Title: "Daisuki desu!"

Summary: On their way to school Akutsu finally asked Taichi, why he's always around and not afraid of him.

Disclaimer: I do not own Tennis no Ohjisama… I just like it a lot.

Warnings: none

Authors note: So, this is my first fanfiction I ever wrote in English… and my first Tennis no Ohjisama also… Hope it's not to bad -.-

-"Daisuki desu!"-

It was early in the morning and Akutsu Jin was on his way to school. The schoolbag carelessly over his shoulder and his free hand shoved into his trousers pocket his appearance seems to scream: "Don't you dare talk to me!"

"Akutsu-senpai! Akutsu-senpai!"

Akutsu's eyes narrowed as he heard Dan Taichi's voice somewhere behind him. Like always the small boy meets him a few blocks away from Yamabuki Junior High and as always he seemed to be his usual happy self.

Akutsu didn't answer nor did he look back, he only slowed down a bit for the boy to catch up.

"Ohayou desu, Akutsu-senpai", Taichi greet happily once he reached his tall senpai, slightly out of breath.

Akutsu didn't answer, he didn't even look at the kid but Taichi didn't expect a reaction from the older one. So he just begun talking about yesterdays tennis practice and that he was allowed to practice with the Seigaku regulars and that he played against Echizen Ryouma.

For Akutsu it was unbelievable how much Taichi could talk. If they would let him, he was sure, the boy would talk 24/7.

On their way they passed a few groups of other pupils which would stare after them. Nobody could believe that the freshman was always around the third year and still alive!

Akutsu himself sometimes wonders why the brat was always by his side (or at least whenever possible). Why wasn't the younger one afraid of him like all the other people around him? Akutsu always asked himself this question and now he decided to finally ask the boy and get his answer.

But at fist the boy need to shut up. If he hears the name Echizen again within the next few hours he would hit the person saying.

"Shut up, kozou!", Akutsu growled and Taichi stopped mid-sentences, looking up at his tall senpai.

The school gates of Yamabuki Junior High where in front of them and after they passed them Akutsu looked down at the boy.

"Why aren't you afraid of me?" he asked out of the blue and Taichi stopped abruptly, staring at Akutsu out of large deep brown eyes.

"Because I like you", he answered simply, a small smile on his lips.

The older one frowned. He must have heard wrong. "That's bullshit, kozou! Nobody likes me and I too like nobody. Don't say such stupid things, they get you in trouble someday."

"But it's true, desu!" Taichi said, locking his eyes with Akutsu's. "I really do like you."

"Why would you like me?" Akutsu asked. "I'm no one to like. I'm violent and I love to be like that. I'm always harsh towards you and I don't like you at all, so why?"

Taichi looked sad, his eyes leaving his senpai, looking at the ground. "I don't know" he whispers. "I just do. And you are not always harsh, you could be nice, too. Remember after your game against Echizen-kun? You were kind to me, telling me to aim for his strength even I've this small body. And you are always listening to me. It's those small things you do that made me think you're actually a kind person, It's just that no one ever takes time to get to know you better, so they didn't notice. But I noticed. And I think that's why I like you."

After Taichi's little speech Akutsu watched the boy through narrowed eyes. He couldn't believe what he had heard. Did the brat really think so? One look at Taichi's flushed face told him that he really means it.

"Whatever", he growled, looking away. He was never good with compliments, even if he thought they weren't true.

He speeded up, leaving Taichi behind who looked after him, a gentle smile on his face.

"Daisuki desu!" he whispers to himself before he ran off to his own classes.