Rich Man's Darling
By LastScorpion
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters. This is just for fun.
Warning: In the words of quiettiger, "If Clark Kent's throwing up, it's probably not just the flu"
Many thanks to Diluvian and The Die Hard for beta-reading! All remaining errors and offenses against common decency are mine and mine alone.


"Nausea, vomiting, weakness," Cuddy snapped, running House to ground in the cafeteria line.

"Gastroenteritis," he countered, NOT dropping his cake. What was she doing in the cafeteria at 10:30 a.m.? And how did she manage to sneak up on him in those shoes? "Are you helping Chase with his crosswords now?"

"Occasional faintness and mood swings. You're having cake at this hour?"

"Coffee's upstairs. So, Dr. Cuddy, are congratulations in order?" He leered and leaned closer. "Tell me it wasn't 613."

"Not pregnant, and not me."

Suddenly bored with the conversation, House straightened up and shoved his tray to the cashier's station. "Whatever. I'm not an OB, and I don't do gastroenteritis."

"The patient's boyfriend has made a ten million dollar donation to the hospital, contingent upon you taking the case."

House pointed at Cuddy and told the cashier, "She's paying."


And this was it, the reason his emotions had always been his downfall and always would be. Lex hated that Lionel had been right.

After all these years, these twists and turns, from love-him-but-hate-him, through hate-him-but-love-him, and finally sweetly home to just plain love (requited love!), when they'd finally, against all odds, gotten it right, here Lex was again –- seated in an uncomfortable hospital chair, holding a loved one's limp hand, watching his heart die.

Lex looked at Clark, too-pale, too-pretty, drowsing on the crappy institutional sheets, and he was afraid he couldn't live through it again –- especially if it turned out to be his own damn fault.

Before killing himself, though, Lex would make sure the Joker suffered a painful and lingering death. Plotting elaborate revenge scenarios (Belle Reve was far less permeable than Arkham –- Lex could definitely get his hands on the insane clown whenever he was ready for him) kept other insanities at bay for a little while, and then the door opened.