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Derek's POV:

She's married. Ninety two minutes ago it was official; she's married.

Dancing in the arms of her husband as I sulk against the wall of the extravagantly decorated banquet hall, sulking for the first time since this all began. I did everything right. I clapped and smiled when I was supposed to. I pretended to be happy for her. I pretended to be happy that my stepsister was getting married. I pretended to be happy that the woman I'm in love with is married to someone else. I'm just not finding the strength to pretend anymore.

Stepsister, one and only true love forever, same woman, Casey. I fought her for years, I fought it for years, but I'm in love with her and it was always too late. Our parents are married. Step sibling relationships aren't exactly conventional, that's why the Brady kids never got together. No one would understand.

That's her fake happy smile, completely forced as the photographer captures them on the dance floor, her in her husband's arms. Forced happy has been her smile for as long as I can remember, for the ten years since an us was made impossible. But I love it when she really smiles. It's rare, but I saw a lot of it for a very short time.

Exactly a week ago she showed up on my doorstep. I live far away from my native Canada now in the sunny Florida Keys. I knew she was getting married and I knew I'd have to come back here for it, but I didn't expect her to come to me. I didn't question why she was there and she didn't tell me.

For three days, she was entirely mine. She was happy, smiling like she was happy. She's in love with me too and I had suspected it for a very long time. Moments between us where if certain vows were never said space between us would not remain became more and more frequent the more time we spent together. But we both knew nothing could come of them, nothing more could ever happen, a moment could never be completed. So when the opportunity presented itself for us to go our separate directions to separate colleges at eighteen, we did. But family and holidays and still being too close, still being in the same country, had us still far too close to dangerous. I fled to the states after graduation, to Florida. Hockey isn't big there, but hockey only reminds me of her. Everything I've ever loved reminds me of her because she is more than everything I've ever loved.

I knew that excruciating wouldn't even begin to describe this day. It may be worse now that I've kissed her lips, that I've been with her completely, and that I've spent entire nights holding her in my arms. I don't regret those three days though. I knew what they were when I heard her leaving early on the forth morning. I could only ever be truly happy with Casey. She knows it too, she knows he can't make her happy, that's why she came. In forever we'll never be able to be together, we've always known that, but now we'll both have those three days. Three days of perfection, of true happiness is all we get.

We might get forever if we ran away together, but neither one of us can bring ourselves to just take off, leaving our families in the dark forever. And I'm not mad at her for getting married. We can't run away, and we can't be together so why shouldn't she just settle? I always knew this day would come, where she'd find a second choice and I have to do it too, find the girl I'm going to love second most. And she made a good choice, the guy is alright. He's a lawyer like her and he loves her so she'll always be taken care of and I'm glad for that. If I can't have her for forever at least she's in good hands.

I wish I could go over there and cut in right now, but not dance with her. Instead I'd sweep her off her feet and run her out of here. I wish I could run away with her forever. I wish I hated my family. I wish I could stand spending the rest of my life never seeing any of them again, but I can't and Casey can't, so she's married and I'm staying in my wall sulking position.

Across the room as she remained dancing with her husband, her eyes met mine. Her fake smile instantly faded, but as she was moved around her eyes remained holding mine. She doesn't want to be here either, and she's sorry, I see it in her eyes, but we both know that this is how everything has to be. We'll be in love forever, but only ever be a brief memory of us together.

As her eyes remained with mine she whispered something to her husband. He nodded. She's walking towards me still holding my gaze. She can't come to me now though. I don't think I could take it. Right now space has been my savior. The nearness of her and I don't know what I might be provoked to do, but I will soon find out for she's in front of me now. In her hopeful white gown, she's breathtaking. She's here, she's within reach, I just can't let myself make that reach. She's married.

God Casey please say something that makes me want to walk away because you're married.

But she didn't. Instead, looking nervous and scared, she began by saying, "Hi."

This isn't what she came to say. Clearly she has a purpose and the more seconds she's standing in front of me the less I care that she's married. She's married, but she's Casey, and her heart will always be mine. My heart will always be hers. And right now all I want is for her to cave in and run away with me, to run away together from everything forever. Everything we've ever known be damned, as long as we're together nothing else matters anymore because I can't stand this. I can't stand having her here in front of me and not being able to do anything about the fact that she's with someone else, I can't stand resisting anymore.

"Let's get out of here," did Casey just actually say that or did I just day dream exactly what I wish would happen?


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