We were drawn from the weeds

We were brave like soldiers

Falling down under the pale moonlight

You were holding to me

Like a someone broken

And I couldn't tell you but I'm telling you now

Just let me hold you while you're falling apart

Just let me hold you and we'll both fall down

Fall on me

Tell me everything you want me to be

Forever with you

Forever in me

Ever the same

We would stand in the wind

We were free like water

Flowing down

Under the warmth of the sun

Now it's cold and we're scared

And we've both been shaken

Hey, look at us

Man, this doesn't need to be the end

Just let me hold you while you're falling apart

Just let me hold you and we'll both fall down

Call on me

I'll be there for you and you'll be there for me

Forever it's you

Forever in me

Ever the same

You may need me there

To carry all your weight

But you're no burden I assure

You tide me over

With a warmth I'll not forget

But I can only give you love

Forever with you

Forever in me

Ever the same

- "Ever the Same" by Rob Thomas

Written by: Lourdes, a.k.a rockerforlife

Rating: T - MA for language, violence and adult situations

Genre: Romance/Drama/Action/Adventure - English

Pairing: Tristan/OC

Summary: The knights have just regained their freedom. Now, a new, unusual, and frankly, unbelievable peril is presented to them by a mysterious woman. Will a certain knight take this mission upon his shoulders? Tristan/OC. Timetravel / AU.

Story influences: King Arthur, Kate and Leopold, Da Vinci Code, Relic Hunter, Boondock Saints

Disclaimer: This story is pure fanfiction. People, places and names have been altered to fit into the plot. I do not own any of the knights and other recognizable characters from King Arthur. I own Lourdes, Connor, Arturo, Jennifer and various stock characters that appear in the story.

Author's Note: This was not the original Tristan/OC fic that I was planning to write, but the inspiration came to me in my sleep! Alas, I just had to write this! It's a cliché idea, but hopefully not a cliché plotline. I promise it will not be an epic like my other story, "My Knight"! By the way, if you have not checked out that story, or my Tristan/OC oneshot, "Breathe No More, Bleed No More", please do so if you have the time!

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465 A.D.

Seven steeds galloped languidly under the afternoon sun, rays of orange and yellow hues shining down upon the riders as if lighting their very path. The rolling plains of lush fields of grass lined their trek, disappearing into the distant horizon, as if neverending. Beneath the light blue, cloudless sky, King Arthur and his six knights of the Round Table rode freely, enjoying the sensations of the fresh, crisp air hitting their faces and breathing in the scent of wildflowers. Their surroundings were so serene, so tranquil, that it was almost eerie for the seven knights to experience this, to finally roam their homeland after so long: Sarmatia.

The fifteen years of forced service -- of war, pain, suffering and sacrifice under Roman decree -- were finally over. They were fortunate enough to have survived to see this day, to live these days. Now, they could finally journey the landscapes of their homeland as free men, could leave the memory of Britain and their assigned duties behind and could spend the rest of their years with their families. Relief, gratitude and pure joy coursed through their veins, for the tiny glimmer of hope that resonated in their hearts during all those years of war was enough to bring them to this day, to this very moment.

Upon leaving Britain, the seven had disbanded for a few months, returning to their respective homes and establishing their lives once more. Though, their bond of camaraderie was so strong that it was not long until they desired to meet with each other again, to tell each other tales of their lives and to share the happiness and fulfillment that they all felt with each other. So, upon King Arthur's request, Tristan, Lancelot, Galahad, Gawain, Bors and Dagonet all journeyed from their homes, scattered all across Sarmatia, to meet once more at Camelot.

For the day, the knights sojourned throughout the realm of King Arthur, familiarizing themselves with its surroundings, breathing in the wonders and the majesty of his kingdom. They talked and laughed jovially amongst themselves, telling each other tales of their homes, their families -- their new lives.

Tristan sat thoughtfully upon his horse, remaining quiet as his comrades continued to converse around him. His laconic demeanor was expected by the others, the knight's disposition never really changing for fifteen long years. With his black steed, he rode at the rear of the group, periodically watching his hawk fly freely in the distant sky, squawking contentedly. He liked this life, he decided -- to be free to do what he pleased, to follow nobody's orders but his own and to give his weapons some much needed rest. Only a few months ago, he had gone home to find that his father was still alive, that the village he had grown up in had not only expanded to thrice its former size, but was flourishing. He was content, indeed -- and yet, something tugged at his consciousness, at his heart, even, then screaming out at him to say that something was missing, that there was a large, visible void in his life. War had been his entire life before: killing, scouting, riding daily. But now that peace had been finally achieved through war, Tristan began to grow restless, feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied. This certainly annoyed the introverted knight, for not even tournaments, hunting expeditions and daily rides around his village satisfied his thirst for...something.

"Hey Tristan," Lancelot twisted his head back towards his comrade, a smirk pulling upon his lips as he stated, "You are the only one that has not answered the question."

Tristan looked up at this, giving the knight a curt shrug as he replied gruffly, "I did not hear the question."

This earned snickers from the rest of the knights around them. Lancelot only breathed out in mock exasperation, rolling his eyes to finish the effect. "We were each answering what we plan to do when we return home once more in three months." The brown-eyed, curly-haired knight explained, circling his hand as the other gripped the reign of his steed, "For example, I plan to have at least four wives, and Bors here wanted to start his own country and call it...er...what was it again, Bors?"


Lancelot raised an eyebrow, glancing back towards Tristan warily. "...Yes. Borsville. Lovely." He cleared his throat, pulling the reign to the hard right to ride at Tristan's side. "Arthur, well, it is quite obvious as to what he needs to do here in Camelot, all that kingly stuff." Lancelot circled his hands, then motioned them toward each of the knights as he continued, "Dagonet is apparently going to help run Bors' newfound country as his personal bodyguard. Galahad here wants to travel and see the world. And Gawain desires to take a wife..." the cheeky knight whispered to Tristan in a low tone, "...who I will be visiting quite often."

"Sod off, Lancelot!" Gawain retorted, shoving the now laughing knight. "My axe will get you before you get to my wife!"

A hearty laugh erupted from all of the men -- save Tristan, who only observed the group with a raised eyebrow. Placing two fingers between his lips, he whistled briefly, and his imposing, yet gentle, hawk obediently flew to his shoulder, squawking happily. He petted it tenderly as the laughter of his comrades began to die down.

As they all turned their glances back to him expectantly, Galahad piped up, "Will you not take a wife, Tristan?" The young, green-eyed knight inquired curiously, eyes twinkling. "Or is that not even a possibility in your mind?"

Tristan merely shrugged and replied quietly, "Wherever the road leads me, that is where I shall go."



A gunshot loudly pieced the night sky.

"Shit!" Lourdes Ville-Amour instinctively ducked as she sprinted as quickly as her feet could carry her through a dark, dirty alleyway. Her long, raven hair being tousled by the wind, she breathed laboriously, having ran for what seemed like hours. Arms moving wildly in front of her, she periodically looked back to her assailants, hearing their quick footsteps coming closer and closer behind her. Eyes desperately darting in front of her, she spotted the end of the alleyway, certainly, a light at the end of the tunnel for her.

With aching limbs, she used every ounce of strength left in her body to run faster, recognizing the busy street in front of her. Finally making it onto the sidewalk, she made a hard left, zigzagging through curious, and even frightened, bystanders. Using the cover of darkness to her advantage, she ran through dimly-lit streets, searching desperately for a way to escape. Seeing such an escape coming towards her, she placed two fingers in her lips, briefly whistling. Waving a hand in the air, the yellow taxi finally stopped at her side with a skid. With much haste, Lourdes literally jumped into the vehicle, pointing straight ahead.

"Drive!" she cried breathlessly, looking back behind her to see if she would catch a glimpse of her assailants. Her alarmed disposition startled the burly driver, though he nodded profusely in acquiesce, stepping on the gas forcefully. With the rubber tires skidding on the asphalt, the taxi took off with lightning speed. Lourdes jolted from side to side as the driver swayed the vehicle through traffic. Though, the fear of an impending car accident did not weigh heavily in her mind, for now, the young woman could breathe a sigh of relief, momentarily safe from numerous bullet wounds.

The middle-aged driver eyed her from the rearview mirror. "Where exactly are we going?"

"7 Greenleaf Crescent." She quickly breathed out, leaning back upon the black, leather seats, shutting her eyes tightly. As the driver merely nodded in acquiesce and did as she instructed, Lourdes tried to block out the mental images of what had just transpired, gritting her teeth as she did so. In all of her 20 years, she had never expected that she would be here, at this very moment, trying to outrun and hide from a band of mobsters, who, a few moments ago, were trying to drill several bullets into her body. Shuddering at the thought, her mind screamed out to her, You almost got bloody shot! Died! Gone forever and ever! "I get it." Lourdes mumbled to herself, eyes glancing out the window at the passing scene. As the taxi sped through a small bridge, she saw the city in the distance, its lights shining brightly, mimicking the twinkling stars in the dark, velvet sky. This scene would have been breathtakingly beautiful, serene even, for the young woman. Though, the new peril that she had been recently introduced to had erased every calm, positive emotion in her being.

Taking the object that caused this, and so much more, out from her jean pocket, Lourdes surveyed an amber amulet, its outer rims dented with intricate markings, its backing adorned with words that she could not understand, and at the front centre, a single red ruby, gleaming brightly, even in the dim light. The Amulet of Lyoness. Clutching it in the palm of her hand briefly, she carefully placed it back into her pocket, eyes rising to survey the road in front of her. Recognizing her neighbourhood, she heaved another sigh of relief, thankful that she was now in the proximity of her home.

Looking at her watch, she cursed inwardly at the time. Hastily prying money out of her wallet, she quickly shoved her outstretched hand beside the driver.

"Stop here."

As the man slammed on the breaks, Lourdes flew out of the taxi, running into her beach-side condominium. Taking the elevator to the very top floor, she scurried into the long corridor, patting her pockets for her keys. Just as she turned the corner to her home, she suddenly bumped into someone, causing her to step back a few paces.

"Baby, there you are!"

She looked from the steady hands that held her, then upwards to behold Connor MacManus' face. Lourdes' blonde-haired, blue eyed Adonis eyed her lovingly, a smirk pulling upon his thin lips. With Lourdes feigning a smile, they kissed each other in greeting, then proceeded to enter Lourdes' home.

Almost immediately, Lourdes darted throughout the condominium. Retrieving a large bag from her walk-in closet, she proceeded to pack a change of clothes and some provisions with haste, recklessly scurrying about the space to gather what she needed. Connor looked at her with widened eyes, confused as to what she was doing. "Leaving already?"

Eyeing her wall clock, then the full moon outside in dread, Lourdes twisted her head towards him. "Connor, I need a favour."


"I need you to drive me to Lincoln Park." she informed him quickly, running out of the door. He quickly followed her, eyebrows still furrowed as she continued, "I need to be there in the next 15 minutes."

Rushing into the parking garage on the first floor, the two hopped into Connor's black Mustang. In a matter of seconds, the wheels screeched as he began to drive, flying into the lamp-lit suburban streets.

As Lourdes breathed out in order to calm her senses and regain her wits, Connor eyed her worriedly, eyes squinted. "Are you gonna keep me in the dark about what you're planning to do at Lincoln Park, at this time of the night, with a large bag strapped across your back?"

Lourdes wanted desperately to tell him everything, to let him know everything that she had gone through and that which she was currently going through. Though, she knew that it would be dangerous -- not only for her, but for Connor as well -- if she dragged him into this mess. Fearing that he would only worry about her, she feigned another smile, taking his hand in hers. "Just meeting a bunch of friends to go camping."

"At a park?"

Lourdes shrugged simply. "Why not?"

Now furrowing his brows in confusion, Connor frowned, blue eyes concentrating back on the road in front of him. Lourdes had been acting so strangely, so secretive of late, answering with her trademark witty remarks and silly jokes whenever he tried to ask her a serious question. His growing concern had only turned into suspicion, but Connor blocked those thoughts from his head, placing the blame for her odd disposition on the fact that she had only recently moved in to her own condominium, miles away from her family, miles away from everything that she had known.

As they reached the parking lot of the park, Lourdes immediately jumped out of the car. Connor hadn't even turned off the engine when she had begun to sprint towards what he dimly saw was a lake. Even more confused by her actions, he retrieved his keys from the ignition, stepping out of the car. Though, as he looked back in the direction where Lourdes was headed, he saw no one in sight.

Lourdes had vanished.


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