2 Bodies, 4 Souls

By Monkey Kix Ass

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Summary: See Prologue

Story So Far: Welcome to the World of Haruka. Lets see what the two-troublemaking goddesses are up to…

First Published: 08/20/06

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Chapter 1: Bored

This is where our story begins, because on this particular day, one of the elders got sick and so forgot to get a replacement to watch over the two sisters. As the two await their sensei to show up for their lessons, they become bored from the lack of activity, and so the trouble begins…

Divine Realm

"Miho-chan, I'm so bored," the young goddess said. She looked to be around five years old. She had light turquoise colored hair that was up in two pigtails, falling all the way down to her feet. She had big light reddish eyes, which could suspiciously be called pink, framed by long, thick lashes. She had smooth round cheeks, a button nose, and full lips, which were at the moment in a pout. She wore a bright pink kimono, which brought out her eyes, with violet rims. Various bracelets were adorned on her two small wrists, a pair of dangling earrings hanging from her earlobes, and a number of other jeweled accessories clinging to her.

"I wonder what is taking Akira-san so long to come?" the other young goddess asked. She looked to be older than the other, maybe around seven years old. The two looked exactly alike, except this goddess's hair was an aqua color, and her eyes were a forest green color. Her kimono was bright green, to complement her eyes, with baby blue rims.

"I don't know, and I don't care. I don't want to learn about dumb old boring history anyways. I want to do something fun!" Mano complained, pouting at having to wait in the classroom for what seemed like an eternity, when it has only really been five minutes.

"What do you want to do then Mano-chan?" Miho looked at her younger sister, silently agreeing with her. Though Miho wanted to do something too, she was still thinking about their last punishment for skipping a lesson and going out to play.

"I know, lets try that new spell we learned!" Mano said excitedly.

"You mean the binding soul and body spell?" Miho asked. She suddenly forgot about their last punishment and all of the warnings the elders had given them. Instead, she thought of all the fun it would give her and Mano, watching the mortals that they pulled the trick on.

"Yeah, yeah, that one. We could each choose two people to practice on."


"Pretty please nee-chan, with a cherry on top," Mano pleaded with big puppy eyes.

"All right. How can I resist my cute little imotou?"

"Thank you nee-chan." The two sisters hugged each other, jumping up and down in excitement. "Lets go right now!"

"All right, but we have to be careful so that we don't get caught." The two grinned mischievously and disappeared, heading towards the Mortal Realm.

Tajo; Kimoto Residence

"Tomoyo, come one, we're going to be late for dinner," a young girl shouted. She was an energetic girl that had just reached the age of sixteen, and was growing into a very beautiful woman. Though petite, she had all of the right proportions and curves to turn the heads of men. Her long auburn hair was thick and slightly wavy, and her bangs framed her oval face. Her skin was slightly tan from spending so much time playing out in the sun. Many however would argue that her large emerald eyes were her best attributes by far.

Turning around to face her cousin, the girl giggled as she skipped ahead. A short distance behind her, her cousin was jogging to catch up with her.

"Well it's not my fault that you fell asleep in the garden and would not wake up Sakura-chan," the other girl said. This girl had also recently reached the age of sixteen, but was two months older than her baby cousin. The two cousins shared the same physique, though Tomoyo was slightly taller and had a rather pale complexion compared to Sakura's bronze skin. Tomoyo had straight, waist-length ebony hair and startling amethyst eyes.

"But I was tired. It's all Touya's fault for telling us ghost stories last night. I couldn't sleep one wink because every little sound scared me."

Tomoyo laughed. She knew about Sakura's fear very well. The two girls have lived together in the same house as far as they could remember. This was because their mothers were fraternal twins and had vowed since childhood that they would always live together. So when the twins married, they all pitched in to buy a house (more like mansion, but they like to be modest. :P), placed under the surname Kimoto, and all moved in. Luckily, it was big enough for all of them to live in comfortably without getting in each other's way.

It was unfortunate however that Nadeshiko, Sakura's mother, died shortly after having Sakura. Fujitaka, Sakura's father, never thought about moving out however, for he thought it was best that his children have a good female role model. Since Sonomi lived in the house, there could not have been a better person who could have helped him look after his children when Nadeshiko passed away.

Being such a close knit family, most of the times the two viewed each other as sisters rather than cousins. They were the best of friends and even shared the same room, because Sakura had always had the fear of sleeping in a dark room all by herself, afraid that if she did, ghosts and monsters under her bed would attack her.

"Come on Sakura-chan, you know that ghosts do not exist. You are sixteen now, too old to believe those stories."

"I know, but I can't help it. I'm still scared. It's all Touya's fault anyways for telling me those stories when we were kids."

"I'm seriously going to have to talk to uncle so he can do something about you. Maybe he knows a friend who can cure you of your childish fear."

"Hey," Sakura said indignantly and chased Tomoyo, who was now ahead of her.

They were crossing the back yard to reach their house when a loud popping sound in front of them made them stop. Floating in front of them was a little girl in a pink kimono and light turquoise hair, who looked to be about five years old.

"Who are you?" Sakura asked hesitantly, holding onto her cousin. The little girl giggled before she started to chant.

(Note this chant is very important to the story.)

"Make two bodies meet as one,

Join in mind, body and soul.

A test to see who has won,

Finding him is your goal.

One by daylight, starting by sunrise,

One by nighttime, starting at sunset.

Get the ones who fulfill the ties,

One shot at love is all you get.

Start now, don't waste any time,

Let the game begin after my rhyme."

The two girls screamed as a bright light suddenly surrounded them. They both fainted, but only one body hit the ground.

Tajo; Outside Kimoto Residence

Miho giggled, watching the scene. Mano popped next to her a second later. "Imotou-chan, that was fantastic! I think you have finally really gotten the knack for that spell!"

"Well of course," Mano said confidently, "I had my nee-chan teach me how to do the spell."

The two giggled before Miho spoke up. "All right then, it'll be a while before they wake up, so lets go find two other people for me to practice on."

"Yeah, lets go. I bet that you will do it fluw–, flew–, flowlessly," Mano said excitedly.

"You mean flawlessly."

"Yeah, yeah, that word that Chika always says."

"Hehehehe. Why thank you for your confidence in me Mano-chan," Miho responded, before two loud popping sounds erupted, and the two were gone.

Hai Sai; Li Estate

"Eriol, come on, the elders are going to be mad if we are late," a young man said. He was quite tall, several inches taller than the average man in their city. He had broad shoulders and very toned, lean muscles that were a result from all of the training that the elders had him undergo. He would have quite the angelic face if a frown was not always present, but still he looked quite attractive. His chestnut hair was very unruly, always in disarray, and framed his face, which gave a roguish look. His eyes were an amazing shade of amber, and would be one of his best features if they were not so cold. It was a rare occasion for those eyes to show any signs of warmth in them ever since the death of the boy's father. However, if one looked very closely, there would be instances where his guard would be let down and one could see the lonely, hurt boy that still mourned the death of his father.

"All right Syaoran-kun, no need to get your feathers all riled up," the other young man said. He too was quite tall, was an inch taller than the other gentleman to be exact. Unlike his cousin however, Eriol was not as built, despite going through almost the exact same training as Syaoran, although he did have a long, toned figure. This could partly be due to the fact that Eriol enjoyed reading, and spent more of his spare time reading a good book or talking with others about current events, while Syaoran would prefer to train of course. Eriol's hair was about the same length as Syaoran's, but his azure locks were not as wild as his cousin's, but actually quite tame. Framed by his wire-rim glasses, his azure eyes would often also hold much warmth and amusement, rather than the cold look that Syaoran had.

"Well unlike you, you lazy pig, I do not intend to be given more training as punishment for being late," Syaoran responded, sending a cold glare at Eriol.

Eriol rolled his eyes at Syaoran's act. Though to outsiders, Syaoran may often seem overly cold and never appreciate any of those around him, Eriol knew better. The two boys had grown up together, and though Syaoran would never really admit it, he depended greatly on Eriol's support after his father's accident. Deep down, Syaoran had never really gotten over the fact that his father was gone. He therefore relied on his mask of indifference to shield himself from getting too attached to others so that he would never be hurt as bad as he had been.

Though Eriol, along with Syaoran's mother and sisters and their other cousin Mei Lin, could see through Syaoran's mask, no one else could. Syaoran allowed his special people to have access to the real him, and when in the privacy of his own home, he would openly show his affection for his family. When outside the protection of his house however, Syaoran always adorned his indifferent, pessimistic façade, and this prevented others from ever really getting to know him. Encouraged by the elders to keep his front, Syaoran never saw fit to follow his family's advice to let his guard down around what he viewed as "outsiders". Therefore, though he would never admit it, Syaoran sometimes felt lonely, for he didn't have anyone else he could associate with.

"Hey, I resent that comment about being a lazy pig."

"But it is true nonetheless."

"Aw, my cute little cousin, don't be so mean."

"I told you to stop calling me that."

"But it's true, so why do I have to stop?"

"Cause I said so," Syaoran barked.

"Now, now Syaoran-kun, that is no way to speak to your elder." Eriol smirked.

"You are only two days older than me."

"But I am still older, and have been considered to be a fully matured and responsible adult at the age of eighteen for a longer period than you have." Syaoran growled. Eriol laughed at his cousin.

They stopped and were immediately on their guard when they heard a loud popping sound come from in front of them. Having just come out of the training grounds with their swords, the two young men unsheathed their weapons and held it at the ready incase what they heard was an enemy's attack. To their surprise, floating in the air was what looked like a seven year old girl with aqua hair wearing a lime green kimono.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Syaoran asked curtly, his voice still full of suspicion. Trained to never underestimate their opponents, the two looked at the girl intently, never letting their eyes stray away from their target.

Ignoring the stares of the two young men, the little girl giggled before she started to chant.

(This chant is important too. Make sure to note the differences between this one and the last.)

"Make two bodies meet as one,

Join in mind, body and soul.

A test to see who has won,

Finding her is your goal.

One by daylight, after sunrise,

One by nighttime, after sunset.

Get the ones who fulfill the ties,

One shot at love is all you get.

Start now, don't waste any time,

Let the game begin after my rhyme."

Once the incantation was over, the two boys yelled in surprise as a bright light surrounded them. They both passed out, but only one body hit the ground. The little goddess laughed, admiring her work, before she disappeared.

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