This is just quick smut in Benson's point of view, I don't know if I will continue this or not but enjoy!

This had to be a dream, a really good one. It was the feeling of being brought to such a high climax and then being blasted back down. I looked over to my left and saw nothing but blackness, no pictures, no walls. I looked down and saw nothing but my hands gripping my white bed sheets till my knuckles turned the shade of the sheets and my eyes were forced shut, instinctively.

This was a feeling I barely even recognized because it had been so long but also the type of sensation that could never be forgotten. Delicate and deliberately slow strokes of his tongue explored me as if he was taking slow sips of a hot coffee before taking a gulp. He didn't rush but took his time to savour me and that in itself was too much to bear.

My hands began to hurt from applying so much pressure on clenching my sheets to control myself but as his tongue went faster my hips slightly raised off the mattress. He moaned while inside of me and held onto my hips very tightly. I searched to see who this man was my but tears rimmed my eyes. I continued to look down to see who the mystery man who was pleasuring me with his hot mouth and he stopped and raised his face, piercing blue eyes and a firm jaw line. He smiled then licked his lips, it was Elliott.

I jolted up out of my sleep and my hands were sweaty from gripping onto my bedspread and a thin layer of sweat glistened over my chest. What a dream, seems like lately all I got was dirty dreams but with Elliott? Never.

Such a high, almost on the brink of a powerful orgasm thanks to my partner, I felt dirty and a bit ashamed to think if he ever found out but in the same breath I was turned on and my arousal was too rare to come by to ignore.

My sexual appetite has decreased due to the emotional and mental toll my career has been taken over the last few years so the dream was shocking to say the least. I rolled over on my side to face the nightstand and felt slight moisture between my legs from my heated dream, I was still turned on and times like this were extremely rare. So I did what any single sexually frustrated woman did on a Friday night all alone after a sexual fantasy dream at 3:00am, I went into the drawer of my nightstand and pulled out some satisfaction that just so happened to run on two double a batteries. All I could see was blackness and then there was Elliott. He had a smirk on his face and his hand reached into my panties. His breath was hot against my neck and his fingers explored inside of me. His words were few to come by but when he did verbally express himself it was dirty and hot.

I didn't want him to make love to me, this was a fantasy therefore it could be anyway I wanted it to be in my innermost thoughts. I wanted it hot, fast and raw. No clich├ęs, minimum foreplay but sweaty passionate sex.