Title: Concocting Chemistry

Summary: Tired of being labeled as the shy innocent Gabriella Montez, the sexually frustrated soprano concocts a plan to seduce Troy Bolton.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything relating to HSM.

Rating: T for now.

A/N: I just wanted to give my own little twist on Troyella—and especially present a different side to Gabriella. Before you get any ideas about what this will be like keep in mind that I'm concentrating more on the humorous aspect of this story. Thus far in the writing process I don't think I'll be including any explicit scenes. There will be innuendos and references but nothing too graphic. Btw special thanks to sophthewiseone for coming up with the title and basically letting me bounce ideas off of her. She's awesome and you should all read her stuff! Now. Or rather after this chapter.



Now before I start let me just say that I love Troy. I LOVE HIM! He's literally the sweetest, most wonderful boyfriend a girl could ever have.

And that's the problem. He's just a little bit too sweet, a little bit too wonderful. As blissful as this year and a half with him have been, our relationship—with all its homecoming dances and spontaneous musical duets—is nothing short of a Care Bears episode. I mean when we go out I half expect Hello Kitty to come and escort us to the movies.

Maybe it's partially my fault. At East High I'm sweet innocent little Gabriella Montez. I don't lie, cheat or curse. Nary a dirty thought sullies this bright mind. People probably think I wake up to rainbows every morning and ride to school on my pink unicorn. This point of view has traveled over to Troy—my own boyfriend. He treats me with the kind of chivalry a knight would bestow upon a fair maiden. Meaning he opens doors, pulls out chairs and refuses to touch me. I mean REALLY touch me.

Which is why deep inside, beneath the sugar coated surface, I am boiling over with sexual frustration!

That's right East High, I WANT TO HAVE SEX!

There I said it.

Unfortunately with my unblemished reputation and the equally morally pristine state of my relationship this wasn't going to happen any time soon. Not unless I took action.

And this is why I had to seduce Troy Bolton.