Kindred Rivals

I returned home after speaking with Veola on the cliff in the Lapis Woods. Will what I told her sink in? She needs to understand how her actions might affect those she cares about: Norman, Klein, and even me. After talking with her about her feelings, I realized that I'd finally found a kindred spirit.

The reason I never tell Klein about what happened when I woke up was that I don't want him to worry. Even though I am no longer the suicidal girl I was on that day, that moron tends to overreact if he thinks his friends are in danger. Perhaps this is why Veola won't tell anyone what she really wants to do. She knows her friends will try to stop her because they care.

But I still can't believe I told her the truth about what I really am! I never wanted anyone else to know my origins. Even Klein had to find out by reading Mother's diary and putting two and two together for once. I didn't trust anyone back then, fearing someone would hurt or abuse me because I wasn't human. However, I don't know where those horrible feelings of fear come from, something in my past that I can't remember perhaps?

I will continue to try and snap Veola out of her depression over her brother. She needs to understand what I learned after I arrived in Kavoc…live life to the fullest and you'll have no regrets. Perhaps I can do something, and perhaps I can't. However, if I try my best to save my friend I will at least know that I did the right thing.

But now…I just want to go to sleep. It's really late and we still need to search for the materials to create the Ruby Prism.

- - - -

Teefa's Last Words...

Just something I came up with in a pique of boredom. Wanted to explore Lita's determination to save Veola from herself. I saw that the scene on the cliff after you tell her about finding the ingredients in the Hidden Village really defined the two as kindred spirits, even though they are rivals for Klein's affection, and that drove Lita's feelings later on. Thus, the title. And the story section of this is exactly 300 words.