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Kakashi leaned back against the trunk of a tree he had been sitting in for the past few hours. The position had already left half of his behind and his entire right leg numb, but he was able to watch his genin team. Thinking about those three for a moment, the jounin realized it was quiet…almost too quiet considering those demons were supposed to be working on their newest mission - raking leaves that had fallen in this autumn weather. Kakashi remembered his days spent as a genin, then a chuunin, but couldn't recall a time when he was forced to do such a mundane, and utterly pointless, task in order to earn his pay. Sometimes he couldn't help but agree with his blonde student when Naruto said that their missions were stupid and that Tsunade-sama should give them some hard B- or even A-ranked missions.

Kakashi knew his team was more than capable of completing such missions. It had nearly been a year since Sasuke had returned (well, he had come home knocked unconscious on Naruto's back, but who was looking at the details?) and both he and Naruto had passed the chuunin exams a few months ago. That left Kakashi with three overly-energetic chuunin who were some of the most powerful shinobi of their generation…and, sadly, they knew it. Because of their never-ending bickering and small fistfights between Naruto and Sasuke (or, in the case of Sakura, beating Naruto to within an inch of his life with that monstrous strength of hers), Kakashi had very little leisure time lately.

Today was actually the first day that nothing had gone wrong yet…and it was a glorious day for the jounin. He hadn't been forced to put his Icha Icha book away in order to save his loudest student from being killed by his supposed 'best friends' or something to that effect. That small fact itself made Kakashi very on edge. The last time those three were actually civil to each other for more than five minutes was the one time they wanted to discover what was underneath his mask.

With a soft chuckle to himself at remembrance of that particular incident, Kakashi reluctantly pulled his eyes away from the pages of Icha Icha Passion. It was Jiraiya-sama's newest book and, in the silver-haired pervert's mind, it was his best work yet. He had seen the book this morning on the way to meet his team and, because of the new release, Kakashi had been seven (instead of the usual three or four) hours late. At that point, not even Naruto had bothered to ask why he was so late. All the trio had to do was listen to their madly giggling sensei to realize that they really didn't want to know the reason behind his less than punctual (for Kakashi) arrival.

Kakashi glanced around the clearing that his students were supposed to be raking and noticed that the entire area was cleaned, but his students were missing. Raising an eyebrow, Kakashi inwardly smirked. He loved the fact that no one ever knew that his Sharingan was just as effective with the hitai-ate on. It was easier to use if he didn't have to piece of metal and material covering his eye, but he kept the band there so people (like his students right now) underestimated his abilities to the point of thinking his eye was ineffective if covered and that the forehead protector did keep extra chakra from leaking from his eye. Kakashi, even though he would never admit it to anyone, also kept the hitai-ate over his eye because he felt…vulnerable without it. Kakashi opened his Sharingan and saw black for a moment before activating it and began studying the surrounding area with his implanted eye. The demonic trio was a few feet behind him with their chakra masked so well, his Sharingan was having trouble picking their traces up. It made him proud, if not slightly fearful, that his team had gotten so much better in the past few years of training with him.

Now all that was left was to figure out what the hell those three were doing hiding behind him and nearly succeeding in remaining concealed from him. Chuckling to himself, Kakashi played the idiot and ignored the three slowly approaching chakra signatures as he picked up where he left off.

Biting back a squeal of glee as Sano ripped off the princess's kimono in the moment of lust, Kakashi hurriedly turned the page to find out more juicy details about the taboo affair between the princess and her fiancée's father. He quickly became so caught up in the novel (and one of the most erotic scenes Jiraiya had ever written), he didn't hear his jounin warning bells go off until it was too late.

"How can you read on a vibrant autumn day like this, my eternal rival…Kakashi!" Kakashi inwardly twitched as he pulled his eye away from his book long enough to catch the last moments of one of Gai's impressive poses. How the hell someone could move like that in spandex and not have serious (personal) problems with chafing, Kakashi couldn't even being to guess. He knew that Gai had none of these problems because the Sharingan wielder would have been the first informed - in a flourish of useless crying, shouting, and remarkable sunset scenes that appear out of nowhere. Sometimes the jounin hated being Gai's closest friend simply because they were 'eternal rivals. No…Kakashi hated that fact all the time, unless he could sit back and watch the Green Beast of Konoha put himself through harsh tasks because Kakashi won their last competition. During those times, Kakashi could actually stand the man's obnoxious company. Call him sadistic if you want, but Kakashi couldn't help but love watching Gai push himself beyond his limits. It meant he was too busy for all his outbursts and theatrics.

In response to Gai's exclamation, Kakashi glanced down at his newest love and memorized the number of the page he had been on and, once he had completed that, he gently closed the book and placed it into a secret pocket in his vest. He had actually had that special pocket put in just for his beloved Icha Icha novels.

"Ah, so I have finally swayed you from your perverse ways ! It is a great day for youth!" Gai cried, waterfall-like tears falling down his face as he did an all-new movement. Kakashi mentally noted this frightening display of flexibility and energy as Dance-217 (for future reference…so he could avoid such a frightening display of what Gai seemed to think was youth). Kakashi considered it to be more of a 'creepy' than a 'youthful' thing. Then again, to each his own, and there was no way in hell Kakashi was about to argue with Gai on the 'youth' topic. He made that mistake once…and he was never able to look at carrots the same way again after Gai lost that particular competition…

Thinking back on it, Kakashi realized that the carrot incident had actually been the first time Gai made up one of his ridiculous conditions if he lost. For a moment, Kakashi wondered what would have happened if he had just let Gai win the youthful argument.

"What do you want?" Kakashi asked dryly as he looked back up at his rival, who had switched to a new stance. Gai's pose faltered as he realized Kakashi had actually acknowledged his presence…without him, Green Beast of Konoha demanding a new match of youth, strength, and skill. Gai was so amazed, in face, he stood up from his Youth-67 pose in order to stare at Kakashi.

As quickly as he had lost his usual, youthful spirit, Gai suddenly picked up here he left off, inwardly crying at this new, and wonderful, change in Kakashi. In the man's mind, it was about time his eternal rival stopped being so stubborn.

"I see your youthful spirit has finally begun showing, my eternal rival!" Kakashi winced inwardly at Gai's exuberant tone. Apparently Gai had something to share with Kakashi…or the man had an all new challenge. As of right now, they were tied with seventy-two wins each, but that was just because Gai got lucky in their last competition - cuter baby pictures. Anko and Kurenai had been the judges to that particular competition and Kakashi wasn't surprised when they told him he looked like his usual serious, but chronically bored self when an infant. On the other hand, they fell in love with Gai's baby pictures.

"…what do you want?" Kakashi repeated himself, sure that the spandex-clad shinobi had forgotten Kakashi had actually asked something of importance before. Gai's creepy eyes landed on Kakashi and the silver-haired pervert felt a chill go down his back. Oh, yes, Gai had thought of an all-new competition. Kakashi couldn't tell exactly what it was, but it was apparently something good from the way Gai's smile shone as the man chuckled to himself.

"I thought of the last test of youth, Kakashi!" Gai pirouetted on the branch Kakashi had been comfortably sitting on a few minutes ago as the other jounin merely raised an eyebrow at his rival's comment.

Last?…what the hell is he talking about? We've been having these competitions since we were eight…maybe he's finally going to give up…Kakashi prayed that was the case…Gai was really starting to grate on his nerves after twenty years of this youthful spirit. "Maa…"

"…Last night, I came to an epiphany, my eternal rival!" Kakashi wanted so badly to bash his own head into the tree to save himself from whatever Gai wanted to share with him now, but he couldn't do that in front of his students…they'd be cruel enough to save his life. "We are coming to the end of our years of youthful flirting!"

…? Kakashi wondered for a moment how long it had been since Gai had last got laid…because, apparently, that was what their newest bet would be. If that was the case, Kakashi knew he'd win even if he was in a coma for the next five months.

"I see you are speechless at this realization. I understand…it was a shock to me as well, Kakashi…" Gai gently patted his silent friend on the shoulder as he wept in pity for his lonely rival. If it killed him, he would make sure Kakashi would at least come into a close second in their competition. "I have decided…that, as our last battle to prove our youth, we will find true love!"

Has he lost his mind? Kakashi could hear his spying students chuckling to themselves, which only egged the slightly narcissistic jounin on. "What do I have to do?" he asked firmly as he slowly stood up to look at Gai at eyelevel. Gai, apparently surprised at how quickly Kakashi had overcome his speechlessness, gave a shining grin and a thumbs up.

"Fall in love, of course! Whichever one of us can find the love of our lives first and have the feeling returned will win! If I lose, I will never challenge you again, my eternal rival!" Gai exclaimed energetically as he posed again.

Oh, this would be too easy, Kakashi decided as he began watching Gai go into a fit of posing, crying, and whatever else the man did when he had moments like this. Kakashi had learned long ago to just ignore it as much as possible. He thought for a moment, trying to pick out what person he could seduce within a week so that he wouldn't have to deal with Gai much longer. "Fine, I agree to your bet…" Kakashi stated as he began pulling his Icha Icha Passion back out, but froze when he saw that dreamy, helpless look in his rival's face. Apparently, Gai had already picked the victim of his unwanted attentions.

Kakashi pulled his book back out, trying to make it seem like he didn't care about their newest competition. In all actuality, Kakashi was mentally listing every available (and some taken) jounin that he could seduce in the next few days or weeks. After a moment of his reasoning, Kakashi was depressed at how few jounin there were that he could even stand, let alone have someone as a bed partner long enough to get Gai off his back.

That meant he would have to open his other options - ANBU members. After another moment, Kakashi inwardly dropped his head and sighed. There were even fewer ANBU members who he would ever bed. Alright, that left his one last option - the chuunin. For a moment, Kakashi imagined hooking up with someone like Naruto and he visibly shivered at the thought. He could take months of Ibiki's torture…but a full day with another Naruto…it was just too much for the Copy-Cat Ninja to take.

By the time Kakashi had a suitable list of chuunin and jounin that he could actually sleep with and not have serious mental problems for years to come, he was surprised to find Gai gone and his students back raking another area of the clearing as though nothing had happened. Kakashi looked down at his Icha Icha Passion, keeping the corner of his eye on the three, but couldn't find anything that betrayed the fact they had heard his newest bet with Gai. Those little bastards are in on it…Kakashi assured himself as he watched Sakura bash Naruto over the head for something he had said to Sasuke, who was looking more and more like a big hunk of ice as he watched his teammates bicker over what to call him. Apparently, Naruto was under the impression 'asshole' was a polite enough term. Too bad for him Tsunade had trained his female companion.

Kakashi couldn't help but giggle when Sakura landed a particularly heavy hit, flinging Naruto backwards several feet into none other than the stoic Uchiha who had been trying so hard to ignore his teammates that he didn't see Naruto until it was too late. The two boys went sailing through a few bits of shrubbery and, in Naruto's case, an exceptionally thick tree trunk which left a large hole in the old tree.

He shook his head as he watched Sasuke get up and brush himself off as though nothing happened, then proceeded to go searching for the blonde who had dared fling him into a bush. Naruto, on the other hand, hadn't faired so well and had yet to get back up. With anyone else, Kakashi would have probably started having a panic attack as soon as he had seen the boy fly through the first tree, but he knew Naruto was virtually indestructible, so he left the unconscious blonde to Sasuke as he picked up where he left off.

Within seconds of reading, Kakashi had to look back up at his team. He hadn't heard the usual 'itai' from Naruto yet, which, in Kakashi's logical mind, meant Sasuke had finally snapped and throttled his teammate's neck or that something was seriously wrong with his student.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Kakashi flew out of his tree when he heard the fear in Sakura's voice. He scanned the clearing and found the pink-haired girl and Sasuke kneeling on either side of one very immobile blonde. He didn't need to activate the Sharingan to see the healing chakra flowing from Sakura hands resting gently on Naruto's chest. He raced over to the three teens and immediately dropped to his knees next to Sasuke and began studying Naruto for serious injuries.

The Kyuubi should be healing him…and even if it isn't healing him…Sakura could easily fix any broken bones or concussions…what's wrong? Kakashi wondered to himself as he studied Naruto's relaxed face. There was something seriously wrong with the boy. As he pulled up his hitai-ate to get a better look at the blonde, Kakashi noticed that 'seriously wrong' wasn't exactly the term to be using. A 'oh, shit, we need to get him to the Hokage' would have been more appropriate. The Sharingan revealed that Naruto was very low on chakra - that his body was actually burning away his internal organs in attempts to use the Kyuubi's energy before it melded with his own.

"…we need to get him to the Hokage…" Kakashi commented coldly as he glared at Sakura, whose face was oddly emotionless for the sentimental girl. He glanced over at Sasuke, who (in a very un-Sasuke manner) had an unrestrained smirk on his face. Those little bastards…Kakashi quickly pulled a kunai out and rammed the blade in between Sasuke's third and fourth ribs and the man was rewarded with a soft poof of smoke as the Uchiha disappeared.

Kakashi, in the blink of an eye, flung a kunai into Sakura and the unconscious blonde, both of which erupted in smoke in return. Kakashi picked up his blades, scowling, even though his students wouldn't see his pout. Standing back up, the jounin heard a chorus of chuckles.

"…got you, Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto yelled, waving at Kakashi from the jounin's previous seat in the tree. Inwardly, Kakashi twitched at the boy's comment. They got him…they actually tricked the jounin to the point Kakashi had been a hairsbreadth away from having an anxiety or heart attack.

Kakashi hadn't even gotten this annoyed by Gai before. With a glare at the three sitting on his tree branch, the jounin flipped them off and began stalking away. While walking, Kakashi began leafing through his vest for his Icha Icha novel, hoping to work off some of his aggravation with reading, but froze and slowly turned around when he discovered the book missing.

His eyes shifted to look at the trio and glowered when he saw Naruto waving his orange book in the air. "Forget something, Kakashi-sensei!" That little bastard…will pay…Kakashi decided as he ignored his student and continued walking away from them.

Thinking about payback, Kakashi realized he had yet to think of someone who would be a good person to seduce so that he could win the final competition against Gai. With a smirk, Kakashi thought of the perfect candidate. Not only would Kakashi have a bit of a challenge with this person, but he could get Naruto back for being such an annoying pain in his ass.

You picked the wrong boy to adopt…Kakashi almost giggled as he strode back into the village, his step lightening considerably as he thought of the perfect way to seduce this particular chuunin academy teacher. Umino Iruka…


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