More fluff! Enjoy!


"What are you looking at?" Daine mumbled sleepily, refusing to open her eyes. The floor felt cold against her cheek and the hay felt scratchy against her skin.

"Hmm..." came the deep voice. "How do you know I am looking at you when you don't even open your eyes, sleepy head?"

Daine tried to roll onto her stomach away from the disturbing voice, but was stopped by gentle hands. "Cloud told me that you came into the stables, stood and stared at me for a while."

"Did she mention that I was sighing and look exasperated?" Numair asked, slipping a strong arm under her shoulder blades and another under her thighs.

"What are you doing?" Daine protested drowsily. "I'm too tired for that."

"I'm not- Daine! I don't want- " Numair spluttered. "Well. I'm bringing you to bed. I told you so many times not to drain yourself this much!"

"But Darkmoon pulled a muscle and Alanna needs him for tomorrow," Daine explained.

"Rubbish! You could have asked another to do it, especially since you have been exhausted from flying back from Dunlath Valley in falcon shape," Numair scolded and lifted Daine in his arms.

"I'm too heavy," Daine argued. "Let me down, I'll go up myself. You are going to create a scene."

"You brought this on yourself Magelet," Numair replied. Daine started wriggling and he sighed. "Fine, I'll put an invisible spell on us." With a kiss on her forehead, he made his way towards their room.