenruki oneshot out of a single line from a single episode that doesn't even really hint at anything at all.

And people ask me why I think that I need a life.