I got a review requesting the scene in which Felix gets wasted, which I so inconveniently skipped, so I have decided to deliberately go out of my way to please my readers. A deleted scene.

Yes, Mikul. This one's for you.

There were two things Runeisks were good at growing: hops and cacao beans. So, there was only two things Runeisks were good at making: beer and chocolate.

…As Felix was finding out in an epiphany of underage drinking. Suddenly, he realizes that perhaps his sense of hearing wasn't quite as good as he thought it was, because of all the noise around him was blended into a dull din. But he did notice a finger repeatedly digging into his shoulder blade.

Sheba was poking him. "Ummm, Felix? You don't look too good, are you okay? Tell me you weren't drinking!" She got a reaction least expected.

In one effortless motion, Felix reached over to her and pulled her onto his lap. She could smell the alcohol on his breath as he nuzzled her hair and crooned. "Thirsty?"

Sheba leaned away a little bit to look him in the eye skeptically. "I'm underage. And so are you."

Felix laughed, pulling her closer again. "I'm aware of that. You just haven't tasted this stuff, yet." He brought the keg to his mouth again. "I could just get you a little one. No harm in that."

Zeke snorted something, casting Felix a sideways glance. Sheba translated for him. "He says the one you're drinking from is the smallest they have. They are big animals, you know that, Felix?"

Felix wasn't listening. He was zoning out, listening to the music in his head. He slowly tipped forward, putting his head down on the table. He didn't stir after that.

Sheba stared at him for a few heart-wrenching moments. Was he okay? She touched his shoulder. "Felix… are you really all right?"

Felix leaned to the side slightly, and strangely, began muttering in a singsong voice. "Mama…just killed a man…"

"Felix, are you singing Bohemian Rhapsody?"

Felix stumbled out of his chair, collapsed, then got back up. Now, he was humming a tune from The Little Mermaid. Apparently, Felix was a stupid drunk. Sheba didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

As if suddenly remembering that she was there, Felix spun around to face Sheba opened his mouth to say something, and then just stood there, trying to recall what is was that he was going to say. Finally, he said. "I think I'm all done here." And he passed out.

Sheba sighed, mentioned for Isaac to come and carry Felix out of here, and sat back down. She suspiciously eyed the keg that Felix had been drinking from. She glanced around to make sure that no one was looking then took the keg and took a tiny sip from it. She immediately put it down and pushed to the other side of the table, contemplating on what she had just done.

She would never tell anyone that she kind of liked the taste.

I know, that was really short, but Felix can't take a lot of alcohol before he passes out… and I really hope this can still be rated T with drinking in it…