Dear readers,

I have decided I'm going to completely revise this story. My new story will be re-titled "Alliance of Brothers" and will (hopefully) be deeper; it'll focus more on demon society and politics, InuYasha's past and childhood, explain the brothers' rivalry more, and address the pending war and visions. It'll still have elements of "Prophecy of Brothers," and some segments you may recognize, but overall, it'll be new. This will open the way for the sequel, "Alliance of Canines," which I'm excited about.

So, I'm currently working on the revision, but will not post it until all the chapters are pre-written. "Prophecy of Brothers" will be deleted so it can have a fresh start, but until the revision is ready, I'll leave it up. So keep your eyes peeled and get your "author alerts" ready so you'll be notified of "Alliance of Brothers."

Since I ended this story, I have done a few minor revisions to correct spelling/punctuation errors, and minor details. I have proof read this story religiously, if not bordering on obsessively, and I was content enough to post it on this site, but I am never wholly satisfied with my works. When I wrote this, it was just an excuse for smut. But now, since I've had such lovely reviews and time to simmer on it, I think I have an actual plot that doesn't wholly revolve around InuYasha's pregnancy.

I think I have to say that bookworm51485's review was what finally made up my mind to do a complete revision because I somewhat agreed with his/her observations/constructive criticism…which only helps me to become a better writer (thanks for bringing it to my attention). His/her concern was that I portrayed Sesshoumaru as too feminine with my choice of words, and while I had a rebuttal for him/her, I still agreed. Also, the OOCness was bothering me because, even though I had legitimate reasons, InuYasha was too girly and submissive, Sesshoumaru wasn't cold enough, and Kagome's reactions were more like my own instead of her characteristic eruptions.

Ideas and Fic Requests are appreciated! I read all of them and take them into serious consideration. My contact information is on my account.

I think my skills at writing have improved since I posted my story on this site and this whole experience has been a good one for me, thank you for all your kind words and reviews!

With love,


Sequal: Upcoming sequel titled "Alliance of Canines" after revision of Prophecy of Brothers.

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Special Thanks: To all my readers that were with me from the beginning and to the faithful reviewers. All your comments and constructive criticism meant so much to me. I appreciate all the hits, favs, and alerts that I got…I never thought this story would be that successful. I replied to pretty much each review or private message that you sent me and I enjoyed the personal contact I had with each of you. You made my day and you made this fic come alive.

Background Information About the Story: I started writing this story in 2004 and then I experienced the dreaded curse of Writer's Block. In 2006, I stumbled upon this site for fan fictions. I decided to post my story to see if other people's support would help with my inspiration. Chapters one to six were prewritten. I chose to update regularly (every other Friday) because when I read a story that I fall in love with and I notice that the author doesn't update often, I get discouraged and I don't finish reading the story. This is the first story I have completed, thanks to you. I originally wrote this fic as a sort of present for my cousin, but then it turned into so much more. I had so much fun writing this and it was very rewarding.

Historical Reference: Sesshoumaru and InuYasha's daughter was named Jingo Kogo; she was an actual woman who was a warrior and one of the first empresses of Japan after her husband died. To find more information about her, you can go to and type her name in the search engine.

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