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Kakashi groggily cracked open an eye as the light crept through the window. Taking a deep breath, he caught the unmistakable scent of something heavenly. He quickly glanced around the room with his natural eye, finally focusing his gaze on the most beautiful man he had ever seen.

Five years and he still couldn't believe his luck.

Sitting cross-legged at the foot of the bed, the brunet was oblivious to the world around him as he happily slurped noodles from a steaming bowl he was holding. It didn't take long for Kakashi to guess what kind of noodles those were. He knew the scent of pork and miso ramen so well, it haunted him in his dreams.

Then again, what kind of boyfriend would he be if he didn't recognize the smell of his lover's favorite food by now?

"Good morning, sleepy head," Iruka sung around his meal. Curious, Kakashi wondered what time it was – it was obvious the teacher had already drunk his first pot of coffee of the day if he was this bouncy. It took him a moment to realize that it must be around lunchtime.

There was a reason for Kakashi's confusion. He had gotten back from a mission the night before, had hot and steamy I-missed-you sex with the love of his life, and then promptly passed out. Every other time he returned from a mission, he was allowed to sleep at least until the early evening the next day. So there must be a reason Iruka was sitting there, waking him up with that delicious scent and even more delectable view of a fully nude teacher eating those noodles.

Focusing on his lover's grinning face, Kakashi started to wonder if he should be worried. When Iruka smiled like that, most people's survival instincts told them to figure out an escape route. Running back through the past few weeks, he couldn't remember doing or saying anything that would make his lover seek revenge. As far as Iruka knew, he hadn't chosen to be sent away on a week-long mission in Suna, nor was it entirely his fault that, immediately before leaving the village, he had to have a midlife crisis challenge with Gai.

Who could use his age to get away with offensive comments and actions easier – it was hardly even a challenge anymore. Of course, whereas Gai had to plead senility, Kakashi knew he could get away with murder by just flashing a smile. Which he had done – so maybe Iruka was mad that he was innocently flirting with the girls whose butts he had pinched or chests he had ogled in the name of tradition?

"Have I told you today that I love you?" Kakashi replied, wishing that his response didn't sound questioning, but it did. In response, Iruka just smiled. Damn, he was like the cat that ate the canary! Inwardly wincing, the jounin wondered what kind of punishment he was going to receive this time for being a menace to society.

Slowly, Kakashi began to sit up, but froze when he felt something restricting his movement. A quick glance to his arms revealed the downright sexy truth. Iruka had tied him to the bed! A part of the pervert nearly cried at how his lover was finally coming out of his innocent shell. The rest of him, however, wondered why there were seals written on the thick ribbons. It only took him a moment to recognize the marks for what they were. Unbreakable bonds – Iruka apparently had been spending too much time with Ibiki.

Knowing better than to tug, Kakashi tested the strength of the ribbons with a tendril of chakra. Almost instantly, he was rewarded with a tightening of the knots around his wrists. He couldn't help but crack a smile. Iruka had rigged his trap so that, the more his lover struggled, the harder it would be to escape. Perfect!

The jounin looked back to his lover in appreciation. Iruka ignored his raised eyebrow, instead continuing to eat his ramen in blissful abandon. After a few silent moments, Iruka slowed down eating as he focused his gaze on his bound lover.

"I was cleaning the other day and I happened to look in your closet…" Iruka trailed off, smirking when he saw his boyfriend break out in a cold sweat. "There was this huge box covered in seals. I couldn't help opening it – I was curious what you were hiding." Okay, so he was fishing through his lover's closet in hopes of finding his birthday present while Kakashi was away on a mission. What better place to hide it than in a box that was covered in enough seals and exploding tags to discourage all but the most insane – or the most determined – from trying to open it?

"O-oh?" Kakashi tried to sound flippant, but recalled just how very large that box was. Oh, he was going to kill Naruto and Sasuke the next time he saw those two. It was entirely their fault that he could no longer fit everything in one small chest that he could stuff under the floorboards. He had thought the seals would have kept his lover out of the refrigerator box– he should have known better than to underestimate Iruka's curiosity.

"Now, unless you're planning on opening up your own store, I'm assuming all of it has a purpose," Iruka commented softly as he balanced his ramen on one knee. Recalling the mounds of toys, bottles, and other things that the box contained, he smirked. All it had taken was one little trip to Naruto's apartment to find out where everything came from. Okay, maybe he also needed a few hard glares and whacking his brother in the head with one such toy.

Sasuke sung long before his lover.

Slowly, Iruka fished out a noodle from his bowl and brought it to his face. Feigning naivety, he began eating it as he watched his lover's reaction. The wide eyes and the hungry look told him that the teens' information had been correct. Apparently Kakashi liked ramen more than he let on.

"When we first started dating and you had that marathon cold shower," Iruka started off, biting back a chuckle when he saw Kakashi's face turn a vibrant shade of pink. Apparently he was still embarrassed over that event. "You flew back into the bathroom when I offered you ramen… any reason why?"

Kakashi whimpered as he watched Iruka pick up another noodle and begin slurping it. Closing his eyes, he tried to will away the image of that salty broth splattering his lover's chin. After he swallowed heavily and took a few calming breaths, the jounin cracked open an eye only to see Iruka slowly licking his lips, erasing all traces of his messy meal.

The soft moans that escaped from his lover did not help Kakashi's libido whatsoever.

"Mmm… it's delicious – want some?" Iruka asked innocently as he held up a dripping noodle. Kakashi hungrily eyed the ramen as though it was the only autographed copy of the special edition Icha Icha Lesson. Those mismatched eyes widened as they watched Iruka move the chopsticks toward him, only to reverse direction mere inches from his lips.

Kakashi let out a growl of protest as he watched his lover happily consume the noodle. Forgetting the bonds around his wrists, the jounin tried to lunge for his brunet. He didn't care if he upset the bowl of ramen; hell, that would just make it easier to lick the broth off every inch of Iruka. Of course, he was jerked back onto the bed by his restraints as they tightened to the point where he could no longer move his arms at all.

"I-Iruka…" Kakashi whispered his lover's name, unable to think of a reason for this seductive teasing. In response, the only thing the teacher did was shift his position so that he was sitting next to his lover. With a bare thigh brushing against his side, that steaming bowl was able to radiate heat onto his already flushed skin. Groaning, Kakashi tried to move, but was only rewarded with another tightening of his bonds.

"You didn't answer my question," Iruka pointed out before eating another noodle. Purposely slurping, he watched in satisfaction as a few droplets splashed his lover's exposed chest. Kakashi's eyes followed those beads of moisture as well, flickering back up to the brunet pleadingly as they began to slide down his side.

Unable to recall what his lover had asked him, Kakashi whimpered as he closed his eyes, trying to ignore the warm liquid trailing down his ribcage. Any attempts at forgetting the mess Iruka was making disappeared as he felt a tongue brush against his side, lapping up the broth before it hit the mattress.

That warm tongue continued moving upwards, following the trail the liquid had taken. Kakashi shivered as Iruka licked a particularly sensitive spot. The jounin bit his lip to keep from crying out as his lover began expertly sucking that area, knowing exactly what it did to Kakashi. Every muscle in the jounin trembled in desire as he tried to move closer to the teacher's seductive mouth. Wracked with jolts of pleasure, Kakashi lost the ability to breathe as he felt Iruka shift again.

He didn't have to open his eyes to know that Iruka had set the bowl of ramen on his middle. The immediate warmth against his skin told him exactly what was going on. Kakashi tried to focus his attention on anything other than the bowl that shook on top of his quivering abdomen.

Reluctantly, Iruka removed his lips from his lover's side and momentarily admired the dark mark that was a shocking contrast to Kakashi's alabaster skin. Smirking, the brunet blew against the wet spot and was rewarded with a shiver from the jounin.

"Iruka, please!" Kakashi begged as his hips involuntarily thrust upwards. Almost as soon as he moved, the jounin deeply regretted it. The bowl resting precariously on him was upset by his quick movement, spilling hot broth and noodles across his torso and lower body.

The liquid wasn't hot enough to burn, but Kakashi forgot about that as he cried out. The feel of the ramen hitting his skin, sliding down his thighs and groin, pooling between defined muscles, dripping down onto the mattress underneath him. It was too much. Whimpering, Kakashi finally opened his eyes only to find his lover studying him with a calculating expression. God, Iruka was sexy when he was determined!

"Look at the mess you made, Kakashi," Iruka said, forcing himself to sound angry as he brought a finger to his lover's narrow hip. Slowly, he ran the back of his finger against the jounin's wet skin, catching a bead of liquid that he quickly brought to his mouth. Knowing his lover's eyes were riveted on him, he began to lick away the moisture so seductively, he found himself being turned on.

Seeing the tell-tale flush on his lover's face, Kakashi found his gaze moving downwards. Though partially hidden from view by his crossed legs, Iruka's arousal was still obvious enough to make the jounin groan. He had known Iruka was perfect – but this was something that he had never expected out of his shy lover.

Playing along with Iruka's game – and his own deep, dark fantasy – Kakashi put on his best remorseful expression. "I'm sorry," he apologized as he glanced down at his soaked abdomen. Following his gaze, Iruka sighed heavily.

"I guess I'll have to clean this up," the teacher commented as he plucked a lonely noodle off of Kakashi's thigh. Concentrating so hard on not blushing and ruining his cool and collected façade, Iruka jumped slightly when he heard his lover speak.

"Let me help," Kakashi whimpered as he tugged on his restraints, inwardly praying Iruka would release him. He wanted so badly to kiss his lover, to taste the saltiness on his lips and tongue. He desperately needed to suck on those fingers that now held a noodle mere inches from Iruka's mouth. Judging from the smirk that came to his lover's face, Iruka knew exactly what he was thinking about.

Slowly, Iruka brought the ramen noodle up to Kakashi's parted lips. He chuckled as he brushed the noodle against the jounin's lower lip, teasing his lover as Kakashi tried to bite the thin strand, but Iruka kept pulling it away.

"Iruka!" Kakashi cried out as he lunged for the damn noodle, only to get a taste of it before his lover moved it out of his range. Iruka did this several times before he unknowingly began to wear on Kakashi's almost non-existent patience. He somehow forgot that his lover was not very tolerant when he was horny.

It only took a moment of concentration for the jounin to fill his hands with chakra. Even before the sound of chirping birds reached his lover's ears, Kakashi had blasted away the headboard that he was tied to. Sadly, it was not the first headboard they had destroyed and Kakashi had the feeling it would not be the last. For the briefest of moments, he recalled how embarrassed Iruka was when they had cracked their first bed in one of their more energetic adventures in lovemaking.

"WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT USING JUTSU IN BED!" Iruka shrieked as he fell backwards from the blast that obliterated the top of their brand new bed. Before he got a chance to berate his lover for the umpteenth time for destroying furniture, he found himself pinned to the bed with one very horny jounin straddled across his middle.

"Much better," Kakashi preened as he slowly released his lover's wrists and bent down so that he could kiss those salty lips. Preparing himself for a few punches – Iruka hated having to go to the furniture store with a new excuse as to why he needed a brand new bed, chair, table, or whatever they had broken that week – Kakashi was surprised when he felt those hands tightly grip his hips.

Iruka groaned as he pushed his lover lower down until Kakashi's ass pressed against his erection. The jounin merely let out a hoarse chuckle as he began to rub himself along his lover's member. He loved teasing Iruka into a frenzy, which he had every intention of doing as revenge for covering him in ramen, but he quickly changed his mind when he saw the bowl Iruka's ramen had been in.

Miraculously, there was a little puddle of broth still in the sideways bowl.

The jounin smirked deviously as he slid down until he sat between his lover's strong legs. Reaching for the bowl, he began drizzling the lukewarm broth along the brunet's throbbing cock. Crying out at the sensation of liquid trailing down his erection, Iruka's hips bucked upwards.

"Y-you're making a mess!" the obsessive teacher squeaked as he pushed himself up on his elbows. Kakashi only grinned at him as he lowered his head and began lapping up the broth. The combination of watching his lover lick his erection and feeling Kakashi's masterful tongue against his sensitive flesh was too much for the teacher to handle.

Reaching down, he took a handful of his lover's silvery hair and held the jounin's head still as he began fucking that warm mouth. Momentarily surprised at his lover's demanding thrusts, Kakashi choked. As soon as the sound left his throat, Iruka froze and was about to begin apologizing for being so forceful, but the words died on his tongue when he heard his lover speak first.

"Don't make me stop, Iruka. You taste so good," Kakashi groaned hoarsely. The salty flavor of the ramen filled the jounin's mouth, turning him on even more than he had imagined it would. Licking at his lover's cock, he found a ramen-flavored spot at the base that he had somehow missed before. Within moments of Kakashi's attentions, Iruka was writhing. Slowly, the jounin trailed his tongue up the underside of his lover's erection and then teased his way along the tip until he tasted a bead of liquid that was a delicious contrast to the ramen. Taking his lover back in his mouth, Kakashi quickly matched Iruka's earlier movements.

All Iruka could do was moan as his lover sucked him like never before. Had he known Kakashi would have had such a fetish for ramen, he would have tried this out ages ago. The thought of repeating the experience made a shiver of pleasure run down Iruka's back. Tightening his fingers in the silver strands of his lover's hair, almost to the point of pain, Iruka arched his back.

"K-Kakashi!" Iruka cried out his lover's name as he approached his climax. The jounin greedily sucked on his arousal until the brunet came explosively, gripping his hair and directing his head as he filled that hot cavern with his seed.

Swallowing, Kakashi growled appreciatively. The taste of his lover's cum, mixed with ramen, was far better than the jounin had ever imagined possible. He began licking his lover's still hard member, making sure he hadn't missed a single drop. Iruka made a strangled sound as he pulled Kakashi's head away before the jounin could, literally, suck him into a second climax.

"Mmm," Kakashi voiced his satisfaction as he moved so that he could innocently kiss his lover. Lazily, he licked those salty lips, which only served to turn him on even more, if that was possible. Iruka groaned softly before he crushed his lips against Kakashi's, tasting semen and ramen. Damn, Kakashi had a good idea! The teacher growled as he took control of a kiss that quickly turned into a sloppy mating of tongues and gasps for air.

Iruka was the first to break away, taking a moment to breathe before speaking. "My turn," he growled as he moved quickly, flipping Kakashi underneath him and pinning the jounin to the bed by simply ramming his hard cock against his lover's entrance. Crying out, Kakashi angled his hips in preparation of having his brains fucked out, but was surprised – and a little disappointed – when Iruka pulled away. That momentary disappointment disappeared when he realized what his lover had in mind.

Kakashi immediately knew what the bottle that his lover had picked up off the nightstand was. How could he not recognize it when he had a year's supply of the stuff?

"Ramen-flavored, huh?" Iruka asked with a raised eyebrow. The flush on his lover's face told him exactly what he wanted to know. Kakashi knew that the lube did really taste like ramen. The questions of how, when, and why were burning in Iruka's mind and he was determined to get answers. Slowly, he popped the lid and began squeezing some of the slippery contents out onto his fingertips.

Kakashi watched all of this in a lust-filled haze. Seeing his lover start to rub the lubricant along his index and middle fingers sent a shot of red-hot desire through the jounin. Knowing exactly what his lover was doing – seducing him for answers to the obvious questions concerning the year supply of ramen flavored lube – Kakashi bit his lip and refused to speak. What Iruka did next, however, sent the jounin over the edge.

Iruka should have been working for the torture and interrogation team and not wasting his obvious talents on his horny lover.

Innocently, the teacher stuck out his tongue and touched the tip to his finger. Eyes widening in surprise, he pressed his tongue to his slick fingers, then did the unthinkable and began sucking on his own fingers like they were candy. If his expression of pure bliss was any indicator, Iruka enjoyed the taste almost as much as his real ramen.

Moaning softly, Iruka licked his fingers clean before starting to repeat the process. Before he even had the chance to put a drop of lubricant on his wet fingers, Kakashi cried out.

"Okay, okay!" Kakashi's voice cracked from sheer, desperate need. "It was Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura – they bought all of that stuff to embarrass me. They overdosed me on aphrodisiacs, and then I woke up at your place and found your ramen poster... thought it was sexy. They found out about my fantasy and bought a year's supply of the lube. When you were on the teacher's retreat last month, I was horny and I got curious!"

The mental picture that Kakashi's words painted was one that made Iruka's member twitch. He could easily imagine his lover covering one of the many, many dildos he had found in that box with lube. It wasn't much of a stretch to visualize Kakashi sucking on it, pretending it was his cock, then using it to fuck himself.

Iruka moaned at the idea of Kakashi masturbating. He knew his chronically horny lover did it often, but rarely was it more than a quick hand job. He was brought back to the present when he felt hands wrap around his throbbing erection.

"Fuck me, Iruka," Kakashi pleaded hoarsely as he began to stroke his lover's member. The teacher jerked his hips, groaning as he added more lube to his trembling fingers. Throwing the tube onto the bed, Iruka moved to press his fingers against his lover's entrance. He gently pushed two fingers into the jounin, finding that sensitive spot with ease.

Crying out, Kakashi tightened his grip around his lover's erection as Iruka continued to press against his prostate, sending the jounin into a frenzied state. He tried to rock his body against those fingers, but Iruka held him still with a single hand on his hip. The jounin whimpered as his lover teased him, pulling his fingers out almost completely only to slam them back against his prostate, mimicking what he was going to do soon.

Though he was seeing stars, Kakashi blindly grasped for the ramen lube, then covered his lover's cock in it. Knowing Iruka's willpower was even more non-existent than his own, the jounin gripped the teacher's erection and began jerking him off. Iruka didn't even last a few seconds before he growled and grabbed Kakashi's wrist.

"Please, Iruka." His hips now free, Kakashi bucked upwards, impaling himself on his lover's fingers as his cock brushed against Iruka's. The teacher bit his lip to stifle a moan as he quickly complied with his lover's demands. With no warning, he replaced his fingers with his well-lubricated arousal and thrust into the jounin.

Kakashi let out a soft scream of pleasure as his lover took him. Bronzed hands gripped his hips so tightly, both men knew he would leave bruises, but neither cared at that moment. The jounin's pale legs hooked around his lover's shoulders as Iruka easily lifted him into the air and began fucking him with every ounce of energy he had.

Unable to do much else, Kakashi rode his lover's cock – and loved every minute of it. He loved how Iruka took complete control, moving their hips in a rhythm that quickly had Kakashi arching his back and crying out for more. He loved hearing his lover's pants, his moans, his declarations of love.

Wrapping his arms around Iruka's neck, Kakashi pulled himself flush against his lover and kissed the younger man deeply. He had to break away all too soon to gasp for air as Iruka rammed against his prostate, momentarily blinding the jounin.


That airy gasp was the only warning the teacher was given before he felt his lover come, covering both of them in his seed, as he cried out and his body trembled. Iruka followed mere moments later with a hoarse groan. As he throbbed inside his lover, Iruka felt his energy drain from him. Gently, he laid his lover down before he collapsed.

Kakashi lazily wrapped his arms around his tanned partner, gently rubbing his scarred back until Iruka stopped shaking from the aftershock of his climax. Closing his eyes, the jounin listened to his lover's fast breathing and his even more rapid heartbeat. It was a sound that he loved listening to almost as much as the downright sexy moans that came out of Iruka as they made love.

"I love you," the jounin whispered into his lover's ear as he continued to hold the younger man. He loved when Iruka was sprawled out on top of him. He loved feeling his lover's strong heartbeat and the gentle rise and fall of his chest as he breathed deeply. He loved having the teacher's weight on him, pressing him into the mattress. He loved the contact of their bodies, being able to feel every inch of Iruka's beautifully sculpted frame.

Nuzzling his face into his lover's messy hair, Kakashi breathed deeply. He loved the smell of Iruka. He loved the feel of his lover's soft hair, his silken skin, and even the knotted scars that covered his back. He loved the warmth that enveloped him every time Iruka was near him.

"Love you too," Iruka mumbled against his lover's shoulder, too tired at the moment to move away from Kakashi's comfortable embrace. After a few silent moments, the brunet finally lifted himself up so that he could look his lover in the face. "So, you were curious, huh?" he asked with a distinctively perverse tone.

Feeling his face heat up, Kakashi glowered at his lover. "You were looking for your birthday present, weren't you?" he demanded, finally figuring out why his lover had been hunting through his closet in the first place, much less why he would look in a box that obviously was not supposed to be opened.

"It's my birthday today…" Iruka started out, his voice as innocent as an angel's. Kakashi had a momentary flashback to his students as Naruto tried to blame something he had done on his teammates. Now he knew where that believable act came from. "You haven't given me a present and it's already almost evening." With that, he wriggled in impatience.

"Go look in my vest," Kakashi replied with a hint of a chuckle. Far too tired to get up himself, he merely propped himself up on an elbow as he watched his lover go off in search of his vest. Finally finding it hanging off a lampshade– they had been a little energetic and eager last night – the teacher began rooting through the pockets.

Out came three Icha Icha novels, a pack of new shuriken, several condoms for those quick fucks against the classroom wall after school or on the desk at the Mission Office, and the jounin's chronically thin wallet, but nothing else. Iruka looked up from the pile of expected items and, seeing his lover's smirk, he went back to searching. Finally, he felt something sewn into the jacket that certainly shouldn't be there. Damn sneaky bastard made sure to keep the present on him at all times so Iruka couldn't find it "on accident"!

Carefully, he cut a hole that he inwardly promised to sew back up later and shook until a small black box fell out of the ratty vest. Iruka looked from his lover to the box, then back again, several times. Finally, he swallowed heavily as he picked up the hinged cube with trembling fingers.

It was just the right size – but it couldn't be!

Iruka looked back up at his lover, who was slowly getting off the bed and coming to crouch next to him. Hesitantly, he cracked the box open and glanced in it. His pounding heart froze for a moment when he saw that what he had been hoping for was not there.

Lifting the folded piece of paper out of the box, Iruka forced a smile onto his face, not wanting to show his lover his disappointment. Slowly, he unfolded it and nearly laughed when he recognized the sheet of paper.

"You know, this is supposed to be filed in the Hokage Tower with the rest of the mission reports," Iruka pointed out as he looked away from the sheet of paper that had started their entire relationship. Seeing a sheepish grin on his lover's face, he raised an eyebrow. "You didn't…"

"Maa, Tsunade has those things under lock and key! I nearly lost my eyebrows from an exploding tag!" Kakashi replied with a toothy smile. Waggling said eyebrows, he continued, "Flip it over."

Iruka furrowed his eyebrows, wondering why Kakashi would want him to look at the blank side of the mission report. When he did as his lover requested, he realized that his little thief had not only stolen a mission report, but could also be considered a traitor by altering it.

Where there should have been just a blank page, was scrawled handwriting that Iruka immediately recognized as his lover's chicken scratch. Like so long ago, this question was just two simple words, but caught Iruka's heart in his throat even more than "Ichiraku's tonight?" had all those years ago.

Marry me?

Iruka squeaked softly, lifting his watery eyes away from the page in order to look at his lover. Instead of crouching, Kakashi had fallen to one knee and was holding up something that Iruka had certainly never seen before.

"It isn't much bu-" Kakashi nearly dropped the silver ring as Iruka flung himself into his arms, repeating the one word the jounin had wanted most to hear.

"Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!" Iruka kissed every inch of his lover's face between each 'yes,' not caring that he had thrown his lover to the ground and was making it impossible for Kakashi to put the ring on his finger. Amid laughing, kissing, and clinging to the older man, Iruka somehow calmed down enough for his lover to return a few ardent kisses.

"Baka, let me put this on you before I lose it again," Kakashi demanded as he flipped his lover over, careful not to slam the squirming man against the floor. Pinning the teacher down, he slid the ring onto his lover's finger and nearly let out a cry of victory when he realized that it fit perfectly. Thank god Naruto knew his brother's ring size, because Kakashi had had no idea how to get it from his overly perceptive lover, who was also a very, very light sleeper.

"Again?" Iruka repeated curiously as he studied the plain band on his ring finger. Raising an eyebrow, he recalled how Kakashi had been frantic the past few weeks. He had passed it up as his lover's usual uncertainty about buying him presents. "That mission… did Tsunade actually assign you anything?"

"Maa… it's more like she demanded I go back to the jeweler's shop I had bought it from to see if I had left it there. We searched all of Konoha, but didn't find it… I guess I was so excited, I didn't even pick it up …"

Iruka just rolled his eyes – it was just like Kakashi to forget to even pick up the ring he must have made a special trip to Suna for. And, considering how close-knit Konoha was, it was no wonder Kakashi had had to go to a completely different hidden village if he wanted to keep the ring a secret from his lover. Iruka had to let out a chuckle, realizing everything Kakashi had been through. He fell silent however as he recalled how oddly all of his friends had been acting the past few days. "Who else, besides Tsunade, knows that you were going to propose?" he asked, though he already knew the answer and was dreading it.

"Everyone… I asked Naruto for help – big mistake. WASABI got involved and it went downhill from there…"

"Okay, you have to explain this WASABI gang to me – they attacked you when we first started dating, then they disappeared from the village after we got back from that vacation of yours." Iruka eyed his lover as Kakashi snickered.

"We Against Sorry Attempts to Bed Iruka – you have to thank Naruto for that one. Apparently quite a few shinobi thought that they should watch out for you and protect your virginity from perverts like me," Kakashi replied, recalling how the entire crazed group of Iruka-lovers had grown weepy when they confronted him about his plan to propose to his boyfriend on his birthday.

"Good thing they didn't do a good job, huh?" Iruka asked as he captured his lover's face between his hands and kissed him gently. What he had intended to be a chaste kiss quickly turned into a lot of tongue and spit as he strained against his lover's hold in order to press his hardening member against the older man.

"And you call me a hornball," Kakashi mumbled around their kiss with a chuckle. Iruka's only response was to run his fingers down his lover's bare chest and abdomen, grasping his already weeping erection.

"Well, I have to keep up with someone as youthful as you, don't I?" Iruka snickered, bringing up his favorite way to mock his lover. Kakashi feigned a moment of annoyance, but the broad smile on his face told another story. "Don't forget, you won the most youthful challenge!"

"Yes, I did."


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