Ms. Noin looked across the room and walked in front of the front four desk, pacing slowly back and forth while she talked. "You were all brought here, by special invitation and on scholarship because you are the brightest of your age. Many of you are from different countries, and please, if you are having trouble the school offers special programs, do not hesitate to ask. You are the future, and my job is to educate you." She looked around the room and suppressed a frown. This our future? We're doomed.
There was a stoic boy that chose to sat in the front, glaring through her with Prussian eyes and a head of messy brown hair. Next to him was an equally quiet taller and very well built boy, whose uni-bang covered one green eye. Next to him sat a well dress shorter boy with light blonde hair and sea green eyes. He was smiling, unlike the others, and seemed, dare she think, eager to learn? She smiled back at him but he was looking to the green eyed one.
Last there was a Chinese boy with back hair that was pulled back and extremely dark eyes. He seemed to be slumped back in his chair defiantly with a smug look on his face only slightly annoyed. Noin noticed that the first row was full of all guys and the second row was full of all girls.
There was another Chinese girl sitting in the first seat. Her hair was in two twisted blonde low pigtails and Noin recognized her as the medical intern, who would be sitting in on the classes. She leaned on one arm with a glazed over look in her eyes. I know that look… Ah, college finals… No sleep, constant work, mind wanders, and I thought she might help me control the class, not that that'll happen. Doesn't look like they're very active anyway.
Next to her was an innocent looking girl, although she had a snobbish air about her. She had honey colored hair and blue eyes. For the first time she noticed that her and the blonde boy were wearing expensive clothes, while the others varied. Swiftly glancing at the attendance list she immediately knew, Relena Dorlian and Quatre Winner.
Next to Relena was the girl that had almost come in late, it was clear she had wanted to sit in the front and was a little disappointed to see only guys there. She sat as the edge of her seat, leaning forward and anxious to learn. Every now and then she would lean over to Relena and talk a bit. Good, a student that isn't a statue but wants to learn, just what we were looking for. She had blue eyes and strangely colored hair, blue, that stood out in pointed bangs that hung in front of her eyes.
All the way to the side sat a smiling blonde with gray forked eyebrows and blue eyes that seemed to lack black pupils. Her hair reached past her waist and seemed well cared for. She also wore expensive clothes, all in pink. Noin thought her smile looked very fake and that she was acting superior, but she could see the intelligence behind those eyes and moved on.
Last, in the back, almost or trying to be hidden by shadow, was a grungy looking kid, with long hair, which he had tied in a braid and a black t-shirt with baggy hole filled shorts. His cobalt blue eyes were focused on a notebook he had half hidden under his desk. He was a local. Chances were that he would have never been chosen for the program were he not an American. He was brilliant, like the rest of them, but he wasn't rich, like the rest of them were and he had a bad reputation, unlike the rest of them.
Noin shook her head and started to approach him although he didn't even look up until her shadow covered his work. The rest of the class turned to watch and the boy looked up with annoyance and then a twinge of fear. Quietly so that no one can hear, he whispered, "Please don't show this to the class," then he tried to put in back under his desk.
Noin frowned and put her hand over the notebook before he could put it away. He looked up again, surprised, "Give it to me," she said in a warm yet demanding voice. He seemed to recoil and furrow his brow, but he reluctantly handed it to her.
She looked it over to his surprise yet again, instead of showing it to the class. He looked at her hopefully and a little interested at what she might think, but caught himself and tried to look indifferently at the desk. Noin was surprised as well, on the page, in his messy, loopy handwriting he had written three poems, and they were pretty good, although dark and inexperienced. Out of the goodness of her heart she set it back down on the desk and tried to frown, "From now on, do this outside of class." She dropped her voice to a whisper, "And if you want to work on them more, come talk to me after class." She headed back to the front of the room when the door burst open.
In ran a curly brown haired and pale skinned blur that murmured a stuttered apology, the class must have been getting a workout, turning around so much. She plopped down on the desk next to the poet and dropped her keys among the tangled mass that was her bag and coat. She and the boy went to pick the keys up at the same time and their eyes met, blue and blue. They both rose slowly and the boy handed her the keys, which she had forgotten to pick up and murmured a greeting.
Noin cleared her throat and the attention in the room focused back on her. "Now that everyone's here, I'll take attendance-"
"I'm sorry but my ride-" The late girl started in but was stopped by Noin's hand.
"No time for apologies and no need, let's get moving, we have a lot of orientation to do as well as a tour of the entire academy. The real work starts tomorrow, be prepared with notebooks and loose leaf. You have twelve classes to choose from but seven are required and there is a choice between art and music; as well as a choice in foreign languages, you must take one." Noin gathered her books and her black purse. She wore a knee-length black skirt with a neon green button up jacket and a plum scarf decorated with flowers. "I am tired of being in this small stuffy room, let's do orientation while walking and touring. Get up, take paper and a pen if you want but you can leave your things in the room. This is your homeroom. Before classes start first come here. I am your homeroom teacher and grade advisor. I will take attendance and if you need help with something or a little guidance," she glanced at Duo, who was staring at the girl… Catherine, "then come to me. I also teach French and a minor peer mediation class, and who knows what else," she muttered under her breath.
By that time the class had already gathered their things and many were already standing up. She went over their names in her head again. Hilde seemed halfway out the door but she was also waiting for… Relena, who was waiting for… Dorothy? Have I got it right? Wufei was ready to walk past her and leave but with a look from Lucrenzia he 'restrained' himself.
Now that they were all standing Duo seemed to think it was okay to talk (actually he was, but it was like it had bottled up inside within twenty minutes and a cork was released, the bottle pouring forth meaningless conversation). He began rapidly speaking with Catherine who was getting a notebook out of her bag and responding with enthusiasm. She looked up, Duo said something and she laughed, but blushed. Noin resisted the urge to roll her eyes, so this one's a player? He's flirting with her already, what will I do with this kid?
Quatre looked a little nervous, the other guys in the group were all ignoring each other completely, determined to be alone and the girls were all girls and being rather exclusive. Noin saw him glance at Duo and saw hope but at the time Duo was busy flirting. He blew air upwards out of his mouth, which ruffled his platinum bangs, and looked down. Surprisingly, the weird eye-browed girl swept him up and included him with the group of girls. Relena almost frowned but no one caught it except Noin, who was looking for these sort of things. Wait, did the blonde just glance triumphantly at Relena? She noticed as well… interesting…
All of this occurred in a manner of seconds and with that, she led the class out of the room.

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"Why don't you like us?"
"The popular people."
"… I don't know, but you don't like us either… do you." -conversation between me and Jennifer, who was the most popular girl in my class in 7th grade.