Summary- The Wizarding world is at the verge of an impending war. Wizards have been threatened by enemies far more powerful than they. They need help. Muggle Help. The Ministry of Magic joins forces with the muggle authorities. Muggle authorities have the perfect weapon to finish Voldemort off…Lara Croft. /Tomb Raider Xover Post HPB/Pre DH

Disclaimer- Harry Potter and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider belongs to J.K Rowling and Eidos Interactive respectively.

Chapter 8


All her life, Lara had tried to understand the unexplainable, the miracles, the magic. When she was little, reading books about the amazing pyramids, or the Stonehenge or the mystics of India, all she wanted was to be there and experience the magic. And she did, in many ways, from lost Atlantian technology to the inexplicable power of the godly instruments, she had seen magic, felt it, empowered it and defeated it. After all this time, the last place she ever expected to see magic was the backyard of the very London she had grown up in. Not just any magic, a whole new society of wizards.

It was jarring to walk around in familiar English streets to see people dressed in robes, going into shops that sold actual love potions. Lara was used to exploring secret places hidden far beneath the surface. Well, this time, she was exploring out in the open in good ol' London, only thirty minutes away from her mansion.

As much as she loved just walking around and experiencing this new world, Lara was weary. For the first time, her mission had come to a dead end. There were no puzzles to solve, no levers to turn no…person to intimidate. It had been a week since her very unusual encounter with the Dark Lord. She had hoped to get back on action right after, but no, there were no new attacks, no new impeding magical calamities the Ministry was aware of and no new leads. The inaction of the Death Eaters by itself was suspicious. Lara knew, it was only the quiet before the storm. Voldemort was planning something, and it was something big. She felt it, the Ministry felt it, and the ordinary wizarding community had become weary as well. At least when the Death Eaters were attacking people knew what they were doing.

Her lab technician, Jake, had taken longer than promised to decode the old diary. He said the material was more damaged than he thought and needed more manual handling. Lara was unsettled by that, but she had no choice. Instead, she spent time familiarizing herself with the streets of wizarding London, reading their books, eating their foods, and pretending to be one of them.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

He fell back on the floor. Outside he heard loud bangs and the crackling of fiery flames. Boom…boom…something was falling, something was exploding, and something hit his leg so hard a loud scream forced its way out of his throat….

"My lord, my lord."

"WHAT Pettigrew?" The Dark Lord's fingers involuntarily went to the scar on his leg. Phantom pain.

"My…my lord, I only wanted to ask if you needed any refreshments. It's almost sunset…"

"Pettigrew, if I wanted refreshments I will summon you, you damned rat," He snarled.

A momentary shock etched across Peter Pettigrew's face before fear overtook him and he apparated back to his shabby room. It was the first time the Master had actually sworn at him in anger (usually it was Snape), and it was also the first time he had heard him use a muggle swear word like that.

Voldemort sank back in his chair. He felt as if his soul was sucked out of his body and cast into nothingness, again. This impatience was killing him, it was worse than waiting for the Potter boy to die. He fiercely touched his Dark Mark and a gasping man appeared before him.

"You called for me, my lord?"

"Arlington, what news have you of…of that woman?"

Tiny droplets of sweat broke off on Arlington's forehead. Any news of that woman was not enough for his Master. He had already told him everything he could find about her—Lara Croft, famous British explorer, comes from old money but was known as a reserved and an eccentric character. Educated at Oxford in history and languages, she was hardly in London, usually off on the other side of the planet, digging. Not many knew her personally, if at all. She was known around the London circles for her outrages behavior, barging into auctions, breaking into the Louvre once, according to rumor. She was also a bit admired among select circles, those mostly of scholarly archeologists, for her rare and unique findings. She was known to have unearthed an entire new level of the Great Pyramid couple of years ago. Even some wizarding diggers were baffled. Despite what most people thought of her personality, most agreed that she is a remarkable historian.

All of this, he had already told the Dark Lord. But he was not satisfied with such information, it was mundane, he yelled at him, there is something under that exterior, "find me the real Lara Croft," he had bellowed.

Not even the Potter boy got his lord this agitated. This time, Arlington did have something that just might save his neck.

"My lord, I found some peculiar information regarding a former employer of Lady Croft's." He saw the Dark Lord's interest etch across his semi-human features and continued, encouraged.

"About a decade ago, she was hired by Jacqueline Natla, then head of Natla Technologies, a well-known muggle company, to find an ancient artifact. We extracted this from a man who used to work for a Frechman called Pierre DuPont. He went on about sacred objects and the power of the Old Gods, well he was a superstitious muggle, but he did say that Lady Croft was hired for an important job, but at the end of the job his employer mysteriously ended up dead, along with another contractor called Larson. Then Jacqueline Natla herself mysteriously disappeared, last seen with Lady Croft. They both went into the Great Pyramid, but only Lady Croft came out. It seems that most who associate with Lady Croft have a tendency to meet a mysterious demise. It's very possible she kills them, though muggle police has never charged her with anything, much less murder. And I can't think of any motives, she's rich enough as it is, usually money is the motivator for muggle killers."

His lord contemplated this information for a while, before asking him in his usual silky voice, "What was this artifact Lara Croft was hired to acquire?"

At that, Arlington blanched. He had, of course, not bothered to obtain that small piece of information. It was an artifact, muggles were oh-so fascinated with old pieces of pottery and jewelry, he didn't think his lord would be interested such a small detail.

"Well…," he spluttered, "that, m'lord, I need to…."

"Find out right away," the Dark Lord said, strangely calm. "Find out what she was hired to find. Find out more about what she digs up in her explorations. Find out what she is most famous for."

Arlington nodded, and couldn't apparate out of there fast enough.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Usually, Lara didn't wait around for her enemies to show their weak spots. She would run headlong into battle, and discover their weak spots, doing a back flip and shooting into their spines. Lara had a hunch that this new enemy however, would not be easily pushed. He was no fighter, he was a killer. A cunning, quiet killer who came from behind you. Discovering his weak spot would take some time.

Lara was cleaning her pistols when she finally got a call from Jake. The first thing he said was he needed more time.

"This thing is taking longer than I thought. And I got a shitload

of work to do. But I don't want to keep you waiting for the whole thing, so I'll email page by page."

"That would be fantastic, Jake. I'm much less tempted to put a bullet through your skull now."

"Ha ha funny. By the way, shouldn't this thing be at the World War II memorial museum or something?"

Now Lara was intrigued. "Why?"

"Well, it's basically a war journal of a young boy in London. I'm emailing the first ten pages."

A War Journal, now that was interesting. Finally, some history to overturn.