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"Mrs. Batista!" Matt said.

Trish tore open Matt's shirt. She smoothed her hands over his chest. "Ms. Stratus." Trish cooed.

"Ms. Stratus…um…your husband…"

She began to unbuckle his belt. "Boyfriend." She corrected.

"Boyfriend is a really big man." Matt said as Trish started to kiss his neck. "And he's really big and uh….he's…oh wow…"

Trish smiled as she shook her head. "He's not here." She then leaned forward and opened her mouth. Her fangs were ready for blood. "Now just relax. This might hurt a little bit…"


While Trish was seducing Matt, Dave and Nevaeh waited in their SUV. Nevaeh put her arm on the car door and leaned on it. She looked out the window and sighed as she worried her fate. There is no mistake she was in big trouble. "Nevaeh…" Dave started. "What have you been doing?"

"Telling the truth." She mumbled.


"It's true, Daddy!" She defended. "You and Mommy and Nitro and London and Melina and Taker and Rock and Steffie are vampires!" Nevaeh pouted.

"Yes, we are but honey, not everyone needs to know that." Dave said.

"But why not?" Nevaeh whined.

"Because we're family, honey. Sometimes things have to stay between family. Now you can tell your friends that Daddy teaches for a living and Mommy stays at home."

Nevaeh folded her arms. "That's boring!"

"Yeah, I know, but that's also the truth."

Nevaeh let out a deep sigh. "You're no fair."

"Yeah, I know. Daddy's not fair."

"Fuddy-duddy!" She yelled.

"Yeah, I know. Daddy's a fuddy-duddy."


Moments later, Trish entered the SUV. She was smiling. She buckled up and nodded to Dave. "Problem solved."

Dave started up the SUV and proceeded to drive. "I hope you didn't kill him."

"No, I just erased his memory about what happened today and any problems he's had with Nevaeh." Trish pulled down the passenger's mirror to check her face for any signs of blood. "No more parent-conference meetings."

"What did you do?" Dave asked.

"Huh?" She replied innocently.

"What did you do?" He repeated.

"I just did what I normally do." Trish shrugged.

Dave shot a look at Trish and decided to integrate his telepathy skills. Did you fuck him?

What? Of course not!


Well, I might have given him a hand job.

You might have?

Something like that.

Something like that?

But nothing more.

Mmm hmm. And what did he do to you?



Well, he might have felt me up a little.

Dave slammed on the brakes and made a sharp U-turn. "What are you doing?" Trish yelled.

Dave began swerving, barely missing other cars on the road. "I'm going to kill the bastard."


Later that night….

After a long night of mercy killing, Taker pulled up to the mansion. Besides London, Taker was definitely Nevaeh's favorite person. Every night, he would tell her a story about someone he killed before he read her a conventional bedtime story like Goldilocks and The Three Bears. He even did the voices for the characters. The other Family members were amazed how Taker softened around the little girl. A vampire who normally did not have mercy on the souls he took, was often found having tea parties with Nevaeh.

He turned off his bike when he was greeted by an overly-excited Nevaeh. "Taker's here!" She ran to him.

"Hey princess!" Taker smiled. "Shouldn't you be in bed?"

"Uh-huh, but I wanted you to tuck me in!" She smiled.

Taker got off his bike and picked up the little girl. When he entered the home, he found Dave and Trish on the couch barely keeping their eyes open. "She…waited…up…for…you." Dave said between yawns.

"Damn, you're getting old." Taker shook his head. "I'll put little one to bed now."

"Good…night." Trish sad as she fell asleep.

Upstairs, Taker put Nevaeh to bed. She got inside the sheets and watched as Taker chose a bedtime story to tell her. He then walked back to her bed and sat on the end. Nevaeh snuggled up to Taker as he flipped through the pages. "What story are you going to tell me tonight, Uncle Taker?"

"Hmm…" He pondered. "I don't know. What about Cinderella?"

"No, not that story!" She yawned. "I want to hear the other ones!"

"What other ones are you talking about?" Taker teased. "There's the Little Mermaid."

"No, not that one!" Nevaeh said. "The other ones!"

Taker smiled but continued to tease the little girl. "Hmm…there's Snow White."

"No, not that one!" Nevaeh giggled. "The ones about you killing people!"

"Oh, those stories." Taker smiled. "Well, let's see…" He thought for a second. "What about the story I destroyed 30 men at a time…."


During the night, Nevaeh got out of her bed and walked to London's room. She knocked on his coffin. "London…" She whispered. "Are you in there?"

London removed the lid slightly. He was watching porn on his new iPod. "Hey there, princess. What's up?"

"Can I sleep with you tonight? I'm scared."

"What about your mommy and daddy?"

"They're out drinking blood." She shrugged. "Can I sleep here?"

"Sure." London moved slightly and Nevaeh climbed inside. He then covered them both with sheets. "Comfortable there, Princess?"

"Uh-huh." Nevaeh yawned. "Good night, London."


As it was, that action would become standard between London and Nevaeh. She would be tucked in by Taker, then later get inside London's coffin to sleep. It was something that continued well into her teens. But one morning, the simple action would have disastrous consequences.

Nevaeh was cuddled next to London in his bed. He still slept in the casket but when Nevaeh spent the night with him, they often slept in the bed together. His arms were wrapped around her body. He yawned slightly as he kissed her forehead. He sensed the other Family members surrounding them. "Good morning, Dave." London nodded as his eyes were still closed.

Suddenly, his eyes flew open as did Nevaeh's. They both quickly covered their naked bodies with the sheets as Dave and Trish stared down at them. "Is there a reason why you both are naked?" Dave asked.

London and Nevaeh grimaced. "We can explain. Really, we can."