Disclaimer : I own nothing except Iridia Sunheart.

This is the story of one of my first concept of character with BESM when I bought the supplement about Sailor Moon. I wanted a Senshi that was more like the Senshi depicted in the manga and not a terminally brain-burned teenager or a delusional murdering bitch. Although I possess the RPG Robotech, my character has been created with BESM rules.

Name: Iridia Sunheart

Element of influence: light, plasma, stars and the sun.

Age: 16 years (in appearance).

Birth date: October 18, 1978 in the Sailor Moon dimension.

Astrological sign: Libra.

Hair: long, black.

Eyes: emerald green.

Height: 5' 3".

Blood type: A+.

Hobbies: martial arts, reading and video games.

Favourite colour: black and green.

Favourite gemstone: Amber.

Favourite food: sweets.

Least favourite food: spicy food.

Favourite school subject: biology.

Least favourite school subject: math.

Strengths: tactics, strategy, willpower and the supernatural.

Weaknesses: slow to anger but almost berserk if angered, girls

and dangerous flying bugs.

Goal: the dynamic balance of the multiverse.

Iridia is an anomaly among the Senshi. She is the only Senshi who is not a Sailor Senshi. Her oath has been to fight for Love and Justice and not on the behalf of Serenity. She is the reincarnation of a cousin of the princess of Mars and thus looks a good deal like Rei Hino. A cousin who has deliberately pursued the secret of the creation of the senshi in order to became one even with the knowledge that only the queen was allowed to use such a power. Iridia transform into Sol, the Senshi of the Sun. Contrary to the others Senshi, she draw her power from all type of suns and not just one stellar object. Our sun is merely the most nearer. She is not the most powerful Senshi but the most versatile. Her power-base enables her to use a large variety of magic. Also it is noted that her Silver Millennium incarnation was a powerful sorceress who managed to link her soul to the stars in order to become a Senshi, it's from this background that came her natural talent with the magic. During the saga of Sailor Moon, she proved to be a good friend and was fiercely protective of the other Senshi to the point to destroy her enemies without the traditional speech of introduction. She was pragmatic and loyal to the end. After the Galaxia arc, she found her destiny by travelling between the dimensions to help the others Senshi. She was appealed to find some versions of her friends who were breaking the spirit of their oaths if not the letter. Such encounter forced her to fight against the Senshi and many time to thwart the plans of the local Sailor Pluto. Iridia is as self-sacrificing as her dear friend Usagi, finding comfort in the purity of the soul of the princess even if sometimes her naivety twist her noble goal (such as sacrificing a good portion of humanity to create an utopia and enforce it by brainwashing the survivors). Iridia is a lesbian like Haruka and Michiru and she has flirted many times with her fellow Senshi. Like Makoto, she is an orphan who has never known her parents. The orphanage of Juuban is frequently visited by her and the children here refer to her as Onesan (elder sister).

Stats and derived values:

Body: 7.

Mind: 6.

Soul: 11.

Health points: 100.

Energy points: 125

Attack combat value: 10 (11 with solar sword)

Defence combat value: 8 (9 with solar sword)

Total character points: 100 pts.

Character defects (12 pts):

Attack gesture: level 2 (2 pts).

Attack restriction: level 1 (1 pt).

Attack words: level 2 (2 pts).

Easily distracted by cute girls: level 1 (1 pt).

Item dependency sun crystal brooch for her transformation and tiara for her sun tiara action: level 1 (1 pt).

Phobia minor for dangerous flying bugs like wasps, bees and hornets: level 1 (1 pt).

Powered after transformation, she had only access to her elemental control and rejuvenation without transforming first: level 1 (1 pt).

Recurring nightmares: level 1 (1 pt).

Servitude, maintaining the multiversal balance: level 1 (1 pt).

Transformation loss: level 1 (1 pt).

Neutral attributes (52 pts):

Acrobatics: level 4 (body), world class skill. (4 pts)

Appearance: level 3 (body), very attractive. (3 pts)

Art of distraction: level 3 (soul), can distract a small crowd. (3 pts)

Combat mastery: level 2. (4 pts)

Damn healthy: level 1. (1 pt)

Divine relationship: level 3. (3 pts)

Energy bonus: level 4. (4 pts)

Extra attacks: level 1. (4 pts)

Focused combat: level 1, with the solar sword. (1 pt)

Heightened senses: level 2, her five senses are twice as sharp. (2 pts)

Heightened senshi powers: level 2. (2 pts)

Massive damage: level 3. (6 pts)

Speed: level 3, three times than an average human adult. (3 pts)

Unique character attribute: Silver Millennium magic level 6: know 18 spells and more. Including flight, teleportation alone or with others, invisibility, create matter, glamour, create illusions, telekinesis, telepathy, multiple images, open pocket dimension portal, enchanting objects, sleep spell, enchanting water for clairvoyance, locate object or person, sense and analyze magic, limited full elemental control (all elements), elemental attacks varied and magical shields or force fields. (12 pts)

Senshi attributes:

Senshi powers: level 9 (36 pts)

Animal guardian: level 2, any Mau cats encountered is a friend. (2 pts)

Combined attacks: level 6, can combine attacks or energy with 10-12 characters. (6 pts)

Elemental control: level 6, primal control on her element. (18 pts)

Item of power: the sun crystal is a Ginzuishou type crystal of power (level 5), her solar sword who can concentrate all the power of a star (level 3), her fuku is more armoured than the normal version (level 4, 20 points of armour) and her star canon who can project a SDF level attack (level 4). (28 pts)

Rejuvenation: level 6. (6 pts)

Senshi attacks: solar flare level 3 (plasma blast in a magnetic funnel), sun tiara action level 2 (glowing discus using her sun tiara, capable of slicing, stunning and draining energy. Can also be guided at distance.), sun corona level 3(protective aura around her), solar wind level 4 (protective force field covering a large zone), sun spot level 5 (actually a concentred blast of gravity forces), nova level 4 (a contact attack releasing a powerful plasma explosion), super nova level 5 (an all-around explosion of fiery plasma on a large zone), plasmatic holocauster level 6 (attack final of plasma on any zone) and black hole bomb level 6 (create an actually black hole). (33 pts)


In July 1999, a massive meteor falls on Macross Island, an uninhabited isle in the South Pacific. The initial investigation by the U.S.A. reveals it to be a giant, lifeless spaceship of extraterrestrial origin. The alien spaceship is first kept secret from the public.

Global war ravaged the world at this time but a temporary cease-fire is called and the countries of the earth form a Unified Earth Government to deal with the more serious threat of

a potential invasion from outer space.

Under the direction of the doctor Emile Lang, a special investigation task force begin the analysis of the alien spacecraft which is given the code name of SDF-1 (Super Dimensional Fortress-1).

In January 2001, the one Unified Earth Government becomes a reality. Surprisingly,

there is little anti-unification dissension and the restoration of the SDF-1 begins.

In September 2004, the team of Emile Lang make the startling discovery of a symbiotic link instilled between operator and machine when the new, Robotech (protoculture) energy source is used. Unknown to humanity, the protoculture emissions begin to shape the destiny of the Earth and various forces across the multiverse begin to take notice.

The first July 2009, the ceremonial christening of the SDF-1 on Macross Island is about to begin. Ceremonies were to include the first public demonstration of the Destroids and Veritech Fighters. Unfortunately, Destiny has others ideas and one of her favourite player is about to enter the stage.