Lita eventually arrived at a huge imposing gateway that blocked her path. She put her hand on the stone, feeling a strange energy that seemed to guard it from ever opening. Some other key was needed to open the way to her past. In effect, Lita and the rest of the world were locked out.

'And I came all this way, too,' she mused, 'Maybe I should have looked around more instead of making a hasty retreat. I don't know how to open this gate, but I know I can find it if I try. It might take time, however there will come a day that I return to that city and confront who I am and why I'm here. Well, if nothing can be done for now, I'd better head back to Kavoc and see if there's work for me.'


When she returned to town, she saw one of the Alkavana Knights was finishing up a speech. He was a large, older man with a rough face and a loud voice. And behind him was the man who Lita had bumped into the other day. The girl wondered what everything was about.

"I would once again like to thank Sir Mull for his dedication to the cause of the Alkavana. Though I will remain in active command of the knights, it will be he who makes the big decisions and plans for our agency. We would like to continue serving the people of Kavoc and protecting them with our power. Now, return to your daily business and resume your lives, as we return to protecting you all," the knight stated.

He and the silver haired man walked away, and the people began to resume what they had been doing before he interrupted them. The only person who was still hanging around was Delsus, looking quite perplexed. As Lita approached to ask what was going on, he muttered, "Guess there goes my treasure hunt. Man, what a drag. Who is this Mull character to say we can't try to go there?"

The flirt was soon all too aware of the small foot tapping behind him. Turning around, Delsus saw Lita standing there impatiently. She eyed him as if to get his attention. "What was that all about? I was out of town for a little bit on business and I find this stranger coming in to set some new rules."

"It's a pain," Delsus informed her, "That Mull character is the new head of the knights. He just decreed that nobody is allowed to head for the city of Avenberry. Er, if you don't know it's the place just past that large gate to the west of here. Supposedly, there's a treasure there as well as the secrets of the ancients. Many explorers came to find what it really was, and Kavoc was established to give them a base camp of sorts. But now there goes our main import of travelers and tourists, as well as my desire to go and find whatever treasures I can in the city. It's my other profession, after all."

"Other profession? Other than being a lecherous pervert?" yelled an incredibly mad Lita.

Delsus looked taken aback, but replied, "About that time…sorry. I can't help myself around the ladies after all. Especially the situation you were in, I always dreamed of being some girl's knight in shining armor. Let's just put it all behind us and make a fresh start. We don't even have to be friends, just be civil to one another in the event that we meet like this again. What do you say, young lady?"

Lita looked away from him. "I guess that works. Not like I really have time for close friends. I have to keep getting stronger so I can better myself at the work of a Galgazit. Besides, fighting with you over your tendencies would only become a major headache in the long run. So I'll treat you with respect if you do the same for me." She smiled upon realizing that she'd quoted Norman there.

"I'm a Galgazit myself," Delsus stated, "But I'm often out of town on hunts because I really don't like staying one place but wanted to go to Avenberry. I guess I'll keep it up until either I find a way to get in without alerting Beggur and the bozos over at Alkavana, or they decide that it's no big deal for treasure hunters to continue doing what they love as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. Well, see you later."

Lita watched him leave and then returned home herself. She felt dejected; this meant she would be unable to go to Avenberry as well. There had to be some way to get there, and some way to not have to deal with those knights on the way. But why would that Mull character want to stop others from going?

'Maybe that feeling I had regarding him was right after all. Either he wants to find a way inside and keep everything there for himself, or he doesn't want anybody to find out about what's inside. But how could he know what is there? I don't know, I guess now's not the time anyway. I'd best let my disappointment over these two obstacles set in and then try to think of a plan,' she thought.

Lita decided then to go eat something. After all, you can't think on an empty stomach. So she went to Norman's and ordered a burger and some Lando Juice. But even that didn't help her at all. If anything, she was further behind because several ideas had already been junked. Going to Avenberry to discover her past was shaping up to be quite the difficult task. And there was no one around to help her. Delsus didn't seem to want to go against Alkavana and even Lita knew she couldn't beat them all on her own. She knew that this was going to become quite the project indeed…


Lita went back to study the gate several times. Each instance, she made sure to go in the opposite direction from the gates so that anyone who might follow her would think she had a constant business in that area. Once she was sure that no one was hiding in the nearby bushes to tail her, Lita would head in the direction of Henmil's gate to continue her observation of the structure.

Deducing from what she knew about Avenberry and Iris, the girl deduced that it was alchemy that kept it sealed. Thus, Lita figured, it would probably take an alchemist to undo the seal. Unfortunately, from what she figured out, alchemy as an art was dying out. Thus, finding someone to open the gates would be an incredible long shot indeed. Lita was back to square one again.

More searching concluded that Mull, Alkavana's new big shot, was in fact an alchemist. But Lita was no fool; she would never ask him. That man had given her some sort of negative feeling ever since she first laid eyes on him. Asking for his help might very well seal her own fate.

So Lita was alone, just as she wanted, for about a year. But the, as she was heading towards the gates one day, she beheld a Falcon Hawk in Lapis Woods attacking someone. Lita jumped in to help out, only to find what appeared to be a cocky boy with an attitude. Disgusted, she walked off towards her destination, but did tell the boy where to go to make it to town. Little was she to know that he was the one she searched for; the alchemist who would open the gates. And that encounter in the woods would lead to Lita's discovery of her own past and the shaping of her own future, as well as a battle that would determine the very fate of the world they both lived in.

- - - -

Sky's Corner

Oi, this is Sky filling in for Teefa because the rat of a Winged Woren decided to hold a meeting tonight regarding the new fics they have planned. Anyway, another story comes to a close. We put Lita to where she was at the start of the game, and introduce how things came to be. And Teefa chose a year for the interim between her awakening and the game because Lita is supposed to live a normal human life, thus she should theoretically age, and she didn't look much younger in the flashbacks.