Summary: Because of a prophecy the Norns have seen, one by one Loki's friends and family who are living in Midgard will be reincarnated, some having memories of their past lives, others do not but they will all eventually remember. This does not stop Odin, however, from continuing to send assassins down and is in fact leaping at the opportunity to completely eliminate Loki while he is vulnerable after his rebirth. One by one Loki will meet familiar and unfamiliar faces that will both help and try to kill him, will our favorite trickster god realize that his life is in grave danger? And that the only way Loki can save himself is to remember who he was and is or will he die at the hands of a new assassin?

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Heimdall glared menacingly.

More specifically, Heimdall glared menacingly at a certain mirror that Freyr had bought on a shopping trip which he was ONCE AGAIN dragged into. What's worse was that the shop was overcrowded with screaming high school girls looking to find a 'cute' mirror for a bargain. Heimdall thought that he even caught a certain pink-haired ruby-eyed mystery-loving hyperactive teen but soon lost sight of her in the mob.

But that wasn't the reason he was glaring at it. Oh no that was definitely NOT the reason he was glaring at the small circular mirror!

This mirror was SMILING at him! No he's not paranoid! It was LITERALLY SMILING at him, and knowing that if he broke the annoying thing, Freyr (who was currently out) would probably nag at him non-stop for the rest of the day.

So his choices were either:

1) Leave the room which he was not going to do seeing as it would mean a victory for the reflecting object


2) Glare at it

So he had to settle for glaring at it, which didn't seem to be affecting it as it continued to smile at him. He was starting to really hate this mirror…

"Heimdall-sama… what's the matter? You seem uncomfortable…"

Heimdall nearly fell out of his chair.

The mirror was talking to him! Not that, that should be surprising but Heimdall was just getting into glaring at the thing. "Alright, tell me who or what you are and I'll consider not destroying you…" the guardian god's offer might not have been too reasonable but the mirror was not affected by it and instead began to smile at him again.

"I am the Kagami no Shinjitsu… or at least, a part of it…"

Heimdall narrowed his sole crimson eye "What do you mean by that?" he curiously asked.

"You see Heimdall-sama, I am but one half of a whole mirror that was once known by giants and gods alike… but hardly anybody knows of my existence now, only those who have lived longer than when Midgard was born…"

The guardian god took this knowledge in but then suspiciously glanced at the mirror which was innocently placed on the table, leaning against a small box "So… if what you're saying is true then why were you being sold in a small store in a mall for half-off?" Heimdall could probably see the major sweat drop forming on the small mirror.

"Ahem… yes well I can give you a clear explanation on that. You see as I told you I was once part of a whole mirror but now I am but only half. My other half and I had split apart for some reason eons ago, neither of us knew why it happened but my brother had been so happy about it that he didn't think much on how we separated…"

"Brother?" Heimdall raised an eyebrow.

"Yes I call him that because back then I didn't know what else to call him since us both have the same name now…"

"Kagami no Shinjitsu?" the guardian god guessed.

"Hai… but… my brother is not like me. When we were one, we did many good but once we separated, he was all of sudden filled with evil… I didn't know how the jyaki was able to seep into his glass but it has and now he gathers his strength from other sources of evil aura. Heimdall-sama I need your help to find him before he finds a victim to feast his powers on… the more powerful he becomes the more likely that even gods might fall to his feet"

Heimdall didn't know what to think, here he was talking to a mirror that at one point he was glaring murderously at and the next it needs his help to find its brother? "And exactly why should I help you?"

"In return for helping me… I will show you the truth of something you have been denying for a while now"

Heimdall began to glare at the mirror again "And just what might that be?"

He swore the mirror was smiling at him again, how he'd like to really crush the thing but then a light suddenly engulfed the apartment, blinding Heimdall. The guardian god shielded his eye with his arm but the light would not cease, he closed his eye.

"Heimdall-sama, I will show you the truth… of what really happened on the night your eye was taken from you…"


Heimdall opened his lone eye and put his arm down, where was he? The apartment he once shared with a certain annoying fertility god was now nowhere to be seen and instead the scenery was changed to a certain familiar rainbow bridge elevated over the oceans of the Earth. The full moon hung over his head, giving the guardian god silverish light that surrounded the place.

"Bifrost…" Heimdall uttered and walked towards the familiar bridge leading Asgard to Midgard.

He stopped in his tracks when he spotted a familiar scene.

His eyes widened in shock as he stared at himself and Loki in their original form sitting right next to each other, talking and him not trying to rip the trickster god's throat out. They seem to be having a civil conversation with Loki laughing occasionally and Heimdall secretly smiling when the other wasn't looking.

"W-what is this?" the guardian god stuttered out, still staring at the two who didn't seem to notice him.

"This is your past…"

Heimdall looked up but could not find anything there.

"Heimdall-sama, you cannot see me for right now I am the backbone that is holding this past together for you to view. This is the memory of the night your eye was stolen"

The guardian god glared at nothing in particular "And just what the hell is this supposed to prove? I already know who did it!" he yelled out but as he suspected his past self and Loki's past self could not hear him nor see him.

"Yes Heimdall-sama… but do you know why?"

This shut him up. It's true though, Heimdall had never bothered to ask why his eye was stolen in the first place, thinking that Loki was probably going to make up a pathetic excuse anyway like all the other times.

"Heimdall-sama I think you should watch them… for you have forgotten how you truly feel about Loki-sama"

Heimdall, again, glared at the sky but turned his head to watch a memory he hadn't forgotten but was not so clear on all the details.

"Hey… Heimdall…"


"Do you have someone precious to you?"

"'Someone precious to me…'? Why the hell would you ask that?" the past guardian god raised an eyebrow at the trickster god who only grinned at him.

"I'm just curious is all. So… do you?" he urged on.

Heimdall turn his head "Tch… I don't!" he stated.

"You're lying!" Loki exclaimed and jumped over Heimdall's head so that he could pout in his face. Heimdall almost couldn't turn away fast enough to hide the blush forming. Their faces were only inches apart!

"Heimdall?" the trickster god curiously asked and tapped the guardian god who only 'hmph'ed at him. "Come on Heimdall…! Answer me truthfully!"

"If you really thought I did have someone precious to me then why did you ask?" the guardian god tried to avoid having to answer the embarrassing question.

"Because I want to know who it is!" the god of mischief again tapped the guardian god "Come on Heimdall! Tell me who it is! I swear I won't tell that person" the trickster god clasped his hands together and grinned at Heimdall who managed to stop blushing and was now glaring at him. "I said I don't have a person like that! Now stop pestering me!" he lightly knocked Loki on the head.

"That's not good enough! Tell me who it is please?"

Heimdall sighed "You're not going to stop bothering me about it, are you?"

"Nope" happy grin.





The guardian god sighed, defeated while his adversary laughed. "So tell me!" the trickster god said after having his little laugh. The guardian god sighed and put his lips close to the trickster god's ear who, in turn, leaned in.

"Ok… that person is…"

Loki leaned a little closer.

"…" Heimdall took a deep breath and "none of your business"

Huge anime fall.

"Aw…! Heimdall that was mean!" Loki exclaimed after getting up. Heimdall, on the other hand, was trying hard not to fall down on the ground laughing. Clutching his sides the guardian god continued to laugh until his stomach started hurting and even then he would let out a few snickers.

The trickster god just pouted "That's not fair Heimdall!" the guardian god looked like he was about to laugh again. "Jeez… I will get it out of you sooner or later, just you watch!" Loki exclaimed.

The guardian god only nodded "Sure, sure…" he sarcastically remarked.

"Hmph… anyway I think I need to go now… Odin's banquet will be starting soon, you sure you don't want to come? Odin, himself, had stated that you can leave your post to attend his banquets…" Loki asked Heimdall, as if trying to persuade him.

The guardian god only shook his head, getting some strands of his soft-purple hair on his face. Loki sighed "Alright then…" he knelt down and brushed some of the other god's strands out of the way of his sight. The trickster god smiled but didn't notice the blush on the guardian god's face, which Heimdall was very grateful for.

The crimson-eyed god suddenly shot up and Loki, surprised, started to stand up as well but lost his balance, not having enough space between him and Heimdall. Heimdall, seeing this, instantly went to grab the other's hand but Loki somehow tripped on a rock, completely losing his balance and falling on his back, taking Heimdall with him.



Fortunately Heimdall didn't land on Loki and instead landed on his knees first, which planted themselves on the ground, on either side of Loki's own legs. A split second later he landed on his palms which planted themselves on either side of Loki's head.

And thus making it seem like Heimdall was pinning Loki down on the ground and leaving the two in a very (ahem) awkward position.

Neither of them said anything, both blushing furiously.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Heimdall screamed his head off. "Get off of the enemy! This never happened! I would have remembered it!" he circled the two like a maniac while screaming and occasionally trying to punch Loki but his hand would just go right through "Dammit!"

"Oh really…? Heimdall-sama, do you really not remember it happening?"

"I don't! You think I wouldn't remember this? This… THIS!"

"Heimdall-sama… let me tell you the truth about your feelings because I'm sure if you keep denying them and not be open to the truth about them then you would probably believe none of this happened which it has…"

Heimdall was starting to like the idea of glaring intensely at the sky "And just what the hell are you talking about? My feelings tell me to kill Loki and I'm not denying them!"

"Heimdall-sama… you are wrong! Your true feelings for Loki-sama are…"

Loki really just couldn't seem to help himself, staring into those beautiful crimson eyes and getting lost in them. Before he knew what he was doing his hand seemed to be rising by itself, caressing Heimdall's left cheek. His other hand started applying a little pressure on the back of the guardian god's head, pulling him closer to the trickster god.

What am I doing! What the HELL am I doing! He really has pretty eyes…

Were some of the thoughts that entered the trickster god's mind but he pretty much ignored them (except for the last part) and ever so slowly continued to pull Heimdall closer to him until their lips almost met, only a mere half an inch away from each other.

"Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! STOP!" Heimdall was beginning to panic; no way had he remembered any of this! It must be the mirror that was doing this but he couldn't help but to feel a strange sense of déjà vu… could this mean that the stupid mirror was right and that this really DID happen?

Heimdall's eye went wide when he noticed that his past self started caressing Loki's cheek and leaning in closer himself.

"Heimdall-sama, were you even listening to me…? Jeez…"

Heimdall wasn't really thinking clearly, only that the owner of those beautiful and hypnotizing emerald eyes wanted something, pulling the guardian's head closer towards him.

The guardian god really couldn't seem to deny him of that which he wanted and he had a fair guess on what it was. A slight blush formed on his face but he continued to lean in closer because on some level Heimdall guessed that he wanted this too.

Just a little more closer now… and…

"Noooooooooooo!" Heimdall screamed and stared in horror at the sight in front of him, HE was KISSING LOKI. "Oh god…" Heimdall dropped to his knees "What the hell is this? This can't be a past of mine… I have no attraction to Loki whatsoever!"

"Heimdall-sama… this is a true past of yours… it is no trick! You, guardian of Bifrost and a god of light; you, Heimdall, are in love with Jashin Loki, the god of fire and mischief"

"Are you crazy? I don't love him! I'm not in love with him! I CAN'T be!" Heimdall was shaking his head, as if trying to convince himself that what he said was true "I'm not in love with Jashin Loki, my greatest enemy… I'm NOT in love with him…" and he chanted this four or five times but even he couldn't ignore the pain in his chest, telling him otherwise.


"I'm… really in love with Loki?" Heimdall looked up into the sky, his lone eye showing that of a lost animal, confused and have no clue on what to do.

"Heimdall-sama… yes you are in love with Loki-sama…"

Heimdall sighed "But I… I really can't remember any of this happening…" he glanced up at his past self and Loki's past self, still stuck in a lip lock "All I have is a faint feeling of familiarity… I can't remember it happening…"

"Heimdall-sama… I will show you why you can't remember but…"

The guardian god looked up "But…?"

"But… you must not overreact… for the truth is something that many people would have prefer not to be revealed"

Heimdall nodded "I promise I won't overreact… please tell me why I can't remember being in love with Loki…"

"As you wish Heimdall-sama…"


"Ah… this place is…" Heimdall could never forget the beautiful hall in which Odin held all his banquets in. The aligned gold and silver decorated in the room had him in awe the first time he had left his post to attend a dinner with his father. The size of the hall amazed him as well, easily fitting all of the Aesir gods and on some occasions a few giants with them.

"Odin's dining hall…" Heimdall walked over to a large window, its panes decorated by different colored jewels. He smiled and looked up at the full moon "Kagami no Shinjitsu…"

"Hai Heimdall-sama…?"

"Is this the same night…?"


"I see…" Heimdall sighed; then this was the same night that his eye would be stolen.

"Oi, Loki!"

Heimdall's attention snapped to a certain thunder god who was walking over to the trickster god, a cup of ale in one hand and grinning. "Thor…" Heimdall stated.

"Yo! What's going on, man?"

"Ah, Thor…"

"Hmm… you don't look so good… your face is all red! Do you have a fever or something?" the thunder god put his free hand up to check Loki's temperature who lightly swatted it away. "Iie…I'm fine Thor…"

"If you're sure…"

The guardian god blinked "That looks more like a blush than a fever… could he still be thinking about…" the child god blushed as well, thinking about it but he couldn't help being amused at the fact that Loki, the most well-known womanizer in Asgard, was blushing because the guardian god kissed him. No doubt his past self was blushing as well.

"Ah… Loki!"

Heimdall looked up, he recognized that voice anywhere! "Odin!"

And sure enough the All-Father was there, smiling at Loki and gesturing the trickster god into his private study room. "What is Odin… doing?" but even as he said it the guardian god slipped into the room just before Odin closed it.

Heimdall stared at his father and Loki facing each other in the room with different expressions on their face. While Loki had a confused look on why he was here in the first place, Odin had a sinister smile on which did not suit him in Heimdall's eye.

"Loki… I need you to do something for me…"

The trickster god raised an eyebrow "Is that so…? And just what might you want from me?"

Odin smirked "I need you to get something for me"

"And just what might that 'something' be?" Loki was starting to get suspicious of that smile on Odin's face.

The All-Father continued to smirk, and answered "Heimdall's right eye…"

Both past Loki and Heimdall were shocked, although Heimdall should have guessed.

"Heimdall's right eye…?" Loki really hoped he heard wrong and that it just sounded like Odin wanted him to steal Heimdall's eye.

"Yes, you heard me Loki"

The look on Loki's face made Odin smile sadistically "Well Loki… will you do it? Or will you defy me?" the All-Father asked, expecting to be answered quickly.

Loki didn't know what to think but one thing was certain, "No!" he will NOT betray Heimdall!

Did Heimdall just hear the god of mischief correctly? Did he just defy an order from the All-Father? And more importantly did he refuse to take Heimdall's eye?

"I know what you are thinking Heimdall-sama… but it is true that, that night Loki-sama… refused to betray the one he loved"

"The one he…?" Heimdall was more shocked than he had ever been in his whole entire life and that was really saying something.

"Yes… the emotion of love went both ways with you two… it's a shame really… you two would have been such a lovely couple had Odin not interfered… sigh…"

Heimdall's eye twitched "You're a yaoi fan, aren't you?"

"Ahem… I think you should watch the rest of the conversation Heimdall-sama…"

Heimdall glared at the ceiling but returned to watching the blood brothers.

Odin smirked at Loki "I had a feeling you would say that…"

Uh-oh, Loki didn't like where this was going. "I've been watching you for quite some time now Loki… I've seen how you've spent most of your days now with my son… how you try to find as much time as you can to spend with him… how when Heimdall isn't watching, you would lovingly gaze at him and think that nobody is watching… oh yes Loki I've seen all of it, I know how you feel towards my son!"

To say that Loki was shocked was an understatement.

"But then... why would you want me to take his eye then? If you know how I feel about Heimdall… why would you want me to…?" the trickster god really couldn't get it, if Odin was telling Loki to stop pursuing his son then he would understand but Odin was telling him to hurt his own son!

"That confused look really suits you Loki…"

The trickster god glared menacingly at Odin "I will not do as you say!" he didn't care what the All-Father's reason were but he was not going to follow his orders this time.

"Oh really…? I suppose I've got no choice then… bind him!"

All of a sudden Loki was thrown to the wall and remained there. The trickster god winced but didn't cry out, knowing it would give Odin pleasure in hearing his pain. Looking to his left he spotted his arm, being bound by a rope… wait that wasn't rope!

Loki's eyes widened "That's…"

"WATER...!" Heimdall realized and stared at the figure behind Odin… "That's…"

"Ran?" Loki stared in shock at the goddess of the ocean but noticed that her eyes were an irregular red color. "Odin… you're controlling her?" the bindings on his neck became tighter and it took all that Loki had to breathe properly.

"Grandmother…" Heimdall softly whispered.

Odin walked up to the trickster god and grabbed his face "Loki… you will take Heimdall's eye and bring it to me!" Odin's sudden glowing eyes burned into Loki's. The trickster god began to struggle less and less until he ceased to even move. At that point Ran released him and while Loki fell, head facing the ground, Odin smiled in victory.

"Trickster god, Loki…"

The god of fire and mischief looked up, eyes a dull red color and staring emotionlessly at the All-Father "Yes, Odin?"

Loki's voice was so different that if Heimdall hadn't been watching him speak he would probably never believe it was the trickster god's. "Loki…"


"Loki? What are you doing here? I thought you were at Odin's banquet…" Heimdall was surprised, to say the least, when he noticed the trickster god walking towards him, he was also still blushing at their earlier actions before the trickster god went to attend Odin's banquet but what surprised him even more was the fact that Loki's eye color had changed and he looked like a total zombie.


The trickster god knelt down in front of where the guardian god was seated and smiled at him. Heimdall hesitantly smiled back, just a little.

Loki suddenly kissed him.

The guardian god went wide-eyed and was hesitant at first but eventually began to kiss back, closing his eyes and slipping his tongue into Loki's mouth, exploring each and every aspect of it. He didn't notice when Loki's left hand started to rise and didn't even notice when it was gently placed on top of his right eye-lid.

Heimdall looked away, partly to hide his blush, but mostly because he knew all too well what would come next.

The painful scream was what awoke Loki.

The trickster god stared at the one he loved, clutching the right side of his face and screaming on the ground. Loki was about to reach out but looking at his closed hand, he stopped and slowly turned his hand so that his palm was facing up.

He opened his hand and almost screamed himself.

Loki stared, horrified, at what he had done. "No…" the trickster god shook his head and was about to place the eye back but then he stopped and clutched his head. "No! I…" he looked up and almost cried at the sight of the god he loved.

"Odin-sama spelled him using a very strong obedient spell… Loki-sama, who has made perfect eye-contact, couldn't break from it…"

Heimdall stared at the ground, furious that Odin would actually betray him in that way. "Why though? What was father's motive?"

"That… is something we shall witness now…"

Heimdall looked up and saw that he was no longer on Bifrost and instead in Odin's study room once again.

"Odin… why are you doing this to your own son…?" Loki asked, utterly incapable of stopping his hand from outstretching towards Odin and handing him the guardian god's right eye.

"Why? Oh that's pretty easy really… I need this eye to see something and after I'm done I'll give it right back…" Odin's smirk told both Loki and another certain future guardian god that he was lying.

Ran was nowhere in sight and for that Loki was only the slightest bit relieved "Odin… please give Heimdall his eye back… he needs it!"

"So do I, Loki…" Odin stated "This eye is very unique, I understand, and with its powers I will be able to see everything… not just mostly everything."

"Please, I'll do anything! Just give it back!" Loki fell to his knees, his eyes beginning to sting, threatening to overflow with tears soon.

"Oh look what you've become… you, the once Evil God of Mischief, is begging before me to return something that's not even yours… and not even to you…" Odin knelt beside the fallen god and smiled "All because you fell in love…"

"Odin, kisama…!" Heimdall's gloved hands began to glow a familiar purple until a ball of static energy formed.

"Heimdall-sama…! I told you not to overreact; this is the past and cannot ever be changed! Your attacks will not affect Odin-sama and instead we will not see what happens next because if you use your power I will not be able to stabilize this event!"

At the sudden tone of the mirror's voice, the guardian god lowered his hands and sighed in frustration.

"Gomen nasai Heimdall-sama…"

"You will not give it back? Odin…?" It looks as if Loki had woken up from a nightmare but for the trickster god, himself, he was living the nightmare.

"Hmph… I will not give it to you if that's what you mean…" Odin said as a matter-of-factly.

Loki began to rise and once on his feet he shakily started walking towards the All-Father. "Odin… you are the traitor… you betrayed Heimdall's trust and because of that…" a familiar neon green started flowing around Loki, surrounding him in his own power "I will kill you!" Loki screamed, aiming his Laevaetin at the All-Father.

Instantly the staff's moon shaped top began to glow that same neon green that was surrounding Loki and just as quick Loki's magic started shooting out of it, aiming for Odin who held both of his hands up just in time to defend himself from the blast.

"Odin! Give back Heimdall's eye!" Loki screamed.

The All-Father did not reply and instead focused on his shield which was the only thing between himself and the trickster god's fury.

For a while this continued on, Loki sending his magic to destroy Odin while Odin, himself, defended with a shield made by his hands but all things must come to an end and Odin seemed to be on the short end of the stick, his barrier almost destroyed while Loki's blinding rage continued on.

But then a gasp could be heard.

Followed by another and "Odin!"

Loki snapped his head towards the sound and found Frigg, Odin's wife, and his own wife, Sigyn, staring in shock of what was happening. The trickster god instantly stopped his attack and, distracted by their horrified faces, was blown into the wall by Odin's own magic with a loud crash.

"Loki… you dare to attack me… the penalty for attempting to assassinate me is death!" Odin declared while Sigyn looked on, horrified. "N-no! Loki… why?" she asked, utterly confused but only then did she realize that he was unconscious.


All of a sudden the scene changed and Loki, Frigg and Sigyn were no longer in the room, only Odin. But then his past self burst into the room, informing Odin of Loki's 'betrayal'.

Heimdall sighed, so this is part where he will get to know why he couldn't remember he was in love with Loki.

"My poor son… that damned trickster god did this to you…" Odin gently spoke to Heimdall, looking sympathetic "You should take revenge…"

Heimdall's now lone eye widened and he looked up into the face of his father "But Odin I…"

Odin looked confused "What is it?"

"I… I don't…" Heimdall lowered his head "I don't want to kill Loki, Odin. I'm sorry for telling you about my troubles and not even wanting to act upon them… but I really don't want to hate him or kill him…"

"So what you're saying, Heimdall is that you would rather forgive him for it?" Odin narrowed his own eye.

"I'm very sorry father… I shouldn't have troubled you…" and before the guardian god could go search for Loki the All-Father stopped him with a call of his name. Heimdall turned around "Odin…?"

"Are you in love with Loki…?"

Heimdall stared in shock at his father but did not say anything and instead looked away "I…" The guardian god took one glance at his father and found that the All-Father was furious, his face growing redder and his eyes growing angrier. "Odin…"

"So you're in love with that trickster god huh? Well we'll see about THAT!" raising his arm Odin pointed his finger at Heimdall who was staring at him in horror and unable to move.

"Odin! What are you doing? Let me go!" Heimdall shouted and tried to break free from his invisible binding but couldn't.

"I will erase your memory of ever feeling an ounce of love for that trickster god along with your memories of being happy together!" Odin exclaimed, placing his hand on Heimdall's head.

"Odin! NO!" the guardian god screamed before a sudden bolt of pain went through his head. Heimdall's lone eye began to cry and when the pain stopped he slumped to the ground, unconscious.

"Hmph… Loki… I will see to it that you will die in the worse way possible" Odin glanced over at his unconscious son "And how I'll do that is something you'll find out very soon"


Heimdall blinked, he was back in his shared apartment. He remembered, after that he had woken up at Odin's study room, thinking his father had carried him there after finding him on Bifrost, unconscious. Odin had told him harsh words about Loki and how he should have his revenge on the trickster god. At the time Heimdall thought it was the best thing that ever happened to him, getting a chance to actually kill his now enemy.

When Odin banished Loki as a child into Midgard he had felt a pain in his chest but he hadn't known why, he thought at the time he was excited to actually get a chance to have his revenge but it wasn't it. "Even though my mind no longer knew of my love for Loki… my heart couldn't be fooled…" Heimdall mused but then mentally slapped himself for saying that cheesy love line.

He glanced at the table that the mirror was suppose to be and was surprised to find it not there. "Kagami no Shinjitsu?" he asked and looked around the room.

"I'm right here, Heimdall-sama…"

The guardian god looked behind him to find not a floating mirror (which he was suspecting) but a young woman around her twenties with smooth and shiny sky blue hair with matching clear blue eyes. She was dressed in a roman styled dress that was a blue-green color with the same color scarf around her arms a hair ornament on the side of her head resembled that of a mirror.

"What a beautiful love line that was" she smiled at him while the guardian god coughed "Heimdall-sama… I suppose you want an explanation for my appearance…"

Heimdall only nodded.

"Well I gather my power from revealing the truths hidden from people and because such a big truth was hidden from a powerful god like you, the power I received was multiplied by at least ten times the normal amount I get… and because I gained so much power I was able to take form of a corporeal human being… although, as you know, I am far from it" she giggled and spun around "Do you like the form I chose?"

Heimdall actually managed a smile, not a sadistic one he was very fond of either, but a true and genuine small smile.

"Should we go find your loved one now?" the Kagami no Shinjitsu asked, her smile never faltering.

Heimdall sighed "But what am I suppose to say? 'I was wrong and I'm sorry for trying to make your life a miserable living hell'? Yeah… and he's supposed to buy that because…?" the sarcasm etched in his voice made the Kagami no Shinjitsu twitch slightly.

The mirror maiden sighed "That's not what I meant… just go to him… tell him how you feel and what you've learned, Loki-sama is still in love with you and I'm sure he'd be so happy to know that you don't hate him any longer…" real concern and care was in her voice as she spoke and surprisingly it reminded Heimdall of his mothers. They were always talking to him like that, in their gentle, caring voices.

Thinking about his mothers made him think of his father which made his blood boil. That lying bastard was going to get it if Heimdall had to die and be reincarnated to do so!


"Come on Heimdall-sama… you can do it!" the Kagami no Shinjitsu urged the guardian god on while he sweat dropped. "Alright, alright I'll do it! No pressure!" he shouted.

He gulped and cleared his throat before pushing the gates of Loki's mansion open, surprisingly the gates didn't have a barrier on them like usual (how else do you expect Heimdall to not be able to get Loki in his own home?) and instead they swung open like harmless objects.

He looked at the Kagami no Shinjitsu who shrugged her shoulders "Must of known that you didn't come with hostile intent…" she guessed.

Well that could have been a logical explanation… he thought and shrugged his own small shoulders before entering Loki's mansion.

Upon stepping in the Kagami no Shinjitsu suddenly gasped and went wide-eyed. "What's wrong?" Heimdall asked, alarmed. The Kagami no Shinjitsu grabbed Heimdall's arm and ran up the stairs while dragging the confused guardian god.

Halfway up the stairs a sudden crash could be heard, like wood being broken and "LOKI-SAMA!" followed by "DADDY!"

She ran into Loki's study room, which the door of the room was surprisingly on the floor… broken…

The Kagami no Shinjitsu was so out of breath upon having to run up the stairs she didn't have enough breath to gasp at the horrifying sight in front of her and instead settled for staring in shock.

Heimdall, on the other hand, did gasp and went wide-eyed.

There, leaning on his work desk, was Loki; eyes closed and slightly smiling while sitting in a puddle of his own blood.


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A sudden growl made the guardian god snap out of his shock and turn just to see Fenrir about to bite his head off. The Kagami no Shinjitsu acted quickly and stepped in front of Heimdall while holding her arms in front of her. A shield surrounded her and the guardian god just before the wolf could sink his teeth into Heimdall.

Fenrir all of a sudden bounced back with a yelp of surprise and landed on the floor. "Nii-san!" Yamino rushed to his brother's side.

Heimdall looked questionably at the woman who shrugged her shoulders "I'm a mirror, what do you expect I specialize in?"

He shook his head and rushed over to Loki, who he just realized, was in his kakusei form. "Shit" the guardian god cursed and carefully pulled out the large piece of glass from the trickster god's arm. Loki's arm did not start healing.

Heimdall's eye widened and ever so slowly took off his right glove, revealing the razor sharp nails on his hand. He gently placed it on Loki's cheek, careful not to cut him, and felt his blood run cold.

There was no warmth coming from the trickster god's body and all color and radiance that face once showed no longer existed.

"Is he…?" the Kagami no Shinjitsu started to cry when Heimdall didn't answer "Oh god…" she put a hand over her mouth and closed her eyes.

Heimdall felt like doing that as well, crying to no end. This wasn't fair, this just wasn't FAIR! After he had learned of Odin's betrayal, after he had realized Loki had never betrayed him… after he figured he loved the god of mischief… this just wasn't FAIR!

"You have no RIGHT to cry!" Fenrir barked angrily.

The guardian looked up and it was then that he realized that his vision had blurred due to the tears in his eyes. He was really crying!

"You have no right! Daddy died… Daddy died because of you, didn't he?" Fenrir began to cry hysterically, hugging his younger brother for comfort while Yamino also wept for their father.

At this Heimdall cried even harder and covered his face with his hands. "Heimdall-sama… that's not true! Heimdall-sama did not do this!" the Kagami no Shinjitsu shouted, her tears still flowing but her face was defiant.

"I wouldn't say it wasn't all Heimdall-sama's fault…"

All eyes fell upon a figure sitting on Loki's work desk, legs crossed and smirking. His clear blue eyes fell upon Heimdall "After all… he died for your cause…" the figure got off the desk and stared at the others.

The Kagami no Shinjitsu was the first to respond to this new intruder "Otou-to! Why are you…? Don't tell me it was YOU…" her eyes filled with shock and backed away from him slowly.

A growl filled the room and both the guardian god and mirror maiden turned around to see both of Loki's sons beginning to revert to their true forms "Loki-sama's death… was your fault?" Yamino asked in a dangerously calm voice but his eyes betrayed his voice, showing boundless fury in those glowing blue orbs.

"You killed Daddy!" Fenrir growled while beginning to glow himself, his eyes already turning into that of his wolf forms.

"…" the intruder did not respond at first and began to think of something to say but in the end all he muttered was, "Yeah I guess you could say that I had something to do with his death…" but before the children of Loki could tear this guy to shreds he added very quickly, "But your father was the one who killed himself, he only used me to help"

Shocked, both Yamino and Fenrir stopped their transformation and instead demanded an explanation.

The intruder only smirked "Well first off I am the Kagami no Shinjitsu… well half of it. That woman over there is my big older twin sister and the other half of the Kagami no Shinjitsu. Of course when it comes to power, I am more dominant and that's how Loki-sama found the strength to kill himself; through my… influence" he explained.

"Kagami no Shinjitsu… but I've heard of that before, it's supposed to be a mirror which showed you the hidden truth of your life… it's also known for helping many people in the past!" Yamino exclaimed, not believing that the two twins in front of him were really the Kagami no Shinjitsu "And last time I saw, convincing people to commit suicide was not part of your job!"

The brother only shrugged his shoulders "As I've said before it's not all my fault really. Loki-sama over there wanted to kill himself, knowing that his beloved would never return his feelings again… oh how sad!" the male mock-cried and wiped away an invisible tear.

Yamino and Fenrir were beginning to revert back to their true forms again but they were also interrupted once again by the female this time, "No! Please my brother is not like he should be… for some reason evil aura has made its way into his glass and now he's changed… inside he really is half of the Kagami no Shinjitsu! He really is good, please believe me!"

"Grr… and why should we believe somebody who is friends with the one who has tried to take Daddy's life countless of times!" Fenrir barked at her, transformation continuing.

"No please, you have to believe me! If you destroy my brother the Kagami no Shinjitsu can never be whole again!"

"Heh! Sounds good to me!" Fenrir stated and lunged for the mirror maiden who gasped but then once again Fenrir was bounced back by a force field, this time bigger and more powerful.


"Hmph, there you owe me one onee-san… I think I'll be off now… oh and before I go I guess I should tell you guys, well more specifically Heimdall-sama, that Loki believes the reason you hate him is because he changed. That his past self is a reflection of his real being… ha ha! That's a load of bull though… how he was back in Asgard and how he is now is both the same people… he just didn't realize it in time! Well I'll be off now, see you guys!" and with that he disappeared from the room.

"That guy… I'll kill him one day!" Fenrir growled.

A sudden feminine scream filled the room and all eyes glanced at the doorway of the study room.

Freya, Freyr, Narugami and Ecchan were standing (floating) there, all eyes wide and horrified. "Loki…" Freya, who screamed, instantly started to weep into her brother's shoulder who comforted her by gently patting her head. Narugami looked on, horrified.

"Loki-tama…" Ecchan's eyes began to fill with tears as well.

"Fenrir-oniisan, Midgardsorm…"

Suddenly another intruder appeared but this one, more familiar than the last. Her knee-length wavy-pink locks ruffled slightly and her familiar emerald-eyes made her recognizable in an instant.

"Hel!" both Fenrir and Yamino shouted.

"Hel… oh goddess of the underworld!" the Kagami no Shinjitsu realized and backed away a little from the goddess who didn't seem offended in the slightest bit.

"Have you come to take Daddy, Hel?"

"No… I've already taken him…" Hel truthfully answered back. Fenrir's eyes widened but he expected her answer so said nothing else. "Gomen ne Fenrir-oniisan…" she apologized.

"There's no need to apologize onee-san… you are the goddess of the underworld… taking souls who have not died on the battlefield is your job…" Yamino tried to sound comforting but only ended up making Hel feel disgusted at herself for taking her own father's soul but more disgusted at Odin, who had forced her to become the goddess she is.

"So then why are you here…" Heimdall's sudden cold voice made all of them snap out of their sad state and Hel smiled at him "To tell you a prophecy, in the Norns place" she answered and while her brothers and the mirror maiden looked shocked, Heimdall looked like he was deprived of all emotions.

"The prophecy is this: My father…" she looked at her brothers and smiled "Our father, Jashin Loki, will be reborn into Midgard"

All eyes shot up and stared at Hel who smiled at them all and continued "However, the All-Father shall not stop his attempts at his blood brother's life after he learns of this and therefore Loki shall realize his powers first to defend himself against all other assassins and then, when the time is right, he and his friends shall remember everything and fight one last battle, Ragnarok!"


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