Dear readers,

I had originally planned, years and years ago, to write a revision or sequel called "Alliance of Brothers", and I hate to disappoint you, but I have dropped that idea. Prophesy of Brothers was my first fanfiction and my first story that I ever completed - I wrote it when I was about 14, can you believe it! I have since moved on from the Inuyasha fandom as I have grown older and my tastes have changed. I'm an adult now and a full-time mom, so I don't have much time to write, but I'm trying to make more time for it since it is a big part of who I am...I miss it...and you guys. I have since grown as a writer and my style has changed accordingly, so please keep an open mind hen you read my other stories.

Thank you, my lovely readers, for supporting me and my writing, it was truly an enjoyable experience and I'm glad I finished it. And a special thanks to all my readers that were with me from the beginning and to the faithful reviewers. All your comments and constructive criticism meant so much to me. I appreciate all the hits, favs, and alerts that I got…I never thought this story would be that successful. I replied to pretty much each review or private message that you sent me and I enjoyed the personal contact I had with each of you. You made my day and you made this fic come alive. I haven't updated my other stories in years and I still plan to continue them and hopefully add some more! Thank you for almost 300,00 hits on this story alone and all the beautiful reviews and the outpouring of love.



Other Fics: Check out my other fics if you enjoyed this story. View my fanfiction account for the details.

Plot Bunnies: If you liked my writing style, you can request for me to write a fanfiction dedicated to you, using your idea/plot. Send me a private message with your unique idea and details of the plot/characters/settings. I write about anything from books, movies, TV, and especially anime. I'm mainly comfortable with genres of yaoi romance and general, but anything is welcome. I will choose the ones that I deem are the best and you will see them posted on my profile. Ideas are really appreciated!

Original Works: I am currently working on several fantasy, sci-fi novels and homosexual themed short stories that I might post on my website and or fictionpress, pending update.

Background Information About the Story: I started writing this story in 2004 and then I experienced the dreaded curse of Writer's Block. In 2006, I stumbled upon this site for fan fictions. I decided to post my story to see if other people's support would help with my inspiration. Chapters one to six were prewritten. I chose to update regularly (every other Friday) because when I read a story that I fall in love with and I notice that the author doesn't update often, I get discouraged and I don't finish reading the story. This is the first story I have completed, thanks to you. I originally wrote this fic as a sort of present for my cousin, but then it turned into so much more. I had so much fun writing this and it was very rewarding.

Historical Reference: Sesshoumaru and InuYasha's daughter was named Jingo Kogo; she was an actual woman who was a warrior and one of the first empresses of Japan after her husband died. To find more information about her, you can go to Wikipedia and type her name in the search engine.

Encouragement for Fellow Authors: Some pet peeves of mine are when an author has so many AN's (author's notes or comments) in the middle of sentences that disrupt the flow of the story or when the author says something like, "This is my first fic, so be gentle. Review and tell me what you want me to write next." It makes the author sound so insecure. It is your fic, so don't let people boss you around. If they want to read a certain thing, then they can write their own fic! And when an author tells people to review, the readers usually ignore it anyways. I know I do. Readers will review if they really want to, regardless of whether an author asks them to or not. Asking people to review is actually quite annoying. Now, if you are a budding author, there is nothing wrong with doing the aforementioned actions, but have faith in your work and don't give a shit about what other people say. Sure, it's nice to hear positive feedback, but don't get discouraged by the negative. Writing is a form of expression and everyone had his/her own unique style.