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Chapter 1

Obnoxious Wierdo...I Think

"Is there a way?" Sakura looked at him, with her longing eyes.

"I don't think so. I'm sorry." He looked down on her.

"But, Sasuke..." She trailed off looking into the distance. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Sasuke wrapped his arms around her and closed his eyes. Sakura did the same. Together, they stood silently feeling the wind blow through their hair.

Sasuke grinned and silently said, "I love you, Sakura."


Sakura did a double take and fell hard on the floor.


What an awkward, wierd, obnoxious dream!

"Me, and Sasuke? EWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." She tiredly got up and went over to the mirror. There was no way in hell she'd be caught in a grasp with Sasuke, just the thought made her shiver. They were really good friends, but he was...wierd.

Her pink hair was ruffled and her pink pj's were awkwardly positioned. The dream must've been more of a nightmare physically than mentally. She rubbed her eyes as she walked to the bathroom. She was thinking about her upcoming birthday. What to do, where to go, who to invite etc etc. She was so into her thoughts that she bumped right into the door to the bathroom.

"Stupid door." She mumbled as she opened it and walked in.

Sakura usually walked to school, but today she took unusually long in the bathroom. She couldn't decide if she wanted to tie her hair, or if she wanted to keep it down. After minutes of argueing to herself, she finally decided on tieing it up. When she walked out of the bathroom, she noticed there was only 5 minutes left till the bell. So here we are now, with Sakura in the car and her dad driving it.

"Dad, can you turn up the volume, please?"

"No." He answered flat out.

"What? Why not?"

"Can you not see i'm trying to focus here? I don't want to get into a car accident."

Her dad must've been in a bad mood, maybe something at work. Sakura shrugged and leaned against the car door. She really didn't feel like going to school today. Maybe, it was cause there was a huge ass test in math today. But, the more she thought about it, the more she realized that today, she didn't want to face Sasuke. The dream just petrified her. What if he had the same dream and now they wouldn't even talk to eachother, or what if he actually did like her! Omg, that would be freaky.

"Have a great day at school, dear." Sakura was so deep in her thoughts that she hadn't even noticed the car coming to a stop.

"Oh, uh, thanks dad." She slowly got out of the Mercedes and walked into the highschool.

"Sakuraaaaaaaaaa," Ino wailed as she skipped over to see her friend. Her blonde hair was unusually tied up in pigtails instead of one ponytail in the back. She looked kinda funny. Sakura sighed and came to a halt when she heard her name being called.

"Hey Ino." She replied tiredly, glancing at her watch. "Nice hair." It was different, but, she liked it.

"Thanks, my mom made me do it. Anyways, Sakura, are you ready for the test?" Ino seemed stressed out about the whole thing. Then again, math was her worst subject so it was normal to Sakura.

"Don't worry Ino, you'll do fine." She smiled at her friend. Ino was a great friend, even though she was a bit annoying at times.

Drastically, Ino changed her mood from worried, to happy and secure.

"Let's go find everyone!" Ino did this little happy jump, making her pigtails fly up. She grabbed Sakura by the arm and dragged her to the lockers upstairs.

"HEY SAK-!" Naruto yelled across the hall. Tenten literally jumped him and tried to shut him up.

Sakura smiled and walked over to the group with Ino. Ino went and sat down where Tenten was murdering Naruto and started laughing. All her friends seemed to be sitting in one line. Sakura never actually realized how different everyone in the group was. As she went to sit down opposite of them, she analyzed each of her friends carefully; something that she had never done before. (Oh god, here we go.)

At the far left was her first friend, Neji Hyuuga. He seemed content reading his book on Philosophy. He's a total genius. Get's straight A's, speaks grammatically correct, all that jazz. Rumour has it that he totally has the hots for Tenten, but he's too shy to admit it. He has dark brown hair, which is really long. Infact, some of the people in our school actually thought he was a girl when he first arrived here in Konoha. He arrived a year ago, but became friends with the group instantly. The wierdest thing about him would have to be his eyes, like his cousin. They are totally white, yet you can still see the lining of where his pupil is. It's wierd, but it's what makes him different.

Beside him was Uzumaki Naruto. He was glancing over at a girl who was eating a cup-o-ramen. Naruto absolutely loves ramen, and he would do anything for it. He's obnoxiously loud and can be really annoying. He's been at Konoha all his life, and he also instantly became friends with the group. Or, you can also say, he just decided that hanging out with us was his destiny or something. Not that we had any say in it.

Sitting a little bit away from Naruto was, none other than, Hinata Hyuuga, Neji's cousin. Well, she has short dark blue hair and her eyes are the same as her cousin's but their personalities are different. She is quiet, and usually blushes a lot. Then again, maybe it's cause she is always around Naruto. Yep, she likes him, and gets any chance she can to talk to him, even though she's not really good at it.

Beside the shy Hyuuga was Tenten. She's the one that jumped Naruto. She has short brown hair and can be very physical if she has to be. Also, she really likes Neji. Everyone knows, even he does.

Beside Tenten was Ino, who was tightly gripping her boyfriends' hand while having a nice conversation with Tenten. Ino and Shikamaru had been dating for the last couple of weeks. Apparently, Shikamaru said it was too "troublesome" to tell Ino that he even liked her, but he finally got around to it and now they're a couple. Anyways, Ino has long blonde hair and can be a total bitch sometimes, but she's really understanding, which is why people forgive her of her ways.

Beside Ino, of course, was her boyfriend, the "troublesome" Shikamaru. He's lazy. That's all that can be said.

After Shikamaru was Chouji, the food lover. Gosh, does he love food or what. Always eating, no matter what. It's like food is his best friend, so, you can imagine what he weighs or what he looks like.

Next was Kiba. Even though there were no dogs allowed in school, his mom talked to the principal and they gave special permission to Kiba. He never leaves anywhere without his dog, Akamaru. They are definatly best friends, he even talks to him! But, when his dog isn't around or when he needs someone to really talk to, he turns to his second best friend, Chouji.

Sakura glanced at each of them and remembered that one was missing.

"Hey, where's Sasuke?" she asked blindely.

Everyone was startled, because she had been quiet for a long time.

"Oh, here he comes now." Tenten pointed down the hallway.

Sakura turned to see a 5"11 boy with raven hair walk down the hall. Sasuke was definatly the most different from the gang. He was almost always quiet and he didn't really talk much, not that anyone had much to say to him anyways. No one really knows why he decided this group over the many groups in the highschool, but it was okay to the gang because Sasuke was a cool person and it made their group even more diverse.

"Hey Sasuke!" Ino smiled as he walked by and waved.

"Hey." Sasuke glanced at Ino and picked a place to sit; right beside Sakura.

Oh great, he wants to sit with me today.

Sakura gave a half-hearted smile and nestled her forehead on her knees. (You know, like when you're being emo or when you're sad) She could feel eyes watching her, so when she glanced back up she wasn't surprised to see the whole gang staring right at her.

"Are you okay?" Tenten asked.

"YA, ARE YOU OKAY, SAKURA?" Naruto screamed.

"Yes guys, i'm fine." She turned to look at Sasuke who also was staring right at her. His eyes didn't move, he seemed to be watching her every move. Sakura's eyes went wide and she quickly got up.

"Ya, the bell is going to ring, i'm going to class. Bye." She quickly waved, but before she could go Ino called out to her.

"You don't look that great. Hey! Since Sasuke's class is the same way, why doesn't he walk you to your class. Just to make sure you're really okay." She smiled at Sakura, who was doing just opposite of that. Sasuke? Walk her? She was trying to avoid him and Ino was suggesting that he walks her to class!

"It's okay guys i'm-"

"I-i t-think that's a g-great idea." Hinata said as everyone nodded their heads in agreement. As if it was some plan, they all, synchronized, turned to Sasuke and smiled. Sakura felt her stomach flip upside down. Now she really wasn't feeling too great. Sasuke slowly got up and stood beside Sakura, waiting for her to lead the way. Sakura glanced at Sasuke and then tried to walk away faster than he could. Unfortunatly, he caught up really easily. There was no point in trying to get away from him, so she just slowed down.

It's not like he wants to walk with me. We're just walking as friends, so, it's okay.

She smiled to herself.

"Why are you smiling like an idiot?"

Sakura turned to Sasuke, who wasn't even looking at her. He had asked the question, yet his face still faced forward. Sasuke rarely spoke to Sakura so she was really surprised to hear the question. She shook it off and continued walking.

"Are you going to answer my question, or what?" This time, Sasuke was looking right at her. Sakura froze and mumbled a few words that came out of her mouth. She didn't even know what she was saying.

Sasuke grinned and continued walking.

What was that all about? Sakura thought to herself.

She started to run to catch up to Sasuke, who was really far ahead. He suddenly stopped to see if she had caught up and as he was turning,

Sakura collided with him!

She felt herself fall hard to the ground. Sasuke grunted and waited for her to get up. Sakura's butt hurt, alot, but she finally managed to get up.

"Sorry," she managed to mumble from the blow.

Sasuke just gave her the its-okay nod, and continued walking ahead. Sakura tagged along. They finally, after what seemed like hours to Sakura, got to her classroom. She smiled at Sasuke quickly and ran into the room. Sasuke stood there for a minute and once he saw that Sakura had sat down in her seat, he left.

"That was so wierd." Sakura mumbled to herself.


"Wasn't that math test hard, Shikamaru?" Ino asked her boyfriend as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"It was troublesome."

"Actually, I found it quite easy." Neji proudly said.

"How about you Sakura? How was it for you?" Hinata was silently walking beside Naruto when she asked this.

"Ya, it was alright, I hope I did well."

Sakura had totally forgotten about the whole Sasuke incident and now she was a bit worried about the outcome of her test. She thought she did pretty well, but she wouldn't know until her teacher passed the tests back. All she could do was wait. She was pondering over one question that stumped her and didn't even notice that Sasuke was infront of her. Once again, she had another collision, and once again, she ended up on the floor and not him.

"Watch where you're going! GAH!"

"Why don't you watch where you're going, Sakura." Sasuke was, once again, staring down at her.

Sakura sighed and gave Sasuke a triumphant look. She then helped herself up and once again apoligized. After getting the nod, again, she glanced at her watch.

"Crap, i'm late. Mom's going to kill me."

"Why don't you go with Sasuke then? In his car." Chouji happily coughed while munching his chips.

Sakura didn't want to, but her mom had told her to be home early today because she had piano class soon.

"Okay, Sasuke, can I get a ride? Please?"

He gave a nod and led Sakura to his car. It wasn't as nice as Sakuras' dads, but it wasn't that shabby either. She quickly got into the front seat and waited for Sasuke to come around to the drivers seat. As he did, Sakura looked around the interior of the car. It was very clean and it looked great. She opened the front seat pocket and found a beautiful silver chain with a silver "S" attached to it. It was one of the most prettiest things she had ever seen in her life. As she went to hold the piece of jewelery Sasuke opened the car door.

"Don't touch that!"

Sakura quickly turned to him and saw that his face had become stern.

"I-i'm sorry..."

Sasuke nodded and got into the car. He closed the front pocket and turned the ignition.

"Where do you live?"

"Um, i'll show you the way as we're driving."

"Mm.." he replied.

The drive was really silent, and both passenger and driver stared out to the road. Occasionally, Sakura would say 'left' or 'right' but there was no real conversation. Finally, they arrived at Sakura's house.

"Thankyou for the ride, Sasuke." She gave a quick smile and started heading out the door.

"Wait!" Sasuke yelled. He leaned over and quickly grabbed Sakura's hand. Sakura froze. His hand felt so soft and she got this wierd tingly feeling when he grabbed it.

She fell back into the car and looked at him.


"You, you forgot your backpack."

Sakura sweat-dropped (you know, the big sweat drop, the anime kind).

"Ya, oops." She cocked her head at him and when she realized what she was doing she shook it off quickly and turned away blushing.

"I'll grab it." they both said at the same time.

Together they tried to reach the backpack in the backseat but couldn't because they had attempted at the same time.

"Let me do it, Sasuke."

"No, it's okay, let me do it."

"No, let me!"

"It's fine. I can."

Through all their struggling they both lost balance and fell into the backseat. Sasuke fell right on top of Sakura, which if you think about it, must've been really awkward. Sasuke was staring right down at Sakura. It was too dark to see much but Sakura could feel his breath blow her hair slightly. She automatically blushed and even though she couldn't see it, he did too.

"I, um, i'm sorry," he whispered.

"It's alright, Sasuke."

He smirked and with a bit of struggling, he managed to get up. Sakura, was a bit sore from the fall, but with a bit of help from Sasuke, she managed to get up. She grabbed her bag and stumbled out of the door. She quickly walked to the front door of her house and glanced back at the car. Sasuke had two hands on the steering wheel and he looked straight out to the road. After seeing him shake his head in dismay, he started the ignition again and drove away.

Meanwhile in Sasuke's car

As Sasuke was driving home, he was still shocked about the whole incident with Sakura. He had this wierd feeling for her, he didn't know what it

was but it probably wasn't anything.

Over and over again, the whole scene kept replaying in his head.

I had so many opportunities.

He shook off the thought, still in disbelief that he thought that. As he neared his house, he decided that the incident was an accident and that it could've happened to anyone. Sakura was just a friend.


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