"Yeah, yeah."

"One. One. One THOUSAND."

"Strange little girl."

"Baby, baby, baby, make a wish…"

"On a star?"

"Tell me…have you ever been afraid like this?"

"Do me a favor and shut the fuck up, Axel."

Perfect chartreuse green slipping, flashing, crashing, thunder, lightning on his head and his cock jerks in reply as Axel stares him down with the soft anger that's like a crouched tiger made of flame waiting to spring, sprang, sprung.

Axel's cute until his mouth opens.

Axel's a dish until he starts trying to think. Axel's a doll until he tries to fuck him over.

He hasn't been around in this fucked up world because he lets other people fuck him over.

He's along for the ride and in for the fun and the fun parts are the parts where he takes his gun and kills somebody with it. He likes the moment where they're writhing from oxygen deprivation and blood loss and they realize they're gonna die and no one escapes that moment without panic. Like a rabbit, baby, panicked like a rabbit.

"Xiggy, Xiggy, baby, come on." Axel is up in his face, a symmetrical smirking clown face with a magic trick painted on top until it feels like Axel's face is all that's there, stretching straight to the floor; fucking optical illusions

He hates when his vision goes like this, when Axel's so close he's double and blurred.

He shoves Axel back, watching the bitch go skidding across the floor. He follows, boots leaving cracks in the floor and Axel's ribs, when he gets there and gives a good, fuck you annoy me, kick.

"Shut it."

Axel gives him a weak little cough and that's definitely not quiet. The bitch laughs when Xigbar points his gun at him.

"Shoot me. Fuck, Xiggy." Axel's got his dick cupped lovingly in the palm of his hand; he puts up his knees, spreads 'em nice and wide and makes a real pretty picture. He's got his fucking pants tented and Xigbar feels the heat between his own legs begin to recede.

"You know we don't have fear."

Axel lets out a heartfelt little moan and then starts to cry, his face morphing and changing just for their little game and it makes him sick. Two-faced little slut.

"Oh, I'm scared, baby."

"Shut the fuck up."

Axel bites his bottom lip, hard until a rivulet of blood appears on his fucking pale little face.

Xigbar shoots out the lights in a spray of electricity and magic and glass because he's tired of looking at Axel's pretentious little face.

"I hate you, sweetheart!"

Xigbar gives an angry little snarl and shoots aimlessly into the room, hoping, absently, that one'll hit the bitch. He hears the shaky of intake of breath and all the good feelings come back in a flood.

The scent of blood is heavy on the room and he hears Axel moving around in the darkness. He laughs, hysterical and exhilarated with the hunt.

"Ready or not."

It's the best kind of hide-and-go-seek tag, beat the fucking shit out of each other and suck-your-blood-straight-from-the-wound and break your hip as I pin you to the floor and fuck you hard, hard, hard, hard. What reason do you need to be shot?

Mmm. His shoulder is tender where Axel has bitten him and he feels pretty bruised, though it's nothing compared to the bone shard he feels sticking out of Axel's wrist.

"Found you."


"Ever been afraid like this, bitch?"

"Ah!" Axel whimpers loudly and sincerely.

"Keep your mouth shut and your legs spread."

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