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Welcome to reality

Sakura sighed as she walked down the streets. She was walking home from the hospital. Being a medical ANBU was hard sometimes. Walking past Ichiraku she spotted Sasuke and Naruto. Smiling, she thought about how she still wasn't comfortable with their… relationship. Then again Sasuke didn't like her relationship with Gaara. She loved her panda, as she called him. In fact, they were engaged. Hinata gave up on Naruto and was going strong with Kiba. Ino found a love for Shino and Shikamaru was with Tamari. Tenten had fallen for Kankoro and Neji was, surprisingly, with Shizune. Sakura let her thought drift back to Gaara. Lost in thought she ran into a well toned chest. She smiled when she looked up to meet light jade eyes. She suddenly felt dizzy. Her eyes felt heavy.

"Hello Gaara-ku…" She fell forward. Gaara's eyes widened as he caught her.

"Sakura!" He touched her cheek and looked up to see Sasuke and Naruto running closer.

"What did you do… you bas…" Sasuke stopped when he saw Gaara's worry.

"Ne, Sasuke," Naruto said. "I feel… dizzy." He fell forward and Sasuke caught him.

"Naruto!" He looked up to see Gaara passed out to. A few seconds later his world went black.


Sakura woke up in a white room looking up at the face of a blonde nurse.

"Ts… Tsununde-shishou?" Sakura asked. The nurse giggled.

"No, just Tsununde. No formalities please." She looked at a clipboard. "Welcome back to reality, Haruno Sakura. You've been in a coma for six years."

"Six… years… but you're the hokage… and Orochimaru tried to kill you…and…and" Sakura's eyes fell to her blanket.

"Looks like you had some dream. I'll tell you what happened. You were 12 years old in Jr. High going on your school trip…


"Sakura! Sit next to me!" Naruto waved his arm in the air. They were on a train on their way to the airport for their school trip. Sakura really didn't want to sit next to Naruto and Ino was next to Sasuke, so she opted to sit next to Gaara. She seemed to be the only one not freaked out by him, so they were friends.

"Hey Gaara. Mind if I sit here?" She asked. He shook his head and she sat down. The train started. After about an hour Sakura had fallen asleep on Gaara's shoulder, not that he minded. He had taken quite the liking to the petal haired girl. Gaara was drifting off when the train shook violently. He saw the red-orange of an explosion then everything went black.


"… and you've all been in a coma since." Sakura took a moment for this all to sink in and the nurse went about her business. So… it was all a dream? Her suspisions were confirmed when Her inner didn't answer back. She had no inner. She was pulled out of her thoughts by Naruto.

"Ow! Man does my head hurt." He sat up and rubbed the back of his head. Looking around he saw there were six beds in the room. On the left side were Naruto, Sasuke, and then Sakura. On the right were Hinata, Kiba, and then Gaara. He noticed Sakura was up. "Ne, Sakura-chan, what's going on?"

"We've been in a coma for six years." Sakura said.

"WAH? B-b-b-b-b-b-but you just fainted a second ago!" He said.

"So you had the same dream too?" She looked over at Gaara. "I wonder…" She stopped when she herd Gaara groan.

"God, I feel like I fought Rock Lee and lost." He sat up. "Sakura! Are you ok? You fainted then Naruto fainted then… then…" He stopped.

"You too? That's weird." Sakura shook her head. "It was our dream. We've been in a coma for six years." She got up and walked over to Gaara's bed. He instinctively grabbed her waist and pulled her to his lap. "But I want to know… know if our feelings… were real." She leaned against his still toned chest.

"I believe they are." He answered with a kiss to her neck. Naruto ruined the moment.

"So that means I'm really gay?" Naruto pointed to himself.

"Yes dobe." They all turned to Sasuke who sat up. "I herd the whole thing. No need to explain. Then again… that means… I'm…………gay." He thought about it a moment and was shocked when it didn't freak him out.


"But it still makes no since. I mean, I remember the memories of that world so clearly… its like I actually lived them." Sakura shook her head.

"They could have been your real memories and your mind just put them into that atmosphere." The nurse Tsununde said. Sakura still sat in Gaara's lap and Kiba and Hinata had woken up a half-hour ago. "By the way you're the last ones to wake up. Want to go see your friends?"


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