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A/N: Some minor changes in the plot of DBZ in order to accommodate my story: Goku kills Freeza, and doesn't get the heart virus. Trunks arrives at a later date. This begins within the time period between the destruction of Freeza, and the confrontation with the Androids. This story will span from the android saga to the end of the Cell games. It will be long, but I promise it will be full of unexpected surprises! ;-)

Chapter 1: Goku, the Femme Fatale? Ha!

Once upon a time, there was a stubborn, power-hungry, arrogant Prince who cared of nothing but surpassing his lifelong rival. This is not his story. This is the tale of his somewhat unfortunate rival, and the laughably awkward position he was forced into. Ironically enough, the Prince was the catalyst of the entire series of his rival's misfortunate happenings. This is how it all began: Prince Vegeta was training in the gravity room Bulma Briefs had built for him. He had notched it up to 20 times Earth's natural gravity, and he was currently practicing throwing punches and kicks in the air. He had been at it for hours, bound and determined to reach Super Saiyan and to surpass his rival – the bane of his existence – Son Goku.

Ah… Son Goku: protector of the innocent, strongest known man in the universe, and unintentional birthright thief. Vegeta thought many things of this man – none of them were good. As long as this Goku fellow was stronger than Vegeta, Vegeta would make sure of it that he would never relinquish his personal vendetta against him to take back what he deemed as his: the title of being the strongest of them all.

'Why can't I ever beat that imbecile? Somehow he's always one step ahead of me! How does he manage it?' Vegeta thought to himself furiously.

After all this time, he still couldn't believe it, and he would certainly never come to terms with it! Goku had taken his pride and he would be damned if he would just let it slip to the wayside. Goku needed to pay! Goku needed to see what it was like to live in somebody else's shadow for once! A bead of sweat made its courageous journey down the sharp angle of Vegeta's cheekbone; it slid down to his chin and dripped onto the tile flooring with a tiny pitter-pattering sound.

Vegeta clenched his fists and a vein protruded on either side of his widow's peak. 'I am the Prince of all Saiyans, damn-it! I'm better than that third class dog! I will beat him! I must beat him! It is my birthright!'

Vegeta's calloused hands frantically fumbled with the gravity controls. He turned it up to 50 times Earth's natural gravity. He immediately resumed punching and kicking the air at unnatural speeds. A scowl was plastered on his face. He appeared so pissed it would be lethal for anyone to disturb him in the slightest.

As if it were at all possible, he quickened his pace even more so as the disturbing thoughts of failure lingered in his brain. They seemed to resurface in his mind every day. These sly thoughts would ambush him when he was at his weakest. 'He's better than you, Vegeta! He'll always be better than you, Vegeta. Training yourself to surpass him is futile, Vegeta. You are weak, Vegeta. What would your Father think of you, Vegeta?'

"Bastard!" Vegeta hissed. He moved the controls up to 70 times.

To Vegeta, it was simple: what Goku had done was unforgivable! Goku had stolen what was his. He had stolen what Vegeta was promised when he was born: to be the strongest of all of the Saiyans. He had robbed Vegeta of his pride, and a true Saiyan regards one's pride as their most important characteristic!

Vegeta vowed to himself the very moment he hit rock bottom that he would take back what was rightfully his from the start. He didn't care what the consequences were. He would become the strongest of all of the Saiyans once more. He wouldn't stop at just that, no, he would become the strongest being in the entire universe!

Vegeta thought he knew everything – a total know-it-all. Though, he didn't know everything. He certainly wasn't aware that he had a peeping tom in his midst. Bulma was the culprit. She was staring into the gravity room via a window that she had installed herself. She was a genius and so it was only natural that she could tell that she had growing feelings for the bigheaded Prince. She didn't want to admit it. She simply couldn't understand what she saw in him – and that's coming from a grade-A brainiac!

Perhaps she was attracted to him because they had a common characteristic: they were both remarkably stubborn. This is also a big reason why she didn't want to admit caring for him. She thought it was wrong of her. Not only was Vegeta literally a 'bad boy', Bulma also currently had a boyfriend. She was dating Yamcha, well sort of. She didn't really know what they were. Either way, it doesn't matter, because Bulma couldn't help but think of Vegeta. She was a tormented soul.

Yet another fact Bulma didn't want to admit to was that she'd been watching Vegeta train for a whopping total of two hours straight – no pee breaks included. She knew it was silly and cliché, but she just couldn't keep her eyes off of him. Her defense was: 'Who in their right mind could?' After all, Vegeta was wearing spandex, very hot. She could see every single solitary detail of his nicely sculptured muscles. It was especially tantalizing when he just so happened to be drenched in sweat. Bulma gluttonously bit her bottom list with pure, unadulterated lust. Oh, she had to admit it now. 'I want him so badly,' she thought. Unfortunately, she'd realized that he didn't even seem to notice her. It was time to change her game plans.

Bulma could barely make out Vegeta's lips moving. He seemed to be talking to himself. The walls were sound-proof, so she couldn't hear what he was saying. She watched him mess with the gravity controls for a second. Next, he walked casually over to a bolted down table in the corner of the room, and he picked up a white towel from it. He slung it around his neck, sighed, and walked toward the exit door.

It was then that Bulma finally realized that she hadn't been thinking about the circumstance she was about to be thrown into. 'Vegeta is finished with his training, he's walking toward the door. I'm just standing here like a moron doing nothing. Shit!' Bulma thought frantically.

Vegeta inevitably opened the door and noticed Bulma in front of it standing stock-still and gawking at him like an idiot. Vegeta arched an eyebrow at her with a vague look of curiosity and annoyance jumbled together. "What do you think you're doing, woman?" he demanded.

"N – nothing!" Bulma stammered, feeling the sudden urge to beat her skull against the nearest wall. "I was… just going to… um… check and see if the gravity machine is working ship-shape!" She said this while trying to feign a peppy voice. It failed… miserably.

Lucky for her, Vegeta didn't seem to care. He shrugged his shoulders in acceptance, grunted, and stalked off toward his living quarters, no doubt. He had better things to do with his time than stand around and talk to the weak, human female – even if she was pleasant to look at from time to time.

When Vegeta had taken his leave and Bulma was certain he was out of earshot, she exhaled the breath she had been holding in for the past minute or so. "That was a close one," she muttered.

Meanwhile, when Vegeta entered his room he opened up an armoire near his bed, and pulled out six orange orbs. They contained a numbered assortment of stars on each sphere. Vegeta gazed at them for a moment, picking up a random ball and looking it over. Ironically, it turned out to be the four-star dragon ball. He hadn't a clue, but the four-star ball in particular was Goku's favorite. It was his Grandpa's dragon ball.

"I didn't want to resort to this…" Vegeta muttered aloud. He tapped his foot on the wooden floorboards anxiously and continued, "but I don't see that I have a choice any longer. I can't handle this anymore. I must beat you, Kakarrot! I will be the strongest, no-matter the cost."

He picked up a worn, brown, leather baggie and placed all six inside of it. He drew open his windowpanes and he flew off to a location where he had hidden the seventh dragon ball earlier for safekeeping.

In a quaint house on the beautiful location known as Mount Paozu, a happy family was finishing up their lunch. This family consisted of the father, Son Goku, the wife, Son ChiChi, and their pride and joy, Son Gohan. The father and son had just finished wolfing down their lunch. ChiChi was in the kitchen preparing even more food. She worked like a slave to keep her boys content. Their happiness was her happiness.

Goku sighed in satisfaction and he plopped an emptied bowl on top of a stack of eight other bowls. He stretched back in his chair and patted his stomach contentedly. Gohan was soon finished as well and mimicked his father's previous actions.

"That was great, ChiChi!" Goku complimented. "I'm so stuffed!"

"Yeah, Mom," Gohan added, "Thank you so much!" Gohan swiveled over in his chair to look at his father. "Hey Dad, can we train now?" he asked.

Goku was on the verge of answering, but ChiChi was too quick for him. "Not until you've finished all of your homework, Mister," ChiChi reminded.

"But Mom," Gohan replied with a whiny pleading voice, "I already finished today's homework. Can I please go train with Dad? Pretty please!"

ChiChi leaned against the countertop and rested her index finger on her chin. "Hm…" she hummed as she contemplated his words. She sighed and waved her hand dismissively. "I guess it couldn't hurt, but just this once. Don't get used to it, Gohan!"

"Yes, Ma'am," Gohan replied with a cheery smile. He giddily hopped out of his chair and gave her a hug. "Thanks so much!" he said. He turned to his dad and said, "C'mon, Dad, hurry up!"

Goku laughed and said, "I'm coming, I'm coming, hold your horses!" He approached his wife, smiled, and gave her a swift, affectionate peck on the cheek before following Gohan out the door.

Goku's day had started out great, it seemed so pristine. It was quickly becoming the perfect day. Though, he had a lot of those… Unfortunately for him, his luck was about to run out. This is where the story truly begins:

As Goku walked outside he was frozen still from shock. The sky was full of grey, formidable-looking thunder clouds. If it weren't for the tumultuous thunder and lighting, it would have been dead quiet and pitch black outside. This was no ordinary storm. Goku could feel a sinking feeling begin to well up in the pit of his stomach. He recognized what this was, and it definitely couldn't mean anything good!

Goku's eyebrows furrowed together in puzzlement and anxiety. 'Someone's summoning the eternal dragon!' he thought.

"Dad, look at the sky!" Gohan shouted in astonishment.

"I see it, Gohan," Goku replied and then muttered, "this can't be good."

"It's the dragon balls, isn't it? What should we do?" Gohan asked.

Goku rested the palm of his hand on Gohan's head a ruffled his ebony locks of hair. Goku smiled reassuringly and said, "I'm sure it's nothing. You just stay here. I'll be back before you know it!"

Whoever it was, s/he wasn't too far away. Goku could visibly see Shenron's long, snake-like body off in the distance. It was coiling in the darkened sky. Goku shut his eyelids for a moment and sensed out for any recognizable ki signatures in the immediate area. The only ki signature that he could sense anywhere near the dragon was one that he instantly recognized. Knowing the owner of the ki wasn't doing anything to comfort Goku's restless nerves. Goku locked onto Vegeta's energy signal and he transported to where he was at.

Goku reappeared just in time to hear the booming voice of the eternal dragon say, "You who has summoned me, state your wish."

Sure enough, Vegeta was standing slightly in front of Goku. He had his arms crossed. A smirk of success was already plastered on his face.

"I wish – " he began.

" – wait! Vegeta, don't do it!" Goku shouted at the top of his lungs.

Goku's sudden interruption jarred Vegeta's nerves. He flinched from the sound of Goku's voice. The sound of it alone made him want to punch the guy. It was the most insufferable noise he'd thought he'd ever heard in his life – he was bias of course.

"Ugh!" Vegeta grunted in frustration. "Kakarrot is exactly like a damn woman! He's just like one! He never leaves me the hell alone!"

"That is within my power," Shenron replied. Shenron's body glowed a magnificent shade of gold. "Your wish has been granted." The dragon disappeared into a blindingly bright light and the light was immediately sucked into the seven orbs. The dragon balls simultaneously shot off into different directions.

Vegeta's mouth hung agape in utter shock. "My wish?" he muttered. His voice rose to a shout, "I didn't make a wish!" Vegeta shook his fist at the sky. "What a waste of my time, a total rip-off!"

Vegeta was so absorbed in his furious bout of disappointment, he hadn't even begun to notice what was happening to his unwelcomed onlooker. Goku broke the silence.

"Vegeta…" Goku muttered, his voice rising in a crescendo of volume as his anxious thoughts quickly morphed into panic. "What's happening to me?"

Vegeta swiveled around to face his rival. His eyes were instantly assaulted by a viciously bright light. He cursed and shielded his eyes with his forearm. It was then that the truth dawned upon him. The dragon had granted a wish. Vegeta cursed again. 'No! I didn't want that!'

The light eventually dimmed and then faded away altogether. Goku's body was still glowing, and Vegeta couldn't quite make out any significant changes. Vegeta crossed his arms and tapped his foot as he impatiently waiting for the worst to be over with. After a quick consideration of the situation, he smiled to himself, this actually might be enjoyable. From the sound of his mistaken wish, Goku was going to be gender-bended. Vegeta was sure of it that Goku would make to be the most ugly woman he had every laid his eyes upon.

As expected, the glow dissipated and revealed the changes made to the ill-fated Saiyan. To Vegeta's utter astonishment, his theory had been dead wrong. His first thought was, 'That isn't Kakarrot!' It was understandable that he felt this way because a beautiful young woman was left standing where Goku had been only moments before. Looking at her face made Vegeta seriously consider that Kami had sent and angel down to Earth to smite him. Sure, she bore some resemblance to Goku. She had large eyes with obsidian irises. Her skin was the same creamy pale pigment that Goku had. Her hair was pure ebony, exactly like Goku – albeit her hair fell down to her shoulder blades and had a slightly different style to it.

The list of similarities was not what Vegeta was concerned with at the moment. He was speculating how this woman could be Goku if she was shorter in stature than him. Goku was quite lanky, she was not. In fact, she seemed ridiculously small and dare he think it – frail compared to Goku. She was petite, yet curvy. Let's just say that if Goku's fellow male friends had seen her, their thought process would be as such: "Oh… yeah!" and then after realization hit in. "Oh… no…"

Okay, so if I haven't made myself clear, poor Goku is pretty freakin' hot. I say 'poor' because it would have been much easier for her if she was ugly as Vegeta had assumed she would be. You will see what I mean soon enough.

Now, Vegeta still wasn't convinced that this pretty woman was Goku. In fact, he was more than skeptical. He was actually kind of hopeful. If she wasn't Goku, he would have a gorgeous Saiyan woman all to himself. Goku wouldn't go after her. He was married, besides, what beautiful Saiyan woman would want a third-class like him? Certainly not one that was in her right frame of mind!

When a certain furry appendage flicked around in Vegeta's line of sight he was kind of taken aback. It really was a female Saiyan! Hallelujah! Goku suddenly displayed a look of innocent surprise. She had finally taken notice of the odd looks Vegeta was shooting her way. Her eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

"What's wrong, Vege – " she had begun to speak. She took pause. A small squeaky sound escaped her lips and her mouth bobbed up and down like a fish, but no words came out. She was shocked silent.

All hope for Vegeta was crushed right then and there. She had recognized him. She began to say his name. It was Goku after all. "Kakarrot?" he muttered questioningly. He couldn't think of a further response.

Her voice came out in a stunned whisper, "You're taller than me!"

It was then that Goku finally took the time to glance down at herself. If Vegeta wasn't stupefied, he would have probably thought that her reaction was priceless. He would have burst out laughing. Goku took one look at herself and the first thing she came into contact with was her breasts. She screamed. Needless to say, she screamed like a girl.

By now, Vegeta was positive that this woman was Goku, but he chose to ask the inevitable anyway: "Kakarrot, is that really you?"

Were his eyes playing tricks on him? Who would actually be able to believe that the happy-go-lucky dope could actually look like that! On one hand, it was kind of rewarding to see Goku like that. Vegeta knew that it must be humiliating for him… her. But on the other hand, he had wasted his wish. Not only that, Vegeta couldn't shake the foreboding feeling that this wish was going to haunt him for a very long time.