Title: Sinner

Summary: Marco denies being a sinner, even after all the things he has done to Lyserg Diethel. He keeps telling himself that his actions are not sins, as long as he follows Jeanne-sama.



Me: Here's a crappy fic where I try to be out of character and try to use angst… it's a one-shot. Just a useless drabble...


A sinner. That definition has changed in Marco's mind. He didn't want to admit he himself was a sinner. He preformed an unforgivable crime. Rape, sodomy, and almost killing him. That him was a boy that was barely in his teens. This boy was Diethel Lyserg. A small and delicate boy full of innocence. His soft green hair, his emerald eyes that sparkled with naivity. His milky white pale body, and his dark blood. The liquid running down his boyish hips and legs, his angelic voice crying in pain. No, he told himself. He kept telling himself that he wasn't one of those people. God forgave his sins as long as he served Jeanne-sama. After all, who can resist such a temptation (i know i can't. if i saw lyserg,i'd hug him in a heart beat!)?

The other X-laws knew about this, and so did Jeanne-sama. Only Mina probably was the only one that cared about the fact that the boy was beaten and abused. But Marco would show her her place and point his gun at her. How dare she try to stop him. He was no sinner. At least, he thought he wasn't. But we all know better than that. No kind person would like to see another bleed. No kind saint would want an angel to be marked by he himself. No kind man would want to hurt a child like this. The definition was different now, ever since Lyserg came to Marco's life. He couldn't stop his hands, or his mouth. All he could do was hurt until Lyserg was staring at death in the face.

Those screams, those tears, his breathing. The raw power of you making him scream so much that he couldn't speak. Those marks you damage his perfect skin with to tell you he's yours. All yours. He was an angel sent here because he was already tainted. So it wasn't that bad if Marco used him for his dark desires. But to the blonde, they weren't dark. It was natural. The bruises, the clawing, and struggle. The boy always put up a fight. But it felt so good to know that he got his prize. Thrusting inside him, and sometimes the boy would faint from the pain. Though Marco tried not to be to rough. After all, he wanted Lyserg to be awake for every minute of it. His mind liked the thought of sending the green haired pain. Spiraling pain that made him bleed until his body felt cold and he couldn't move. He liked the fact knowing that Lyserg thought he would die every time he would do this to him.

But that would ruin the sinner's thoughts. The sinner being Marco. Though Marco will never admit it. Jeanne is a direct daughter of god, and serving her will make him forget his sins. The boy groaned, his body to tired to get up. His right side of his face was bruised, and his body was swimming in his own blood and Marco's semen. What a master piece... his master piece. He was no sinner, he was a servant of god that had no sins. But he still didn't understand why he did such things to the beautiful boy. Watching him coware in fear though put such thoughts out of his mind and he would abuse his body again. And again. Though he knew his limits.

Lyserg hated them. He just wanted to die. Would someone save him? "Yoh,"...


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