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'blah' means thoughts

James slung a backpack over his shoulder and walked out the door. The sun was just starting to rise over the mesas. He slowly walked over the Outback with no particular destination in mind. As he walked, he allowed his mind to wander back to what led him out there. It had been a dream, but it wasn't just a dream. It was more like a vision. It was the face of a man with piercing yet dreamy cobalt blue eyes and long auburn hair. He shook his head, his blonde locks moving away from his own cobalt blue eyes. "I'm NOT gay!" This outburst shook James from his reverie. His eyes focused on the tall mesa inches from his face. He shrugged and began his ascent.

"Titus, forthwith."

Titus fell onto her right knee with her palms touching the floor and her head bowed. ""Command me, my Queen."

An image appeared in her crystal ball. It was a man with short blonde hair and cobalt blue eyes wearing a red t-shirt, jean shorts, and a black vest. "Do you recognize him, Titus?"

She gasped. "It's Jedite!"

"He has been reborn. Bring him home, Titus."

James hoisted himself onto the top of the mesa. There, on the other side of the mesa, was a beautiful girl with teal hair and matching eyes wearing a purple sundress. 'She's beautiful,' he thought as he approached her. He snaked an arm around her waist. "What is a beautiful girl such as you doing here all alone?"

Titus smiled. "He's even cuter with that accent.' "Well, I'm not exactly alone now am I?" Titus purred as she snuggled up to him. For the next few minutes, they watched the scenery. Then, she whispered into James's ear, "Want to go to my place for some alone time?"

"Sure." 'I'm going to score today. This proves I'm not gay.' The next thing he felt was indescribable. The rush he felt was familiar to him like something out of a dream. All the sudden, he was slammed into a cold obsidian floor. He looked around at his new surroundings. At an undetermined distance behind him were moving shadows; to his right and left was nothing but blackness; and in front of him was a throne with a high dais. On the throne was a woman with long red hair, red eyes, and an evil smile on her face. "What the hell is going on?"

"Welcome home, Jedite." Queen Beryl inclined her head slightly toward the shadows. "Titus, forthwith."

The beautiful girl that brought him there appeared out of nowhere, wearing a blue dress. She fell to one knee and put her palms on the floor. She bowed her head. "Yes, my Queen."

Beryl smirked and made some elaborate hand motions, her hands never leaving her crystal ball. Dark energy swirled around the crystal and then traveled across the throne room to swirl around the blonde. James fell to his knees and held his head as images flooded his mind. Images of a great battle on the Moon. Memories of his previous life. His cobalt eyes flew open and he stood up. He bowed to Queen Beryl. "My Queen."

"Welcome back, Jedite. Ready for your mission?"

"Yes, your majesty."

"Hey, Mark. Give me a shot of tequila and a scotch on the rocks," Eric called out as he sat at the bar. He propped his umbrella up against the bar.

"Like you'd order anything else! God, Eric, order something new!"

"Why mess with a good thing?" Both men laughed. Mark had known Eric for years. Eric was a regular as was Jack. Mark looked at the clock.

'He should be coming in right about now,' Mark thought. Just as the thought finished, Jack walked in.

"Hey, Mark. Give me a Gin and Tonic and a paper."

Mark made a Gin and Tonic and handed Jack his drink and paper. The picture and headline caught his attention. The picture was of a man with long auburn hair and cobalt eyes wearing a suit, and the headline read New Observatory Opens. 'He looks familiar.' The name under the picture read Nick Yates. Mark shrugged and went back to cleaning a glass.

Just then, Jedite, wearing his Negaverse uniform, walked in and sat down at the bar. He had been collecting energy via Queen Beryl's orders. Now, he was thirsty. Spending his life in Australia gave him a liking for alcohol. "Hey, Barkeep, give me a Strawberry Daiquiri."

Mark gave the stranger with the Australian accent his drink. Jedite looked at the bartender. He had platinum hair and ice blue eyes and was wearing a long sleeve dark blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and jeans. 'It's Malachite!'

All the sudden, Mark's fist stuck Jedite's nose. "Here's you drink, Queer."

Jedite drained his drink, set the glass down, and said, "Takes one to know one."

With a sound of indignation, Mark struck Jedite again. Or rather would have if Jedite had not caught his wrist. In the next second, Jedite teleported himself and Mark away from the bar.

Eric looked up from his drink. "Hey, Mark, give me- Where'd he go?"

He and Jack looked around before declaring, "Self serve!"

They reappeared in the throne room. Jedite threw Mark's arm away from its intended target with such force that it spun Mark around, making him land on his butt.

"Malachite. I had not expected this. Well done, Jedite," Queen Beryl praised.

"What the bloody hell is going on?" Mark asked. "Why and how did this bloody git bring me here?" He then noticed Queen Beryl. "Well, you're a lusty wench now, aren't you?"

Queen Beryl raised an eyebrow as if she was considering his advances, but then made some elaborate hand motions, her hands never leaving her crystal ball. Dark energy swirled around the crystal and then traveled across the throne room to swirl around the platinum-haired man. Mark held his head as images flooded his mind. Images of a great battle on the Moon. Memories of his previous life. He looked up, his ice blue eyes landing on Queen Beryl. "Oh, fuck."

A blast of dark energy hit Malachite, throwing him back. He landed on his back and slid about four yards, coming to a stop inches from the shadows.

"You deserved that, Malachite," Jedite commented as Malachite walked back toward the throne. "You'll want to change into your uniform."

Malachite smirked. "Nice accent, Jedite."

"Like you have room to talk."

Malachite turned towards Queen Beryl. "You Majesty, where are the other two generals?"

"They are still missing. They must be found."

Malachite remembered a certain newspaper article that he had seen earlier that day. "I think I know where Nephlite is, my Queen."

"Very good. Jedite, collect more energy. Malachite, go find Nephlite."