Morningstar Light

The people in Kavoc were surprised one morning to see a glow coming from the north. It flashed brighter than the sun, and stayed lit for a mere 30 seconds. However, those that paid close attention noticed that the bright flare came from the legendary city of Avenberry, a sealed place no one had entered since it crashed to the ground about 400 years ago. Nobody could make heads nor tails of what happened, especially since it came from where it did. But as time went on, the mysterious event was forgotten in the minds of the people. All they remembered it as was the "Morningstar Light!"

This is the tale behind that story. For on that day, the great power was awakened and brought back to the world. A power that would spin together several strangers in one quest that would not only determine the fate of the world, but unite their hearts forever. And it was in the hands of one girl.


She felt like she'd slept for years…

"Wha…what happened?" whispered a teenage girl who was lying on the floor in a crumpled heap, "Where am I?" The girl had long brown hair and deep brown eyes. She was wearing a white skirt with a sleeveless purple top that went down to the skirt's bottom with a triangular cut and was topped with white around the breast area, a pair of leather boots, white socks, and white billowy sleeves with purple lining on the bottom and belts tightening them so they held up. Her accessories consisted of some gold circles on her sleeve lining, a purple tie with gold on the bottom and where it tied to her neck, a purple band around her right thigh, a circular purple hat with gold markings, and a mysterious red jewel on a chain.

The young one looked around the area with nervous fear; it appeared to be an atelier of some sort. She realized that not only didn't she know where she was, but she didn't even know who she was. All that entered her head was a single word, a name perhaps…"Lita." But nothing could be told of how she got there, or why she felt as if she'd woken up after a really long nap.

"Who…who am I? How did I get here? And what of…this…pain?" she questioned. For at that moment, the girl felt excruciating pain stemming from an unknown sorrow. Though this place was as beautiful as a grand imperial palace, it was devoid of all life and she was all alone. She gripped her head as the pain began beating against her temples with all its might.

Getting her bearings, the girl began running away from the atelier. She exclaimed, "Someone has to be here! I can't be here all alone…I don't want to be alone. Anyone! Can you hear me? I don't know where I am or how I got here. Help me!" However, though she searched the room and all the others in the building top to bottom, there was no sign of life. She truly was all alone.

Finally, the girl came to the entrance to the massive atelier. She took the portal and found herself in an abandoned city. It seemed that no matter where she ran to, there was no one else alive in the entire world. What sort of cruel fate had left her to be devoid of not only self but of all human affection?

At the city's entrance, she fell to her knees and began crying. "What good is it to be alive, if there is no one to share it with? I can't continue to exist in such a place; this city keeps crying out to me as if to throw all of the pain that occurred here into my heart. If this is all that there is…I should just die!"

She got to her feet and kept walking. After some time, the girl came to the edge of a high cliff and an idea began to surface in her head. There was nothing left for her: no people, no past, no purpose. This cliff, the guardian that protected the city's remains, would become her grave. With trepidation and nervousness, she began stepping forward an inch at a time. Soon, she was at the edge. A second later, as she got her bearings, the girl allowed herself to fall off, her hat being blown away in the wind.

'It sure is a long way down,' she began thinking, 'I wonder if my life will flash before my eyes as they say? This might be the only way of remembering how I got there and why I don't know anything. Not like anyone will miss me when I'm gone; if anyone who is still alive cared, they would have come to help me and I wouldn't be in this predicament right about now.' A single tear fell from her right eye.

-Stop! Don't do this! You must live,- a woman's voice begged from within her head.

That snapped the girl back to her senses. She could clearly see the rocky ground below, waiting to catch her and break her to pieces in the same blow. Fear shot through her body like the sting of a needle. The girl clutched her chest and the jewel she had somehow concealed within her shirt.

She whispered, "I…I don't want to do this anymore. I want to go home!" Suddenly, a miracle happened. A light shone from the youth's body and began to take the form of a pair of graceful gold capped white wings upon her back. They caught her from her death fall and allowed her to hover in place. Then, her hat mysteriously caught up to the rest of her and settled on top of her head. The wings began flapping of their own will, and started flying her away from the city of her pain.

However, all the girl wanted to know was how this had happened. "I was falling, and now I'm flying on a pair of wings. How do I have wings, anyway? I don't think anybody else does. Does it have something to do with why I was all alone in that atelier? Or is it something in where I come from?"

She was so intent on musing, that she didn't notice the Falcon Hawk coming up behind her. It struck her in the back with its talons, knocking her towards the ground once more. But the girl's wings made a quick recovery, and her somewhat instinctual reflexes kicked in. With anger in her eyes, she put her unarmed hand into a fist, and punched. The hawk felt the wind being knocked out of it, and began falling towards the ground itself, presumably to its death.

Even though she'd taken it out, the girl was still injured. Her wings flew her a short ways more before making the long descent towards the forest below. As she landed, she knelt down and took notice of her surroundings. There was a town not too far off; perhaps she could get help there. And she could also see the city she had come from earlier that day off in the distance on its mountain. But her reverie was short lived because a sharp pain in her back accompanied by dizziness set in. She was bleeding where the Falcon Hawk had struck her, and she had nothing to heal herself with.

"The town is my only hope," she stated, "Someone there ought to know about medicine."


She stumbled into town just as it started to rain. Nobody was on the streets, they'd all gone home. The girl began lurching towards the nearest building and reached for the knob. But her strength gave way at the last second and she collapsed against its side. The last thing she remembered before the world went black was the sound of a trash can as she knocked it over.

- - - -

Teefa's Last Words...

First chapter…done! This isn't going to be that long, just enough to set Lita up for her entrance in Atelier Iris. The reason I didn't write her name out was that she's not yet sure that the name in her head is hers. It's to get you into her lack of identity at this point in the story. I'll start using her name in the next chapter once we get past a certain point. This is good therepy for me and good to ease my cravings. I need something to do till I play AI:2 and can write my Avenberry fic.