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The homunculus he had created was superior to any other ever created, ever to be created.

But now, he was gone.

And Dante's heart ached because of that. It had only been a stupid quarrel, over an issue of secondary importance...! He didn't need to leave to prove that perhaps, and just perhaps, he'd been right, and the creature should have been left to die. Because she still loved him.

As if to express her hate and repulsion towards the issue that had provoked her love to abandon her, her eyes narrowed and her lips pursed at the sight of the sleeping homunculus. Why should she care about him...it? It didn't care about her, after all.

It was the cause of all her disgrace.

Her nose wrinkled.

She stood up from her armchair, and paced towards the large library.

The previous day, it had had a point.

She couldn't call the homunculus -it- for the rest of her life. It nagged that she didn't even have a name to hate.

"How should a homunculus be referred to?" The answer she'd thought she'd gotten hadn't left her satisfied.

Flipping through pages of different books, the most of them about forbidden alchemies and taboos, Dante remained inexpresive. She finally grabbed hold of the old manuscript she'd been reading some days ago. The name, as she'd found out before, only depended on the answer to one question... one single question... It was so, so simple. So cruelly simple.

Simple enough to be easy to loathe.

Complex enough to be a punishment on its own.

Her steely grey eyes narrowed, and re-read the page a number of times before giving up, and admitting she hadn't been mistaken the first time she'd read it.

And that simple name...

Humans were miserable creatures, after all. She frowned slowly, her eyes trailing off and roaming through his relaxed body. It didn't matter how much she hated him, it, it didn't matter. The homunculus itself had said it, 'You aren't as heartless as you want to seem, mother'. How many times she'd narrowed her cold eyes, didn't matter, remembering those cruel, cynism-dripping words of his hurt all the same. Because, he'd been right. She had wanted to get rid of him in a first moment, and she hadn't found her courage to do so.

She found herself gazing, eyes slightly saddened, at the thing that was supposed to be her son.

She shrugged, and asked herself how long it'd be until she got over it. With her lips pursing, she shook the homunculus awake, and as soon as his violet eyes were open and fixed in her own, she asked:

'What do you desire the most right now?' Sweetness leaked from her voice as poison from a snake's fangs and poured over her words, making them edgy, cruel. He sat up, she closed the thick book. Even if he'd caught the disgust in his master's question, the homunculus didn't even stop to think, and even so, his voice sounded calm, and words flowed out of his mouth as if he'd sorted out that answer a long time ago.

'I don't desire anything. I hate... I hate anyone who has what I don't... I hate anyone who is happy! I want to see humans suffer, feel the same pain I feel!'

That had been sincere. A strange smile surfaced in her lips.

'We'll be working on that... Envy'


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