New Jersey Tea Ceremony

Tetsubin: Small kettle for informal use

He had nowhere else to go, so he came here. The first thing he does is put the tea-kettle on to boil, needing the comfort of the familiar ritual. House doesn't comment, not needing to. Wilson rinses out the mugs, remembering that Julie preferred coffee. Until today, so did he.

Chakin: White linen cloth for cleaning tea bowl

He focuses on the cup in his hand, drying it with care and attention, trying to distract himself with the activity. Trying to ignore House talking on his cellphone, ordering dinner for them. Wilson has lived in silence at home for so long now that the sound seems abnormally loud.

Chawan: Tea bowl

Setting out two mugs feels strange: he's become accustomed to cooking for one. He locates the sugar bowl, knowing that House will demand it. Wilson's mother would not approve, and the thought makes him smile. Maybe he'll take a few days from work, go home instead. Hide for a while.

Hassun: Wooden tray

House gives him a calculating look, which Wilson ignores, as he brings the tea through. He didn't want to talk about it before. Still doesn't. He shifts his keys along the table, making room. He supposes Julie will want them back now. That should bother him more than it does.

Chado: The Way of Tea

They will have to divide things up, he supposes. He will take the DVD player, she can have the houseplants. He will find somewhere else to live, find a new life. For now though, in the only place he could think of to come, he sips his tea in silence.