Writing Credits:

Idea by Ozopossim.

Written by Ozopossim.

Posted by Gipdac.

It was a bleak August night and ozzie walked passed Rj while going for a midnight snack

"Hi, Rj"

"Sup Ozzie..Where are you going"

"Im goin' to grab a snack"

Ozzie started walking towards the food

"Hmm...what to eat."

Ozzie reached towards a can of whipped cream

"This looks good."

"Wow, where did we get that."

"I dont know!"

Ozzie took it back to a nearby tree and sat down
And Rj followed and sat next to him

"You know, Ozzie, well um..."


"Well um...Im bored and well."


Ozzie said as he brought the can of whipped cream to his mouth.

Just as the cream entered his mouth Rj smacked the can out of Ozzies hand and began sucking the cream out from ozzies mouth before he swallowed it..

"Why did you d..."

Ozzie couldent finish because Rj swooped in for another kiss...This time Rj caressing ozzies head rubbung him behind his ear"how do you like that"All ozzie could do was close his eyes and recieve the pleasure..As Ozzies penis became erect, Rj Began lowering his head licking ozzies nipples as they also erected..Rj grabbed the can of cream Spraying it all over ozzies chest."oooo!"Ozzie said as Rj licked all the cream off ozzies chest.Rj went further down and began Messaging ozzies penis.."Oh my...please, oooo!" ozzie began to moan in pleasure.Rj began licking Ozzies penis until cum erupted onto his face..Rj began to carouse the cum of his face...ozzie moaned louder and louder because Rj wouldent stop he kept sucking and sucking, then Rj came up with a brilliant plan...Rj sat on ozzies penis Shoving it up his ass..He began to moan the further down he went..Rj bent over kissing Ozzies again"Oh ya ozzie, What do you think"

"pret...Ooooooo!" More cum came out of ozzie and stright into Rj ass lubercating it..

Rj couldent helt but clinch his hand in pleasure..Ozzie began to get up as Rj got off of him but this time Rj layed stomach down on the ground..Ozzie placed his penis at the entrance of Rj's rectum and began shoving it faster and faster Rj moaned in ecstacy!"OZZIE, DONT STOP!"

Ozzie began to To slowen down as more cum shot um into Rjs Rectum...Ozzie stopped and layed next to Rj

"You know what."

"What Rj"

"You provide so much company but you hardly get anything in return."

"I hadent really thought of that"

Rj put his head onto ozzies chest

"I love you ozzie"

"Thanks, i love you to Rj"

They both feel asleep and together.