Split Personality

Chapter 5

By: Kayla

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A/N: This chapter is based off of something that happened to me about a week ago. Lolz You will love it. I don't know if other schools besides mine have three hour detentions. If not, just go with it please.

Detention Part 1: Attack of the Flying Tampon

He couldn't believe it. Pinket had just got him a three hour after school.

Three hour detentions were the worst. They had made some people go crazy, because they couldn't take the silence. He was use to the silence. Gaara just hoped Sakura was too. Because, she didn't need to be any crazier than what she already was. Bad things, very bad things could happen if not.

He looked in the window of the detention hall. Kakashi was sitting at the main desk, reading. Gaara had a mental image of Sakura wielding a Kunai, and chasing Kakashi in circles around the room. He shuttered at the thought. What would he do if something like that were to happen? Be his cool hard self of chores!

Something grabbed his arm, making him lose his train of thought.

"You're here early! I got lost." Sakura said with a pout on her pale pink lips.

"I'm not early, your just late. And I've been here enough times to actually know where it is." Gaara commented back. With a sigh he opened the door to the detention hall.

He took a seat near the back. Sakura followed him in, taking a seat next to him.

Looking around the room, Sakura spotted Neji near the front of the room, and Kiba sitting behind him. He had a huge grin on his face, feet propped up on the desk. Making Sakura wonder what he was thinking about. And of chores Kakashi, (we can't forget him now) sitting at his desk nose in a naughty novel, giggling like a school girl with rosy cheeks.

Sakura got out a piece of paper and started drawing a funny picture of Gaara. He had panda like ears, and was wearing a top had. At the bottom, she put, 'I'm going to take over the world. Using jell-O, with my army of evil pandas. And my cat, Mr. Bojangles.' She hid it away for later. She planned to stick it in Gaara's locker whenever she got the chance.

Kakashi put away his novel and stood up. "You all know why you are here. But, I would like an explanation for why."

"Ha." Kiba laughed. "I'm here because," he paused to glance back at Sakura. "I can't keep my hands to myself."

"Well, Kiba don't do anything stupid in here." Kakashi said. "Neji, why are you here?" He continued.

"I have no idea. I told you I got lost and ended up in the wrong place, at the wont time." He looked up innocently.

"Ha, you found your way in the girls locker room." Kiba snickered.

"How was I suppose to know?"

"Ah, read the sign air-head. I swear, getting those nasty tangles out of your girly hair has caused you brain damage!" Kiba yelled back, clearly annoyed.

"Settle down you two!" Kakashi calmly said. "Gaara, Sakura?"

"Molesting Sakura!"

"Beating the crap out of Gaara for stealing my crayons, and hitting me with a dodge-ball." They said in unassign.

Gaara glared at the girl next to him, "That was a VERY long time ago...get over it."

Gaara was bored. He had tried looking out the window, that didn't work. He tried sleeping, that never worked. And now here he was wiggling like a worm in his chair. And it had only like, what? An hour.

This detention was different from the others. Before he was alone, and now, this. He glanced over at Sakura. She had her head laying on her desk, trying to sleep. It wasn't working. She would open her eyes every once in a while.

Something green caught his eye. It was a lime green purse sitting at Sakura's feet. He slowly picked up. Being careful so he wouldn't disturb her. He unzipped it. Peeking inside he saw something yellow sticking out of one of its inner pockets. He picked it up out of the purse.

"What are you doing?" Sakura asked now realizing that Gaara was going through her personal belongings.

Gaara's eyes widened when he saw what he had just picked up. It was a tampon, a yellow tampon.

"What the hell are you doing?" Sakura yelled in shock.

"Ahh..." He threw the tampon across the room. Making it hit Kakashi in the head.

"Oh my god, I thought that was candy!"

Sakura busted out into a fit of side splitting laughter. 'Candy?' her inner-self thought.

Gaara glared at her. "You tricked me."

"How?" She asked through giggles.

"You changed the color of the tampon rapper to trick me!"

"Did not!"

"I do not want to touch your feminine products!" Gaara yelled.

During this fight Neji was thinking. 'Why am I here? Why am I here? And what the hell is a tampon? So many questions, so little answers.'

A/N This really happened to me. Lolz I just had to put it in the story. R&R please. Sorry its short.

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