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Chapter 2: The New Mystery Club! And a few surprises after…

"Clubs…?" Loki asked, biting into his sandwich after.

Right now was lunch where Loki, Kazumi and Reiya decided to eat outside, under a Sakura tree where it wasn't as noisy and stuffy as the school's cafeteria (well… two of them decided, Kazumi just shrugged his shoulders and muttered "whatever…")

Reiya nodded "Reiya thought that maybe all three of us can join a club together!" she exclaimed and smiled happily at both of them.

"…but I'm not really interested in any of the clubs in school, Reiya… sorry…" Loki admitted and gave her an apologetic look.

Reiya frowned, her happy mood gone "Oh well then what about Higashiyama-san…?" her tone was hopeful.

Kazumi pointed at Loki "I'm with him…"

Reiya's mood probably dropped about ten feet under ground. A small (fake) smile followed after though "Oh… it's ok… I just thought that maybe we could all have fun doing something together… I mean the… three of us that is…" she stared at her half empty lunch box with a dejected face and sighed.

Loki frowned "Well… there is the option of making one ourselves and ask the principle if he would accept or something I guess…" he said, hoping that would lighten her spirits up.

It did more than that, Reiya was more than ecstatic to hear that Loki was trying to cheer her up. The brunette, along with her mood, instantly shot up "Yes, we could try that!" she exclaimed and cheerfully smiled at both of them "All three of us should make our own club!"

Kazumi raised an eyebrow "All three of us…?" he was hesitant in asking but sweat dropped when both of his friends turned to him at the same exact time.

"Of course, Higashiyama-san…!" Reiya exclaimed, a big happy (too happy) smile aimed at him.

"You didn't think we'd leave you out, did you Kazumi?" Loki evilly grinned at him.

Kazumi's eye twitched at the look Loki was giving him.

Loki only continued to grin.

The purple-haired boy sighed in defeat "No… of course not…" sarcasm was made sure to be etched into the sentence.

"I knew you'd see it my way…" although, in Loki's case, that was said in a very quiet whisper.


About a few hours later, the three had already gone to the principle to ask of their club-making and though two out of three of them doubted that it would be that easy to convince him (budget and everything) the rather over-weight yet kind man only smiled at them and told them that they had exactly twenty-four hours to think up of a club and if the idea did not satisfy him then he would not allow them to run the club.

So after that, the three had decided that they would think up of the club in Loki's mansion-like house…

"How about a reading club…?" Reiya suggested.

"The school already has one of those…" Loki reminded her.

"Oh yeah… well then what about a drama-"

"They have that too…"

"…I suppose they have a music club?"

"Yeah, it's called band…" Kazumi sarcastically remarked.

"…oh what about a fencing club!" Reiya exclaimed, jumping out of her chair.

"…um Reiya…?" Loki asked.


"…you're in the fencing club, you realize that right?" he sweat dropped.

Reiya blushed "Oh… right…" she sat down.

Kazumi raised an eyebrow.

Reiya was grateful when the doorbell rang, distracting them from staring weirdly at her. Loki got up "I'll go get it…" he said and went to go answer the front door. A few seconds later, Reiya and Kazumi could hear the sound of the door opening and,

"Tadaimasu…! Oh Loki you're home!" came the cheery and very loud voice.

"Ah okaa-san, okairi-ah!"

Kazumi and Reiya looked at each other then stared at the kitchen doors.

"Oh, I missed you! How was your day at school?" the voice continued.



"…crnetbret…!" came the distorted reply.

"…Loki…? Are you ok…? What's wrong?"

Now was the time that Kazumi and Reiya rushed to the front door, finding a woman with red hair and blue eyes hugging their friend very tightly and also staring at him with worry in her eyes. Reiya gasped "Loki-sama…!" she said in worry after seeing the boy turning a few shades of blue.

Kazumi sweat dropped "Err… you're going to kill him you know…" he muttered to which the red headed woman stared at him confusingly. Kazumi, in turn, pointed at his friend "Can't breathe…" he stated.

The red headed woman stared at him for a moment then back at Loki before something clicked in her mind and she gasped "Oh, I'm so sorry Loki!" she shouted out and let go of the poor suffocating boy.

As soon as he was dropped, Loki took some much needed deep breaths, his face returning to its normal color.

"Loki-sama, are you alright?" Reiya asked in worry.

"…barely" the chestnut-haired boy breathed out.


"This is your mother, Loki-sama?" Reiya blinked, Loki looked nothing like this woman.

Kazumi stared weirdly "Hey, wasn't your mother's hair color different last time I met her?" he asked, now remembering that Loki didn't used to live in such a big house either.

Loki smiled nervously "Actually, this is Kinoshita, Kanna… she's my adoptive mother" he re-introduced the woman and then turned to her "Kaa-san, this is Reiya and Kazumi. Reiya is a new friend from school and Kazumi is my childhood friend from before you adopted me" he explained. Kanna blinked in surprise and stared at Kazumi for a few seconds before smiling and bowing to them with a "nice to meet you".

"Ah, aren't you the famous director of many romance movies…?" Reiya's widened as she realized this and bowed her head at the woman with respect "It's such an honor to meet you!"

"Oh ho, ho! I see you're quite updated on life aren't you? Sigh… its hard being such a famous person among commoners…" Kanna made a tired pose with her right arm wrapped on her waist with the tips of her finger of her left hand delicately placed on her forehead.

"Oh my…! Kinoshita-san is just as a lovely actress as her leading stars!" Reiya clasped her hands together while she exclaimed this, admiring the woman and her 'acting skills'.

Kazumi and Loki sweat dropped…

"Oh, by the way Loki, you're father is going to be home late today, says he's finally got a case!" the woman told her so, a proud look coming over her face.

Loki raised an eyebrow "Otou-san…?" he asked in disbelief.

"What does your dad work as, Loki-sama? Is he just as famous as your mother?" Reiya asked, eager to hear.

Loki sighed "Sorry to disappoint you Reiya but he's not all that great. He runs a detective agency, not able to find any better job with only getting paid when he actually gets clients… finishing or solving their cases is a whole other story though, which I'd rather not get into" the boy crossed his arms and shook his head "my father is a lazy man who can't find a job that pays him at least every week. I'm surprised he actually found himself a case, this is probably the first in three weeks…"

Reiya blinked in surprise.

"Loki! I can't believe you would say something like that about your own father! He has many problems to deal with himself, and even if he isn't successful as I or anybody else…" there was a dramatic pause "he's still the man I fell in love with and I would do anything to support him in life!" Kanna clasped her hands together and stared at the sky with a daydreaming look.

Reiya found herself staring in admiration again.

"Will you cut it out already?!" Loki shouted at his mother, a little annoyed at her constantly embarrassing him with her 'remarkable acting skills'.

"I'm just trying to defend my dear Kei-chan!" Kanna gasped "Unless… unless you hate him!" she began sobbing dramatically into her hands.

Reiya flapped her hands around as she circled the woman, trying to calm her down "Oh no, I'm sure Loki-sama didn't mean it like that!" she tried.

Loki sighed "Reiya, leave her be… you'll just be caught up in her troubles the more you worry about her"

At his comment, Kanna sobbed even harder "How can you say such horrible things, Loki?!" she managed to shout through her sobbing.

"You can't expect me to let my friends be tangled up in your messes!" Loki shouted.

"Is she… always like this?" Kazumi, who had stayed silent until now, finally spoke up.

Loki sighed again "I'm afraid so…"

Kazumi sweat dropped.

It was at this time that the front door bell rang again, interrupting Kanna from her sobbing to peek in from between her fingers. Loki turned "I'll go get it…" he said as he began walking.

When he opened the door, standing in front of him was a teenage girl with waist-long pink hair, crimson eyes and dressed in a high school uniform. Loki blinked "May I help you?" he asked.

The girl stared at him for a few seconds before breaking into a happy smile "You must be Loki-kun!" she exclaimed and bent down to meet eye-level with him.

Loki nodded.

"I'm Daidouji, Mayura! Your papa's new and beautiful assistant!" the girl, known as Mayura, cheerfully explained "Nice you to meet you!"

Loki blinked… and blinked again "wait… Otou-san actually got an assistant?!" he asked, disbelief clearly written on his face as he looked Mayura over again "and a high school girl at that?"

"Hai! I was walking home one day when I finally had the guts to walk into your papa's detective agency! As soon as I saw him, I knew he was the type who would never give up and go to the ends for his client!" Mayura recalled as her eyes filled with pure admiration for Loki's father.

Loki sweat dropped "I think you got the wrong guy…"

Mayura suddenly shot up, surprising Loki; with a look of clear determination "It was at that time I knew if I helped him with his work I'd encounter many Fushigi mysteries!" she explained, completely ignoring the boy's comment as Loki stared at her in confusion.

"Fushigi mysteries…?" he asked.

"It was then that I declared myself as his assistant! He was so happy about having such a beauty like me as his helper that he was shocked speechless…" the girl continued, again not noticing his now suspicious expression, while nodding her head.

"…exactly when did this happen?" Loki asked, suspecting that his father had not hired an assistant but found himself a troublesome girl who sticks her nose into other's businesses to satisfy her own fantasies.

Mayura thought about it "Eto… about a week ago" she answered.

"That's it!" Reiya, who appeared out of nowhere, shouted.

Loki blinked "What's it?" he asked, trying to hide his surprise and confusion of where she came from.

"We should start a mystery club, Loki-sama!" the brunette answered, excitement clearly written on her face.


"You're not serious…" Kazumi whom had also appeared out of nowhere at that exact minute, said, hoping that she really wasn't.

"Reiya is very serious!" the girl answered as she tightened her hand into fists to further emphasize her point on how serious she was.

"That's a perfect idea! I didn't know other girls were into Fushigi mysteries as well!" Mayura suddenly piped in, crouching in front of Reiya.

"Well… Reiya doesn't like scary things but with Loki-sama, I bet that any mysteries we encounter in our school will be solved by no time!" Reiya exclaimed which made Mayura probably squeal with joy.

"Ah, you must be the Mayura-san that my husband told me about!" Kanna exclaimed from behind.

Mayura nodded her head "Mayura, the beautiful assistant detective is at your service!" she exclaimed.

Loki sweat dropped "Where in the world are you people coming from?" he asked.

"The kitchen…"


And so the three elementary kids went to their school principle the next day to tell them of their new 'mystery club' to which he commented as 'interesting' and let them run it only if they could find a real mystery by the end of the week.

Our setting right now is taking place where the three are no roaming the school at 6:00 P.M. (a time where all students and teachers have gone home and could not bother them in any way)… with another mystery-loving teen as company…

"Mayura, why are you here again?" Loki asked.

Mayura smiled at him "Isn't it obvious? I'm here to help you three get your club started!"

"But… you're not a student of this school…" Kazumi commented.

"I know but as your father's assistant, I am obliged to help his son! Especially when it involves Fushigi mysteries!" the pink-haired girl exclaimed "And that is why, for tonight, I shall take the place of team leader for this soon mystery club!"

Loki sweat dropped "…isn't that a bit rash of you to just…?" he stopped, knowing the teen wasn't paying attention anyway and switched to another topic "Well anyway, Reiya, Kazumi, are you two sure your parents won't get mad at you staying out so late?"

Reiya shook her head "Reiya's parents are on a trip and won't be home for another few months and Mino-san, my caretaker, has already given me permission to stay out as late as I want this week for the mystery club"

Kazumi shrugged his shoulders "My parents could care less" was all he stated.

Loki frowned at his statement but didn't make any more comments as the group of four began their 'mission' to seek out anything related to mysteries.

"So what exactly are we looking for, Mayura-san?" Reiya asked as they walked.

"Anything that even looks remotely strange, like three-legged alien or beheaded ghosts!" Mayura explained calmly, whipping out a camera in hand "And if anybody spots anything like that, I'll get it a picture of it in a second."

The three sweatdropped.

"…do those things even exist?" Loki commented from behind.

Kazumi rolled his eyes "Something tells me they don't…" he answered.

Reiya tried to stop her trembling at the hearing of the word 'ghost', repeating to herself that such things don't exist over and over again in her mind as the group continued on. After a few minutes of walking around the third floor hallway, Kazumi finally stopped and turned around "I think… I hear something…" he whispered.

The other three blinked and tried listening as well.

"…Reiya doesn't hear anything" said Reiya.

"Maybe you're just imagining things" Loki suggested.

Kazumi shook his head "It's still there… it sounds like thumping noises…" he began looking thoughtful "Could this school really be haunted?" he asked himself.

At this, Reiya began trembling again "N-no way…"

"It can't be ghosts… youkai?" Kazumi continued.

Reiya shook her head, beginning to chant to herself that these things don't exist again.

Loki frowned, "Mou, Kazumi maybe you should stop. You're scaring Reiya" the chestnut-haired boy glanced back at his female friend who was trying to stop her trembling, however failing to do so.

Kazumi shrugged "I was only joking; everybody knows those things don't exi-" a large thumping noise made him stop and caused everybody to look in the direction of where it sounded from. There were a few more thumping noises as the group kept quiet. As the noises grew louder, the group began backing away.

However, it soon stopped to everybody's relief and they began walking away. Suddenly a loud crashing noise sounded again followed by a scream causing Reiya to scream and adding more chaos to the already afraid group.


And as instructed by their 'team leader', they hurriedly ran out of there.


Loki, Kazumi and Reiya all ran into the drama club room and shut the door behind them, all panting from having run for five minutes straight as they listened close to the sliding door to hear if they were being followed. Luckily they couldn't hear anything but their own sharp breaths and so all three sighed in relief.

"Ok, who else agrees never to come around this school at night again?" Kazumi asked, pushing himself away from the door to sit on one of the stools placed beside him.

Loki, eyes closed and hand over his racing heart, nodded in agreement.

"Where's Mayura-san?" Reiya suddenly asked and it was at that moment that the three noticed the last member of their group had disappeared off somewhere.

"Oh jeez… that girl is nothing but trouble…" Kazumi commented and ran a hand through his purple hair, "I swear if we have to look for her…"

Loki blinked, why did this seem a little familiar to him? Wandering around a school at night to look for something unnatural… having Mayura lost somewhere…

"Loki-sama, Higashiyama-san, look!"

Reiya's voice broke Loki from his train of thoughts as he blinked, clearing his mind from wherever it was wandering off to and glanced in the direction of Reiya's pointed finger. What she was referring to was a poster with two lovers hugging each other.

Loki blinked and walked over to inspect the poster more closely, finding that the two people hugging were actually males, their clothes similar to those worn in the old days. Loki recognized the style of clothing to be similar to those worn in England some centuries ago but soon dismissed it and moved onto their looks, one had neck-long purple hair and matching crimson eyes while the other one had much shorter hair, the color of it a slighter darker shade than Loki's own. The background had a dark atmosphere look to it, the sky darkened and could have seemed to look like it was nighttime, only the abnormal blood-red hue seemingly almost painted in behind the black clouds made the whole setting unnatural.

Upon closer inspection, Loki saw a single giant red eye above the two, glaring menacingly down at them. The one with short hair seemed to be avoiding the harsh look, head bowed and pressed against his lover's chest while his lover stared at the eye almost with a regretful look, hugging the other almost protectively.

The child then noticed a waste-length blond-haired woman to the right of the couple (behind one of the lovers). She was wearing a one piece black dress, cut on the sides of the lower part so that some of her thigh was exposed and a transparent scarf resting on her arms, no it almost seemed to be floating in midair around her. Somehow, Loki found her to look a bit menacing but nowhere near the giant floating eye. Her back was faced to them and her bangs covered her eyes so that all of her face was not visible. Tears were flowing from under her shadowed eyes and slid down her cheeks as she did nothing but hug herself, having no one else to comfort her as she cried behind the unaware couple.

Loki frowned, pitying the woman and wondered briefly why he thought she looked a little menacing in his eyes. Perhaps because the clothing she wore was a bit unusual for her? Wait… but he didn't know who she was, why would he think she doesn't usually dress like this?

His frown deepened, contemplating on if he really knew this woman or not… she did seem familiar… as did the couple…

"Loki-sama…? Is there something wrong with the poster?" Reiya's voice again awakened him from his wandering mind and this time he had to apologize.

Where is my mind going? I need to think of our new club…

Yes that was right, they were here to start their new Mystery Club. The child shook his head to clear any other unimportant thought and turned to his friends who still seemed to be staring at the poster.

"The school crest is on the bottom there… this must be the new play the drama club is planning. It looks quite interesting, doesn't it?" Reiya mused and then realized something as she stared at the two lovers "ne… Loki-sama doesn't that look a bit like Higashiyama-san?" she asked and pointed to the lover who was looking up at the giant eye.

Loki looked over again and found himself blinking in surprise, the one with short-purple hair and crimson eyes did not look a bit like Kazumi, he looked just like a seventeen year old version of him! "…um… yeah, actually he looks a lot like Kazumi" Loki said, now knowing why one of the two seemed familiar to him but… what about the other? It was at the tip of his tongue… he just couldn't get it though…

Kazumi from beside the two raised an eyebrow, though even he couldn't deny the many similarities between him and the man in the poster. He switched his vision to the other lover and, without thinking, stated, "Doesn't that one look like Loki?"

All three pair of eyes widened (even Kazumi's when he realized what he just asked) as they noticed that the two friends, indeed, looked like a younger version of the couple.

There was an awkward silence.

"FUSHIGI MYSTERY!" a certain pink-haired teen suddenly popped, wearing a pair of swirly-eye glasses and staring intently at the poster, almost scaring the three elementary students out of their skin.

"Where the heck did you come from?!" Loki asked, slowly breathing in and out to calm his heart again. Reiya and Kazumi weren't in much of a different state.

Mayura blinked at him "I came through the door of course!" was her answer and she went back to the picture as Loki sweat dropped. "Hey look, this must be the rough draft of the play… say's here the title is Reflection and was written by the head of the drama club" the teen picked up a black-cover book from a table and began flipping through the pages.

Loki frowned "Maybe you shouldn't mess around with that, the drama club in this school is very touchy about revealing anything they have planned for their next plays…" he warned her, walking over to take away the book.

Mayura pouted "but I want to see what the play is about! Please, Loki-kun… just a little peek on the plot" she bent down to give him a pleading look.

Loki rolled his eyes "Really now… I wonder who's older here…" he sighed and shook his head as Mayura's pouted even more "look, I don't want to have to deal with the drama club if they find out about-"

"Oh come on! As head of the new mystery club, you shouldn't be afraid of those kinds of things!" Mayura argued, clenching her hands and moving them up and down in a childish manner.

Loki sweat dropped "That has nothing to do with this…"

"But they won't find out if nobody says anything, right Loki-sama?" Reiya suddenly added and blushed a bit when Loki turned to stare in surprise at her.

"Ha…! Even Reiya-chan wants to know all about the play!" Mayura ran over to hug the girl "I knew you were a girl just like me, Reiya-chan!" she exclaimed with joy.

"Oi… you're making false accusations Mayura and besides, didn't you only want to look at the plot?" Loki replied from behind and sighed when he noticed the girl not paying attention to him.

"You might as well open it, it doesn't seem like those two are going to change their minds anytime soon" Kazumi spoke up from Loki's left, surprising his friend.

"You too, Kazumi…?" Loki frowned.

Kazumi shrugged "It's not as if I'm curious what this play is about but…" he looked over to the girls who were still hugging "if you don't want to know, you don't have to open it" he stated and shrugged again, though Loki didn't know it, Kazumi really did want to see what this play was about too.

Loki sighed in defeat "Alright…" he mumbled "I'm opening it so those who wish to see what this play is about better get over-" he didn't get to finish as the two girls were by his side in a second. Loki could even swear he felt a strong gust of wind rush past him but he dismissed it to open the drama club play book and flipped to a page where the 'The Plot' was typed and underlined on the top.

"Let's see… this play is about two beings that accidently fell in love with each other. One is forbidden to love the other because of their duties but neither care as they keep seeing each other. When that one lover's father had found out, he was furious and made sure to ruin their relationship with each other and succeeded in doing so. He had banished one to a far away land while he erased the memory of his son, manipulating him afterwards to kill the one he once loved.

The banished lover had died by the hands of the one he loved but regretted nothing as he fell into eternal sleep. It was at that same day that the lover who had lost his memory had come across a sorceress who knew of what he had done and revealed to him everything from before his father erased his memory; however, it was already too late as he had killed the one person he loved. He died of a broken heart soon after…" Loki finished and flipped to the next page to find the character list.

He frowned "That's it…? What an unsatisfying ending…" he muttered to himself.

Mayura and Reiya were in tears while Kazumi had his arms crossed, agreeing with Loki that the story wouldn't draw any audience into it. "Well anyway… it says here this story is based off of Norse Mythology and almost every character within the story is a Norse God or Goddess… oh here are the main characters… the lover who had lost his memory: the watchman of the rainbow bridge leading heaven to Earth and god of schemes, Heimdall." Loki paused, staring at the name of the Norse god, wondering why he had such a feeling familiarity when this is first time he's heard of it.

"Loki…?" Kazumi stared at his friend, wondering if he should be worried. His friend seemed to be acting weird this past hour.

Loki blinked and the feeling was gone. He shook his head "Ah, gomen… err the next character is the banished lover: the god of fire and mischief, Loki…"

There was an awkward silence…

"…um… it must be… a coincidence?" though it was meant for everybody else, Loki sounded like he was trying to convince himself.

"…don't you think it's too much of a coincidence?" Kazumi asked, staring from the book to his friend.

"Oh come now, you really don't think I'm some god of mischief who fell in love with another god and got banished, do you…?" Loki asked, although somehow the statement didn't sound very crazy in his ears. He wondered why…

"No… I guess that is too unrealistic but still…" Kazumi glanced over at the poster.

Loki grinned "Oh come on, you don't see me accusing you of being this 'Heimdall'" even as he laughed a little at his own comment, having spoken that name again this time made him feel something similar to sadness, though not quite… why was he feeling this? Perhaps he should not speak that name again…

"Well if that were true then that would mean that Loki-kun and Kazumi-kun are actually secret lovers!" Mayura suddenly exclaimed, although it was meant as a joke it caused Loki to choke on his own saliva and Reiya's and Kazumi's eyes to widen.

Reiya frowned, staring from Loki who looked a little nervous to Kazumi who was now rolling his eyes. She placed her folded hands on her chest, why did she feel like something just clamped down on her heart?


"Ne, Loki-sama…?" Reiya looked over to her friend who glanced at her as the group walked, having left the drama club room to continue their search of mysteries. "Reiya is… jealous" she admitted, looking a little nervous as she said it.

Loki blinked in surprise "About what?" he asked.

"About Loki-sama and Higashiyama-san…" she paused and then took a deep breath before blurting out, "about Loki-sama and Higashiyama-san having a part in the play and Reiya… well… doesn't…" she looked down at her folded hands, embarrassment written all over her face.

Loki smiled at her "Well Kazumi and I aren't really in the play…" he corrected.

"Yes but, you two practically are… I mean both you and Higashiyama-san looking just like the main characters and Loki-sama even has the same name as the god 'Loki' in the play! Reiya is jealous because she's your friend too and… doesn't have a part" the girl sighed, having just told him what was on her mind for the past five minutes. She actually found it felt good to tell somebody what was bothering her and not bottle it all up inside, and knowing it was Loki made it even better.

Loki continued to smile at her (Reiya was beginning to blush) "Well if it makes you feel any better, I did catch a name similar to yours…" he said as a matter-of-factly.

Reiya's eyes widened "Really? Who?" she asked hurriedly, wondering just what kind of character it was.

Loki grinned at her "Freya, the goddess of love and beauty" he stated.

Reiya's blush magnified tenfold "W-what?! T-there's n-no way t-that Reiya could be such a go-goddess! N-no way!" she actually managed to stutter out, bending her head and walking up to the front where Mayura was, now keeping pace with the pink-haired girl.

Loki chuckled "Maybe it was a good idea not to mention Freya was also the goddess of fertility…" he whispered to himself. Kazumi came over and lightly bopped him on the head to snap him out of his amusement "Hey, what did you say to her? She practically looks like a tomato…" the purple-haired boy glanced over at Reiya who was still blushing.

Loki playfully stuck his tongue out "Why, Kazumi I don't know what you're talking about. You shouldn't come here accusing friends of doing things they didn't do" he shook a finger and made a 'tsk, tsk' noise at the boy who was now glaring at him.

"Fine, don't tell me" Kazumi rolled his eyes as Loki began laughing. And then, when the emerald-eyed boy wasn't looking, secretly smiled; he had always like Loki's laugh and it really didn't matter if he wouldn't tell him things, if he could get to hear his friends laughter instead. Those 'things' probably weren't important anyway…

And the group continued like that, Mayura and Reiya in the front while Loki and Kazumi were following behind for about a couple of minutes. Before Mayura began whining about 'schools with no mysteries in them'…

It was then followed by a ghost story that Kazumi had heard from one of his classmates,

"Well, from what I heard the school is actually haunted by a ghost who only appears during nights where lightning and thunder roar from the sky but no rain would fall down" he repeated the same words as his classmate had told it, making sure to pause and look out the hallway window, revealing the school yard on the ground and the starry sky above "And if you're caught by this ghost, the next day you'll be hit by lightening without any warning!" he finished, clearing his throat and shrugging "that's about it."

Mayura began getting excited "A lightening ghost?! I've never heard of those, ooh Fushigi mystery!" she exclaimed, whipping out her camera and swirly eye glasses "We've got to get a picture of this ghost!"

"You don't really believe that story do you, Mayura?" Loki asked, making it clear that he did not believe the tale one bit "I mean seriously, a lightening ghost? And besides even if there was a possibility that it's true, how do you plan on getting it to appear" he paused and looked out the hallway window, just as Kazumi did, up into the sky "when there's not even a cloud in sight?"

Mayura instantly went over to the wall to sit and sulk about how Loki was right. You could practically feel her depressed mood drifting about.

Loki sweat dropped "Ah… it looks like I upset her…"

Kazumi rolled his eyes "It's not as if you said anything that wasn't true… like I said before, ghosts don't exist"

"By the way, Reiya are you ok? I know you're scared of-" Loki looked around, not finding the girl in the spot she used to be and instead, comforting Mayura.

"That girl really is nice, isn't she?" Kazumi asked as he raised an eyebrow.

Loki chuckled "Yes she is…"

"…hey, do you hear that?" the purple-haired boy turned around and narrowed his eyes.

"No, what do you hear?" Loki blinked at the sudden topic change and stared in the direction his friend was looking.

"…it sounds like thumping noises… the same as last time, except they're getting faster and there are more than a few now…" Kazumi explained, closing his eyes to better concentrate on the sounds. Loki glanced at his friend, wondering where he suddenly got this phenomenal hearing from as he couldn't hear a thing…

"What's wrong with Kazumi-kun?" Mayura asked from behind, having gotten out of her 'depression' with Reiya behind her. Loki shrugged "He said he's hearing those thumping noises from before again… except there are more this time…" he repeated to which Mayura became all excited over, knowing this was a Fushigi mystery! While Reiya became scared, the last time those thumping noises happened, a scream followed. She didn't want to be frightened so much again; her heart might not take it this time. Reiya glanced at Loki who gave her a reassuring smile "Don't worry, it's probably nothing" he whispered to her.

She smiled; happy he was trying to calm her.

"Hey guys… the thumping stopped" Kazumi suddenly said and opened his eyes "something's wrong, I know it"

The rest of the group looked at each other with worry. "What do you mean?" it was Loki who asked.

"The thumping noises were much louder than the first time but not as close… there were much more as well, so it must have been caused by more than one thing…" he explained, trying to make it as clear as possible "and then it just suddenly stopped, this means something's definitely up" he finished.

Mayura and Reiya clapped in unison "Wow, Kazumi-kun is good at analyzing" Mayura stated and Reiya nodded.

Kazumi's eye twitched "Will you two take things seriously?" he asked, annoyed.

Loki sighed at their behavior and turned to Kazumi "So you don't hear anything anymore?"

The boy shook his head 'no' and before anybody could say anything else the wall right next to the group blew up, causing everybody to scream in either fear or surprise.

"What the hell!?"

"Aw crap!" a new voice suddenly spoke, it was definitely male and he sounded like he was in pain. Soon, when the dust cleared from the explosion, the group of four saw a teenaged-boy on the ground. He had short brown hair with matching chocolate-colored eyes and was wearing a green school uniform, a wooden sword in one hand while his other was massaging his head.

Loki, Kazumi and Reiya all blinked, this guy looked familiar…

While Mayura's eyes widened "Ah! Narugami-kun!" she shouted in recognition and pointed at him while the boy known as Narugami stared back at her. His eyes suddenly widened "Ah! Daidouji!" he shouted, using the same voice of recognition when she addressed him and even pointed at her as she did him.

The three elementary students all exchanged glances at each other before suspiciously looking at the two teens and especially at the one who had flew through the wall.

"Mayura-san, do you know him?" Reiya asked the obvious, tempting Kazumi to roll his eyes at her.

Though Mayura answered anyway, "Ah, yes this is Narugami-kun from my school" she introduced, helping him up "he's in the same class as I am but um… what are you doing in an elementary school?" she asked.

Loki stared Mayura in disbelief, of all the things to ask? More like, what is he doing up and active after being blasted through a brick wall…

Kazumi and Reiya seemed to be thinking along the same lines as all three stared at Mayura and wondered just what goes through her mind. Though, all three feared to even ask…

Even Narugami stared at the pink-haired girl, expecting a different question.

Mayura looked around, wondering why they were all staring at her "What?" she asked. They all shook their head.

"Anyway… um, you guys saw me coming through the wall right?" Narugami asked.

They all nodded.

"You don't think maybe you all could have… forgotten that?" he asked, hoping that maybe their answer was a 'yes'.

"No way…" Kazumi replied.

Then again, it's not like miracles always happen…

Narugami sighed "Ok…"

"Mind explaining why you're still alive?" Loki asked, though no ill-intention in his mind at all. Narugami, fortunately, didn't take it a negative way and instead nodded his head "Ok, you guys might find it hard to believe but I'm here because I was trying to track down somebody… unfortunately they found me before I did them and I sort of ended up getting my ass kicked…" he explained.

Mayura frowned, not liking the language Narugami uses in front of kids. "So… who is this person?" she asked.

Kazumi raised an eyebrow "More like, what is this person? Last time I checked, humans, any kind of human, didn't have the power to blast somebody through a wall unless machinery was involved which I doubt since I couldn't hear any mechanical sounds while you guys were fighting" his statement surprised, no, shocked everybody else. Hell, he even surprised himself a little.

Narugami smirked "Well… you're pretty interesting, aren't you?" he asked.

Kazumi shrugged.

Before Narugami could even answer his question, though, some of the hallway wall blew up again. Two feminine screams followed for unfortunately, that part of the wall was closest to Mayura and Reiya, so they would be the ones unlucky enough to be hit in the heads by a piece of it. Fortunately, Narugami acted quickly and dashed over to push the two aside.

"Reiya, Mayura…!" Loki yelled, worried about them but they were already unconscious.

Well at least they're safe…

Loki sighed in relief and turned his attention to Narugami who was getting up, cursing to himself. He lifted up his wooden sword so that it rested on his right shoulder and sighed "Don't you think that was a bit too much…?" he said and turned to newly ruined wall "Hod…"

Loki and Kazumi exchanged confused looks before staring at the person standing on behind the broken wall. He was tall, a little taller than Narugami with long black hair, tied into a lose ponytail and was dressed in a black coat and pants.

This person's eyes closed, despite facing in the direction of Narugami "You're quite good at running away, Thor..." his voice sounded cold, colder than the ice falling from the sky during winter.

"He's… blind" Loki muttered but he was also bothered by something else. Why did this guy seem familiar somehow…?

Kazumi seemed uncomfortable about something as well as he continued to stare at the stranger, not voicing any of his thoughts though.

"I wasn't running!" Narugami yelled, glaring intensely at the man known as 'Hod'. He moved his wooden sword off from his shoulder and pointed it at him, still holding that glare "especially not from you"

The black haired man smirked "I'm glad to hear that, it means that I will succeed in bringing a traitor's death sooner" he replied, his voice still held that cold touch to it but now he smiled with amusement in hearing Narugami growling in annoyance.

"Who the hell are you calling traitor?" Narugami held his wooden sword with two hands now, holding it in a warning position "the only way I would be a traitor is if I let him be killed by you without lifting a finger"

Loki looked from Narugami to the black-haired man and then to Kazumi, tapping him slightly and when his friend glanced at him, he gave him a confused look "Who do you think Narugami-kun is trying to protect?" he whispered.

Kazumi shrugged, not having a clue on what was going on either "Somebody close like a friend, I guess" he answered.

"…you are a traitor by choosing that damn trickster god over your own father, Thor" Hod continued, raising a hand and pointing it towards Narugami "though it was not my original mission to do this… I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I got rid of the one who is causing him the most problems…"

"What are you…?" Narugami's eyes widened as he realized what the other meant when he turned to the other two. "Get out of here, Loki!" he shouted.

Loki blinked "Huh…?" was his smart reply. His eyes widened when the black-haired man moved his hand from the direction of Narugami to him and smirked before sending a black energy ball his way. His only reaction was to close his eyes and look the other way.

A large explosion occurred soon after, causing two frightened screams and a curse from the brown-haired teen.

Narugami stared in worry at the spot where Loki and Kazumi were, temporarily not visible due to the large cloud of dust as an after effect of the explosion. He glared menacingly at Hod "How could you have done that? He was powerless in that state!" he yelled, furious at what had happened but he was also confused, Hod was not smiling, in fact he looked a little annoyed.

"Tch… he's still alive…"

Narugami blinked and turned back to the spot to see that Loki and Kazumi were, indeed, still alive. A neon green barrier surrounded the two; it had protected them from the blast that Hod had sent their way.

Kazumi was staring wide-eyed at Loki who had his hands held out in front of him. While the emerald-eyed boy looked shocked as well "…h-how…?" Kazumi heard the slight whisper from his friend.

Narugami sighed in relief "Man… don't do that, you got me thinking you really died there!" he told the two who stared back at him in disbelief.

"What are you talking about? I thought we were goners too!" Kazumi snapped at him and then looked at Loki who was still not sure what had happened. The chestnut-haired boy shook his head and turned to the two older people.

"Well I suppose I'll just have to try harder, won't I?" Hod now lifted up both his hands and sent another black energy ball towards Loki.


Loki, Kazumi and Narugami burst through the door leading towards the roof. They slammed the door behind them, hearing the clicking sound of the lock behind them as a sign it automatically locked by itself. Quickly got away from it, the three ran away from the door. Narugami set down Mayura from his back, having carried her all the way from the first floor to the roof, while Kazumi did the same with Reiya.

"Ok, now that we're alone for the time being, mind explaining to us who the hell that was?" Loki asked, of course referring to the black-haired stranger who Narugami seemed to know pretty well.

Narugami looked from Loki to the Kazumi and sighed "Right… well actually, what he said earlier was true" he gestured towards Kazumi "Hod isn't a normal guy… in fact, he's not even human" he expected to see the two kids staring him with shocked looks but received none, instead disbelieving ones.

"Right… he's not human, so what is he?" Kazumi asked, raising an eyebrow.

"…" Narugami seemed to be thinking about it, that is, he seemed to be thinking about how to word the truth and have the two believe him. It seemed pretty difficult though; the teen was struggling with his words for almost two minutes before he let out an exasperated sigh and replied, with slight reluctance at having to say it, "He's a god…"

Loki and Kazumi glanced at each other before looking back at the teen "You really expect us to believe you?" Loki asked.

Narugami nodded his head "In fact, I'm a god too… err well, kind of…" he scratched the back of his neck nervously.

"Right and the next thing you're going to tell us is that Loki is a god too" Kazumi replied, sarcasm evident in his mocking voice as he rolled his eyes.

Narugami put on a serious face "Well…" he started.

Loki cut him off, "Look, let's just say that we do believe you for a minute and that man was using his 'godly powers' just before, why the hell was he aiming at me? I don't even know the guy"

Narugami sighed again "It's… err complicated and it's going to take time explaining what's going on… which we don't have-shit!" the brown-haired teen cursed and hurriedly moved in front of the two younger ones to shield the blast going their way with his wooden sword.

"Still the sharp and fast Thor, I see" Hod, who had long since blasted through the roof door, stood a mere eight feet from the three.

"Dammit… alright you two, listen to me… you guys have powers like me and him only their different kinds of powers. You have to look into yourselves and unlock them however you can. Sorry to say but in this limited form, I can't take him on by myself, I'll need help from at least one of you two" Narugami looked back, his brown eyes held all seriousness as he talked, making Loki and Kazumi believe that he really wasn't joking about this "So hurry it up... I'll buy as much time as I can so you guys can awaken your powers"

"Wait a minute!" Loki tried to stop the other from doing anything rash but it was too late, Narugami was already lunging at the dark figure in front of them.

"What the hell did he mean by 'awaken our powers'?" Kazumi asked, turning to Loki who held just as a confused face.

"…err maybe we should really try to help him…" Loki replied, wincing when the brown-haired teen was thrown to the floor but then forced to get up back onto his feet to defend everybody else.

"Ok you may have a point there but… how?!" Kazumi shook his head "last time I checked, I didn't have any hidden powers of any kind"

"…me neither… until a while ago" Loki said, referring to back when Hod had attacked them the first time and he had produced a shield from his bare hands. Kazumi's eyes widened for a split second and then he stared at his friend "…so exactly how did you do that?" he asked curiously and glanced over at Narugami when he let out a yell of pain, now pinned to the wall near the broken roof door.

Loki glanced over as well and shrugged "I don't know… I just sort of did it"

"Well, you must have felt something right?" Kazumi urged on, Narugami was now trying to keep himself from being strangled.

"Um… well I felt shock, fear… and there was something else, I can't quite explain it, it was like a natural thing to me" Loki answered.

"Ok… maybe if you concentrate on that last feeling" Kazumi suggested, something definitely logical so Loki nodded, by now Narugami was yelling at them to hurry up.

Concentrate, huh? Maybe I should… Loki closed his eyes and took a deep breath in and out, using a trick his mother had taught him a while back.


"Listen Loki, whenever you want to lie back and recollect on your past memories, use this little thing okaa-san is going to teach you!" Kanna grinned at her son as he stared at her, wondering why she wasn't at work.

"Ok, now the trick is to first close your eyes and clear your mind of everything and anything bothering you, it's best to try to lock them away in a chest you imagine in your mind or anything" she started, waiting for her son to close his eyes.

Loki sighed, wondering why he was doing this but complied to his mother's wishes, knowing he couldn't win even if he argued.

She happily smiled at him "Good! Ok now once you've cleared your mind, think back to that place of happiness before now… before your worries… before you… before you could remember this" her voice took on a soft pitch, now sounding unlike his mother's and more like that of a hypnotist.

Loki was soon lost in his own world, he blinked, finding that he was floating… looking up at the sky. He looked down, there he was, a year or so younger, playing with a stray dog he found on the street…

And then, all too suddenly, he was pulled back to reality by his mother-no that hypnotist's voice. He found himself sitting on the couch, facing his smiling mother, he blinked.

"So what did you remember, Loki?" she asked.

Loki shrugged, stating that it was way too short for him to remember anything too much. She frowned, stating that she had let him drift into his own world for about twenty minutes now. He stared back, surprised and glanced at the clock, finding that what she said was really true.

End of Flashback-

What Loki had a problem with was if the process of him recollecting those feelings before would take as long as it had back then or even longer, Narugami might not hold on any longer. He shook his head, he had to do something!

So, erasing all other thoughts from his head, he had gone back to just a while ago when he had supposedly produced a barrier to protect him and Kazumi. That strange feeling he had, like his soul was calling out to something which can only be summoned by himself. He searched his mind, what was it?

"Loki! Summon your staff!"

Loki was tempted to open his eyes but no, he kept them shut, continuing to search for something. That voice told him to summon his staff… he was searching for something that looked like a staff…

There, in front of him and surrounded by complete darkness, was something shining with the brilliance of the moonlight. Loki couldn't help but stare at it in amazement, it was beautiful… did he make this? What was it called? He opened his mouth, nothing came out. He couldn't remember what its name was…

It was so close, at the tip of his tongue. "La…" He had to think a little bit more… "La…Lav…" just a little bit now… "Laeva…" he reached out…


Loki's eyes snapped open, Narugami was about to be blast through the head with Hod's energy.

Quickly he held out his hands and closed his eyes, trying his hardest to go back to that darkness, where that shining light was and in one moment, screamed something out.

Three pairs of eyes widened as Loki was surrounded in some sort of neon green light, a color similar to the barrier he had used before. The light seemingly almost danced around him, welcoming him back into its bright embrace. Loki smiled slightly, something in his mind told him to hold out his hands, a small ball of light appeared in front of his palms before expanding from right to left. The light soon disappeared starting from the center and spreading from both directions, revealing a staff nearly Loki's own size.

His eyes widened a little before he grabbed the staff and pointed it forward at Hod warningly, smirking out of habit.

When the light surrounding him disappeared, Loki blinked out of the trance and looked at the new weapon in his hands. The staff had a golden color to it, though in the darkness looks more like a dirty yellow color. It had crescent moon-shaped top, a purple ribbon wrapped several times around the bottom part of the moon and was attached to a golden ring. Whenever Loki would move the staff, the ring hit the base of the staff and made a pretty jingling sound.

"…wow…" was all Loki could utter as he held the weapon in all angles to examine it further.

"Uh, glad you're having this beautiful reunion with your staff but WOULD YOU HELP ME OUT NOW?!" Narugami yelled from a few feet away, still being pinned by Hod.

Loki realized why he was forced to summon his weapon in the first place and apologized before going back into his confused state, how was he supposed to work this thing? "Ano…" he muttered.

Kazumi, who had already recovered from the shock of seeing Loki summon a staff out of nowhere, walked up from behind his friend and tapped him on the back. Loki almost jumped out of his skin and turned around to face the purple-haired boy, Kazumi pointed at the staff "Concentrate…" was all he said.

Loki blinked and nodded, pointing his weapon at Hod again and concentrating with all his will, he imagined in his mind that the black-haired man was being bound by rope. All of a sudden, a light shot from the top of his staff and wrapped around the black-haired being, surprising him and giving Narugami the opportunity to slip away.

"And here I thought you were going to leave me hanging…" Narugami muttered, now beside Loki with his wooden sword on his right shoulder.

Loki laughed nervously "Ah… well it took sooner than I thought to work this" he pointed at his staff.

"Heh, so you've awakened to your powers have you, Loki?" Hod said from where he was still bound by Loki's magic, though not struggling.

Loki narrowed his eyes "Why are you after my life?" he asked.

Hod smirked "It is all his will…" was what he answered with.

"Who are you talking about?" Loki stared at the guy in confusion.

The black-haired being continued to smirk "You're magic has grown quite weak… you can't possibly think to hold me with this" all of sudden, the magic bound around him broke and he was free. Narugami and Loki instantly readied their weapons for anything that the black-haired man could throw their way.

Instead, he did nothing…

"Even if both of your powers have weakened, I suppose I'll get hurt unnecessarily anyway… fine I'll leave it like this for today…" and so without any other warning, his body completely disappeared in a flash of black energy.

Loki blinked "…um…" he turned to Narugami.

Narugami shrugged in reply.

Kazumi walked up both of them, narrowing his eyes at the brown-haired teen "alright, time for you to explain what that guy really is and why he was after you and Loki" he crossed his arms, waiting for an explanation.

Before Narugami could say anything, Loki spoke up "Uh but before that…"

They turned to him.

"…err…" the boy looked nervous and, using his left index finger, pointed to the staff in his right hand "how do you make this go away?"

After all, when Narugami was done explaining, he would still have to go home and explaining to his mother where he had suddenly acquired a weapon almost as big as himself would really be difficult…


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